And the BIGGEST step To Success In 2016 [7 of 7]

I have sent 7 emails to you and this is the final one for this series.

See email 1, email 2 , email 3 , email 4 , email 5 and email 6 .

In my opinion, this is the most powerful step.

If you have read all the other steps and ignore this last step, you’ll miss everything.

It’s not a NEW concept…but it is what separates winners from losers.

What am I talking about?

Well before I reveal it , let me what I read recently.

So I was reading some posts in a Facebook group I belong to when I saw an awesome comment.

Here’s what the man wrote.

“When it comes to marketing, consistent mediocrity outperforms occasional brilliance every time.”

And this is TRUE in marketing as it is true in life, business and for your success in 2016.

My other mentor, Gary Halbert says…

“Action beats meditation.”

Meaning if you don’t take action…you’ll get nowhere.

If you have all the ideas and knowledge and you don’t take action, nothing will happen.


So this year , STOP procrastinating…and …


There’s a popular adage that says…

“Knowledge is power”

Guess what?

It’s not COMPLETELY true.

You see, if you know something and you don’t take action on it, nothing will change.

Nothing will happen.


Take action on outsourcing.

Take action and get a coach.

Take action and get a partner.

Take action and do something new.

Reread the last 7 emails , stop procrastinating and start taking action TODAY.

All the best

Mk Akan

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