Optimize Press Review–Reveals The Biggest Problem With Optimize Press And Why It Is One Of The Best Investments You Can Make As An Internet Marketer

In this optimize press review I reveal why I love the tool and the biggest problems I have with the tool. Read this before buying it.

optimize press review

First A Brief Background…

There are a few very important things that an online marketer needs to know how to do or do as part of his marketing or business model. These things includes:

  1. Building squeeze pages
  2. Building sales pages
  3. Having a blog
  4. Building a membership website
  5. Launch product funnels

Of all the ones above the 2 very essential ones that every internet marketer must know or do is –building squeeze pages and building sales pages.

In my article about squeeze pages , I revealed how one can build squeeze pages with different tools.


But There Is A Problem…

Building these things by yourself can take you hours or even days.

Paying a web designer or someone to build these things for you can make you go rob a bank.

This is where Optimize Press comes in to save the day like superman.


Why You Will Love Optimize Press

If you are looking for a tool that will help you build stunning looking squeeze pages in minutes, create eye popping sales pages in minutes ,create a membership site and can also be used as the usual blog theme, then optimize press is what you need.

You can also use this incredible tool to build perpetual product launch sales funnels etc.


Other Things I Like About Optimize Press

I don’t see a lot of reviews mentioning this , but optimize press makes it easy to place the html codes for split testing from Google optimizer and other kinds of test.


What Happens When You Buy Optimize Press

When you buy this WordPress theme, you will be given access to the membership area where you will download the theme. In the membership area you will find all kinds of videos that will help you understand and use the tool .

It is important to watch some of these videos because before you start using the tool because when you use it for the first time ,it can be very overwhelming.

But when you set it up one or twice , every other thing will be a breeze.


Why Is Optimize Press So Unique

The reason why I like this great wordpress theme and why you will love it is the options given to you. You can tweak a 100 and 1 things. You can easily choose any of the templates and change things around them . And guess what , you don’t need to know jack about html code or anything. If you know how to make posts on WordPress then you are more than okay.optimize press review

So getting this tool means you will be saving money ,time and building stunning looking squeeze pages ,sales pages etc with great speed at any time you like. No need for expensive web designers and long extensive waste of time.


Click Here To Learn More About Optimize Press


The Biggest Issue With Optimize Press

Although I highly recommend this theme and is happily using it ,I will point you to some things that I hate about it.

1.   Large Width Issue

For some reason the width of squeeze pages and sales pages created with this tool is annoyingly large . And cannot be edited .

Well, even with that , you can still build high converting squeeze pages and sales pages so I don’t really bother with it any more.


My Suggestions For Creators Of Optimize Press

There are I few things I would love added to the capabilities of this theme.

1.   Ability To Add Many Sign Up Forms On A Squeeze Page

Right now I believe it is not possible to add more than one sign up forms to a squeeze page (correct me if am wrong) . I have looked around a bit so I guess I must be correct.

It will be so cool to be able to place any number of sign up forms in any position on a squeeze page.

2.   Edit  Page Width

It will be more than cool if the width of the pages created by this theme was editable .

So that’s it.

If you are serious about making money online with internet marketing I recommend you get this tool.

It will be the best investment you will make this year.

Now that you have read  this optimize press review ,I believe you have seen the need to buy this invaluable tool.

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