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Mk Akan is a blogger and online entrepreneur. He owns a couple of blogs and niche sites and loves to write , create products and learn new things.

How To Build A Website Or Blog (Without Website Design Skills)

This is how to build a website or blog without knowing Dreamweaver or spending time to learn html.

Truth is many people think you need to learn Dreamweaver and html before you can build a blog or website.

Well you don’t.

With a simple tool called WordPress …you can build almost anything.


I built this site myself…(and many more sites like this) …but I don’t know Dreamweaver and html so well.

First, there are 2 types of website or blog.

1.     Free website or blog

These are blogs or websites built with free blogging platforms like , , and many more.

These blogs do work but there are many problems associated with free blogging platforms.

2.     Self-Hosted Websites Or Blogs

These are websites and blogs built on a personal domain name.

For example is a self-hosted blog/website.

I spent money on the domain name and web hosting. (Affiliate links)

I installed WordPress on it and is now using it.


There is a big difference between the free WordPress blog at and using the WordPress software on your self-hosted blog/website. still uses WordPress …but I am using it on my domain name and web hosting, not on a free blogging platform.

How To Create A Website Like Nairacow.Com … Steps

1.     Buy A Domain Name

I use (affiliate link) to buy all my domain names because it I a reliable company and you can pay with your normal ATM card.

This is what a domain name means …just in case you don’t know.

2.     Buy Web Hosting

Web hosting is the space where your website/blog will be saved. You need a web host to make your website/blog live on the internet.

You can use this analogy to understand what web hosting is.

The domain name is the building /house address….while the web hosting is the land where the building will be located.

If you buy unlimited webhosting …it means you can have many houses (domain names)…on the land (web hosting account).

This is exactly what I do and use.

I host many domains on my web hosting account.

Hope I am making sense?

I use and recommend BlueHost. (Affiliate link)

This BlueHost coupon code will give you 25% discount and earn me a commission – nairacow25

Go try it.

More Bonus- if you buy with that affiliate link and send me an email – I will send you a special manual that show how to set up your BlueHost account and website.

In fact, if you buy with that affiliate link, I will help set up the account for you and install WordPress for you …FREE.

…but you must buy with my affiliate link to enjoy this offer.

BlueHost. (Affiliate link)

I get a commission and do all the work for you.

Just email me after you buy with that link and I will take care of you. ;)

Step 3 :Connect Domain To Web Host

After buying the domain name and webhost, you need to connect them together. This is achieved by changing the name servers on your domain account.

If this sounds like Greek, well it is a 2 minutes step that links the 2 accounts together.

By the way, it is always advisable to buy domain names and web hosting from 2 separate companies.

I show how to do this in the special bonus manual.

Step 4 :Install WordPress

On BlueHost, you can install WordPress in 2 minutes.

But first, you need to create a directory for your domain on the webhost.

This simple steps links the domain and web host…on the web hosting account.

This video shows how to do this.

Step 5 :Customize your installation

After installing WordPress, you need to customize it by installing…



You also need to setup stuffs, like permalink etc.

I had created a course for that at .

But frankly, WordPress keeps changing stuff and updating stuff…so the course may a little outdate….but still useful.

If you order BlueHost web hosting with this affiliate link, I will get commissions and you get this course also as a bonus.

So you will get all these bonuses if you order.

By the way, if you prefer that i buy everything, set everything up for you …and customize it…you can still contact me.

Got a question ask in the comment.




How To Get Traffic Without Depending On Google And How To Keep It

In my last video I talked about traffic foundation.

This is a simple concept many people get wrong.

It is about building online assets around topics people care about.

Or blogging or creating content about stuff people want information on.

It is creating supply for what is in demand.

So if you have corrected this mistake…or you actually create content (words, audio, video etc) around topics people want…will traffic just jump on your blog or website?

Maybe… but not likely.

If you’re waiting for Google traffic, you might wait for a long time.

Google traffic is no longer dependable because of their different updates and craziness.

Yes I know.

People still do get traffic from Google but it is a bloody risk to only depend on Google traffic.

I have experienced the craziness of Google traffic first hand.

It comes and goes like the tide.

So you cannot put all your trust on them.

Traffic will not just come because you have a blog or website.

You won’t get it by sitting around praying.

And Google is not obliged in any way to send you traffic.

It’s not their business .


Having the best content does not guarantee traffic.

Having the best looking blog or website does not guarantee it neither.

So what should you do?

What is the best way to get traffic?


Go Out And Get Traffic.

That’s it.

No need sitting around praying for traffic to drop on your blog.

Actively go out and get it.

If Google sends you some traffic, enjoy…but still go out and get more…because free Google traffic is not dependable.

So How Do You Go Out And Get Traffic?

There are many ways…

1.     Free Traffic

I discussed 9 ways to get traffic here.

Like I said (Google Traffic) SEO is totally unpredictable now a days, So I don’t even bother with it anymore.

There are other free methods revealed in that article that can still work.


I do not use them much or anymore.

Do you know what I do now?

2.     Buy Traffic

That’s what I do most of the time now.

I buy traffic on Facebook…and even have a course teaching that.

Go check it out here

There are many other ways to get paid traffic.

Banner adverts.

Paid email adverts.

By the way, if you have a blog or have an email list in the IM niche and would love to make some money, please contact me.

I may buy a banner ad or do paid emails advert with you.

So after building traffic what else do you do?

3.     Build A List To Own The Traffic

I know you have heard this before.

Build a list.

Well, let me be blunt.

If you are not building a list…you are a FOOL.


It’s just true.

…and I was a fool for 2 years too…because I didn’t start early.

Don’t make my mistake.

Make sure you sign up with an email marketing service like GetResponse so you can start building a list.

Owning an email list means you own traffic.


And you can send this traffic to any page .


Let’s stop there.

Now go and take action.

Take care.

If you have questions…ask in the comments.



How To Build Traffic To Your Blog Website -The Traffic Foundation

I recorded this short video to show you what you need to do first before building traffic…and what will affect your traffic and traffic size.

Watch and ask questions.


I mentioned the following resources in the video.

1. How To find profitable Niches And Hot Topics

2. Nigerian Online Business Foundation Course 

Check Here To get More products 


how to build a Facebook fan page for your Blog, Website or Business


If you have ever wanted to build a Facebook fan page for your business or blog…then this training will show you how to do it in 7 minutes flat.

This training was a Bonus for my Facebook Traffic Jam…but I want you to have it all free.

Click Here…. .Facebook Fan Page

But Forget to Check Out —>> Facebook Traffic Jam

Facebook Traffic Jam reveals …..

How To Buy “Highly Targeted” Non-Stop Cheap Traffic Daily To Your Blog, Website or Any Web Page Via Facebook…

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How to build traffic without Google (Hint Facebook)

A few months ago… Google was my major source of traffic.

I was getting a few hundred hits a day.

I was using it to build my list and do a lot more.

…and like i said a few days ago…

one day, my site ( was yanked me off the search engine results.

Just like that…

I don’t know what i did wrong…

But you know what?

Google does not care.

After trying to get my free traffic back, i knew i had to find another way.

Here is the thing.

FREE (SEO) traffic is cool.

Super cool.

But …Google can take it from you any day.

If you are getting free traffic from Google…be careful…because they can take it away from you without warning.

Now… I still do get some traffic from Google …but not much.

I don’t depend on Google any more.

So how am i getting traffic now.

Well…am buying it from Facebook.


While people are updating their status and commenting on pictures and funny pics …i am busy studying how to siphon traffic (targeted traffic) to my email list and blog.

I spend some money daily to buy cheap traffic from Facebook.

Yes …it is not very expensive.

I spend up to $5 and pay with my ATM card.

No joke.

So why Facebook Traffic?

Facebook has over 1 billion people who can be easily reached.

With Facebook…you can target any group of people you like .

Take for example…

I can place simple adverts that will reach…

“30 year old men who schooled in Unilag and lives in Lagos and loves Manchester United and works at NNPC” …

Yes ….

It is that powerful.

So I have been using Facebook to build traffic .

To build my email list.

And I am spending a few dollars a day.

And i am paying using my ATM card.

No Paypal required.

And you can do the same.

See some pictures of my campaigns…


Facebook traffic


As long as you have a FB account , you can build Facebook traffic too.

It is not so difficult to do.

This simple video reveals how to get started.

I will reveal more stuff about Facebook traffic and traffic over a few days.

I am also planning to release a Facebook Traffic training for you in a few days.

Stay tuned.

If you love to get this training when it is ready…click the link below and enter your email to join my early bird list.






How Google Killed My Traffic …And An Important Traffic Lesson

Before i reveal how Google killed my traffic …

let me quickly remind you that the niche selection resources are still on sale.

1. you get a 100 profitable niches (all hand-picked for you)

2. A complete training revealing how you can find profitable on your own

3. A Bonus revealing 40 Naija profitable niches

4. A bonus training on how to pick the best niches that works with you.

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if you want to succeed online , you need to be in a profitable niche…and this traning reveals all you need to know.

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Now how Google killed my traffic

You know, some years i go my major traffic source was Google.


I was depending fully on Google and was loving it…

Until one day…

ghen ghen,…

Google yanked me off the search page.

I don’t know what i did wrong.
I tried getting my site back up all to no avail.

That day i realized one thing…
NEVER depend On One Traffic Source only.

Never depend on only Google for traffic.
yes…am not kidding.
Google does not owe you jack.

They can kick your arse left, right and centre whenever they want.

They owe you no apologies.
So how can you build traffic apart from free Google traffic?

Do you have traffic issues?

I will reveal what am doing to get traffic next week.

See ya.


Mk Akan

PS- Before building traffic you need to be doing in profitable niche where you have an online asset built.
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100 Profitable Niches Resource” Plus Bonuses is Now LIVE (go go go )

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Mk Akan

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1 Profitable Niche in the Wealth Market

Hi,Today i will reveal 1 highly profitable niche you can target right now.

This niche is in one of the 4 major markets we discussed a few days ago.

…and i got this profitable niche from the list of 100 profitable niches resource I am launching on Monday the 3rd of March.

Mark that date down.

I just want you to have a  taste of what will be in the resource…so you can see the value .

Here we go.

1. How To Save Money

This is a profitable niche found in the Wealth Market.

Why is it profitable?

People spend lots of cash to learn how to save money.
If you head to Amazon right now you will find legions of books published on the topic.

People attend seminars and buy multiple resources on this topic.

You can further break down this niche into …

How to save money on Eletric bills

How to save money at home

How to save money when you travel

How to save money when buying a house

How to save money when buying a car

How to save money on grocery


All these sub niches can be targeted separately.

You can build blogs and websites on these topics.

You can create and sell multiple products  to subscribers on your list around these topics…whether as an affiliate or a product owner.

You can build any kind of online asset in these niches.So there you have it.

One profitable niche in the wealth markets.
There are tens thousands of them…and i will reveal more in the 100 profitable niches resource.
Sign up on an email list to make sure you don’t miss out.

See ya.

Tomorrow is discuss another profitable niche in another market.
So stay glued to your emails.Take care

Mk Akan

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VALENTINE GIFTS …for sharp guys only


First, happy valentine…

I have some gifts for you.;)

1. How To Set Up A BlueHost WebHosting Account

This is a short PDf that runs you through and shows you step by step how to start how to set up a web hosting account with Bluehost.

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2. How To SetUp A GetResponse Account

For list building ,i use and recommend GetResponse.
This PDF shows how to sign up and create your first campaign and autoresponder.

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Fiverr Maximizer – 2 Cools Ways To Maximize Cash Made On or With Fiverr

I just created this the video below to explain how you can maximize earnings with

Bonus: You also get to see my Black Face ;).

Please don’t laugh .

the audio quality is kinda sad…abeg just manage .

I will fix all issues as i make more videos.

Thanks .

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PS- My Bday is on the 23rd of January…i will create another video to reveal what i will be doing on that date.