To All Nigerian Affiliate Marketers...

“Discover The Secrets of Making Legit Affiliate Income In Nigeria With or Without A Free Blog, Website Or Online Forum… And Receive Your Money Right Here In Nigeria"

…This Works Even If You Have No PayPal or ClickBank Account

From Mk Akan


Dear struggling affiliate marketer,

If you have ever wanted to discover the secrets of making consistent monthly income …using simple proven affiliate marketing techniques that work for Nigerians …so you can make money and receive your commissions right here in Nigeria…

…Then you are going to love this.

You are going to discover hidden affiliate marketing strategies and secrets that not only work for Nigerians… but works for anyone in the world.

You can make money using this secrets whether you own a WordPress blog/website, a blogger blog, Vbulletin forum, tumblr blog, or an html site …or don’t even have a site set up yet …

… It works even if you have no ClickBank account, no PayPal account, no website and no knowledge or experience.

In Fact One Dark Affiliate Marketing Secret I Will Reveal Will Make You Money…By Not Registering On Any Affiliate Marketing Network.

This sounds impossible right?

I know it does.

I would think the same.

But…I am 100% serious about this …and will proof it to you soon.

You see there are so many affiliate marketing courses out there.

Many of them are high quality …but many of them don’t really work for Nigerians.

If you have ever read an affiliate marketing book…you know what I am talking about.

The point is this…

Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians Is A Bit Different From Affiliate Marketing For People In Other Countries.

The reason is simple.

Many things don’t work out for us here.

ClickBank does not want us in.

PayPal is doing the same thing.

Many affiliate programs and networks do the same thing.

We are like an unwanted tribe online.

It’s a really sad thing.

None of the regular affiliate marketing course helps too.


Because Most Of These Affiliate Marketing Courses Are Created By Non-Nigerians….Who Don’t Understand Our Peculiar Situation.

They have no idea that you are not allowed to register on ClickBank or PayPal.

In fact many times I discuss with friends and other marketers outside Nigerians I realize many of them have no idea Nigerians are not allowed on these networks.

But you know…despite all these problems …

It Is Still Possible To Make Money Online As An Affiliate Marketer…Right Here In Nigeria.

Wanna see some proofs …

Here are some images …

I must warn you though…I am not making millions of Naira.

See for yourself here.





All my online checks and affiliate commissions


Here is the funny thing…

I Make These Tiny Sums …By Just Promoting Affiliate Products Once In A Long While …

You know, my main online business model is info marketing. Once in a long while I promote affiliate products and services.

Just imagine how much I would be making if I spend all my time promoting only affiliate products.

Imagine what can happen if you digest all my secrets and use it purely to push your affiliate marketing business.

Am sure you will make much more than me.

Am sure you can do this.

Now , let me reveal something you may not know.

There Are Many Affiliate Programs And Networks…That Pay More Than ClickBank …That Accept Nigerians.

Most of them are not popular in anyway.

In fact, you have likely not heard of them.

Don’t worry, I will show you how to find them easily.

Another thing is…

There Are Also Legit Ways To Receive Your Money From PayPal…Even If You Don’t Have An Account With Them.

There are many affiliate marketing strategies you can use to earn commissions.

I reveal a step by step one ways that works for people who want to begin doing so.

You want to earn money with a affiliate marketing in Nigerian…this is exactly what you need to do.

1.     Pick A Niche Or Topic (Where People Buy Stuff )

This is critical.

Affiliate commission comes from purchases not clicks.

It is not like Google AdSense…where you can make money when people click the ads.

With affiliate marketing you only make money when people buy what you recommend.

So pick a topic with people ready to buy stuff.

How do you do this?

What topic are the best?

I will reveal all the answers to you.

…and yes…even if you already have a blog and have content already…that was not built for affiliate marketing …I will still show you how to transform that site into an affiliate marketing commission generator.

2.      Build An Asset Around The Niche

People must click your links and buy from you in order to make money.

How do you do this?

You create a website or a blog around your topic…and throw traffic on it.

You can create review websites or blogs.

This can be with ,, Html sites or other free web sites online.

You can create a regular website with links in the articles to affiliate products and services you promote.

But these are just the normal strategies many people advice.

I will reveal more super effective strategies that will suck affiliate commissions from your blog or websites.

I will reveal them to you in a minute.

3.     Promote and Get Traffic

The next step is to get people to your blog or website so they can click and order what you are promoting.

This is traffic generation.

You can do this in 2 ways …build free traffic or pay for it.

4.     Get Paid

This is the cool part

What I have just revealed above is a 4 step strategy you can use to start from scratch.

It is a basic framework for make money with affiliate marketing.

If you own  a blog already, there is another strategy you can use to immediately start raking in commissions.


In AMFN 1.0 , I reveal more simple but notoriously effective ways to really ramp up your affiliate commissions up…by up to 100%.

And the cool thing is … all these strategies are quite easy to do.

You don’t need months to learn and practice it or anything expensive to buy.

You Can Even Get Started Without Touching Anything.

No kidding.

I have compiled all these affiliate marketing secrets …and some secret persuasion tricks …and many other little known strategies into a brand new course called…

Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians 1.0


This is a comprehensive course in PDF e-book files that reveals how any Nigerian with no PayPal or ClickBank account …with a blog, website, and forum or without a blog…can earn money as an affiliate …and get paid right here in Nigeria.

It is likely the first ever affiliate marketing course that is made by a Nigerian for a Nigerians.

It is easy to read.

You can be done in less than an hour and can implementing immediately after that.

When you order a copy of Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians 1.0 (AMFN) today, you will discover...

1.     How to start making money with affiliate marketing in Nigeria without having a ClickBank or PayPal account

2.     A list of affiliate marketing networks that accept Nigerians and pay cheques or send money directly to your bank account in Nigeria

3.     A new way to earn affiliate commissions without even registering on any affiliate marketing network

4.     How to receive your affiliate marketing commissions right here in Nigeria 

5.     Rules and regulations you must never break so you don’t get banned by any affiliate marketing network you register on (most people lose their money because of this)

6.     The one thing you must do before even promoting any affiliate network (people who don’t do this lose money and time)

7.     The best kinds of affiliate marketing products and services to promote so you can  suck commissions for months or years from a single sale (this little tip is the gold mine for earning steady affiliate commissions month after month)

8.     How to ethically and legally force almost anyone to buy products and services using your affiliate link (it is so powerful they will even thank you for doing it)

9.     The best niches where affiliate marketing can earn you months and years on consistent commissions  …from one sale

10.        How to drag in consistent income with affiliate marketing …even if you don’t presently own a blog or website (and don’t want to build one)

11.      Different proven ways to earn affiliate marketing commissions from an old blog that was not built for affiliate marketing

12.     A proven way to make money with affiliate marketing with your online forum

13.      A simple but completely legit trick for promoting two or more products or services on the same page …without looking like a greedy idiot

14.    An effective way to write a product or service review so you are not only believed …but so you can make maximum commissions from whatever you are promoting

15.     A simple “1 minute trick” to instantly discover if a product or service has an affiliate marketing program Nigerians can sign up on

16.    Another simple ‘2 minute trick” to instantly help you discover if a product or service requires PayPal for payment ( or can send you cheques)

17.    How to legitimately get a legal ClickBank account …without directly registering on ClickBank (this ensures you don’t get banned)

18.    A legit trick to receive your affiliate marketing commissions from ClickBank using PayPal (even if you don’t have a Nigerian registered PayPal account)

19.    How to find lots of affiliate marketing networks or programs you can join in 7 minutes of less …even if you are a Nigerian  (some are even better than ClickBank and other popular affiliate programs)

20.  How to confirm if an affiliate marketing program is a scam …so you don’t waste time promoting them

21.   How to receive your commissions from affiliate programs that only accept PayPal…even of you don’t have a PayPal account

22.  How to open a legit ClickBank account in Nigeria…without directly opening an account on ClickBank

23.   The one thing you must do to double or  triple the amount of money you make from affiliate marketing

24.   A single effective but super simple affiliate marketing strategies used by smart marketers to help people remember their affiliate link…no matter how long it is (This makes it possible to promote your affiliate link even in audio and video recordings)

25.   The right way to make affiliate commissions from a blog or website that was not created for the sole purpose of affiliate marketing

26.   A cool way to make cash with holidays using affiliate marketing

27.  The one thing you MUST have to make money with affiliate marketing …and how to get it

28. The most effective kind of content to create that will earn you commission for 2 or more competing products and services you are promoting…at the same time

29.  The simplest way to write a product or service review in 17 minutes or less

30. 10 simple sub topics  to use in writing reviews like (this will make content creating super easy and fast)

31.  Why using banner ads created by affiliate networks can make you lose sales …and what you should do instead

32.  A free website for creating banners ad for affiliate marketing

33.   A simple code of conduct you must have as an affiliate marketer that ensures your visitors trust you and recommend everything you buy

34.  Sneaky places to locate affiliate marketing banners on your blog  for maximum clicks , sales and commissions

35.  The real way to make affiliate commissions using Facebook without spamming your friends

36.  Best kind of traffic that gets maximum sales from affiliate marketing (it’s not even about quantity …its quality)

37.  Countries with the best traffic sources …perfect for maximizing affiliate commissions with little effort

38.   How to easily position your blog or website to make money from products and services that are not even in the market yet.

39.   A quick way to discover a bucket load of products and services that are not in the market yet…but you can make affiliate commissions from in the future (even before many people know about them)

40. A sneaky reason why some high traffic blogs and websites don’t make any affiliate income …and what you can do about it

41.    A single activity to do on your website or blog…that will double your affiliate commissions and earn you commissions from visitors …over and over again…till they die

42.   How to place affiliate banners on your blog or website …so visitors see it , click and buy what you promote

43.  Free tools you can use for maximizing your affiliate commissions

44.  100% Free tool for creating attractive banners for promoting any affiliate product or service (saves you money from paying a graphic designer)

45.     Some simple personal ethics for affiliate marketing that not only makes you money in the long run…it makes your visitors trust and like you more

46.    A sure fire way to instantly know if a product or service you want  to promote is of high quality …without even buying it (this ensures you only promote high quality products to your visitors and readers)

47.   The one BIG mistake many affiliate marketers make that is costing sales (this mistakes even make visitors to hate you and stop buying anything you recommend)

48.  A proven way to use videos for making affiliate sales , revenue and profit…even if you don’t know how to create videos and is a shy person

49.   A free video capture / creation tool for creating any kind of video review for any product or service

50. The affiliate marketing golden rule…that ensures your affiliate business never dies

51.  Ninja affiliate marketing strategies that will shoot your earnings by 100% or more

52.  How to cheaply advertise your affiliate links with as low as $5 online and instantly start making sales and affiliate commissions in less than 24 hours 

So How Do You Get A Copy Of This Course?

Before I tell you that, let’s discuss the real value of this course. You are getting a course revealing how you can make extra money with your blog.

With the knowledge I give you can

I can easily sell this for N7000 and it would be a bargain…but I will let you have all these blogging secrets for just N5000.

N5000 Only

So Here Is How To Order Risk FREE. 

  Order Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians today, read it and try for 30 days.

If within that period you are not satisfied with the content and advice in this course…please send a text to 0809 444 1001 and I will refund your money same day.

And if you order right now…I will throw in a very Super Bonus called …Affiliate Income Bridge.


This course reveals how you can make affiliate income without registering directly with any affiliate network.


It is something new …that many guys don’t know about yet.

I will be handing this to you totally FREE when you buy Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians.

So not only are you getting a unique bonus for your order…you are covered by a 30 days money back guarantee.

So order this course and read it for 30 days…if you during that period you don’t get 200% of what you paid , just send me a text and I will return your money immediately.

No questions ask. 

Here Is How To Order

You Can Order In 3 Ways …

Method 1-Via Physical Banks

1. Head to the nearest branch of First Bank PLC. or GTB .

2. Pay N5000 into this account

Bank: First Bank PLC

Account Name; Mk Wealth Company,

Account number: 201 678 42 59


Bank: GTB

Account Name: Mkpouto Usua

Account Number: 012 683 1538

3. Then send a text to 0809 444 1001

The text will contain:

a. You name

b. Bank teller number

c. Name of course (AMFN)

d. Your email address

e. Your phone number

Immediately I get your order, I will send the Package to you by email. This usually takes less than 24 Hours.

Method 2: Online Direct Bank Transfer

You can transfer N5000 directly via online banking or directly via the banks to Pay N5000 into this account

Bank: First Bank PLC

Account Name; Mk Wealth Company,

Account number: 201 678 42 59


Bank: GTB

Account Name: Mkpouto Usua

Account Number: 012 683 1538

…then send a text to 0809 444 1001

The text will contain:

a. You name

b. Name of course (AMFN)

c. Your email address

d. Your phone number

Immediately I get your order, I will send the course to you by email. This usually takes less than 24 Hours.

Method 3: Pay With Visa Or MasterCard ATM Card

Click This Link


You will be taken to a page with a red button that say “buy this”. Click that button, type your email and details of your card, and then complete your order.

Immediately you complete your order, the complete package will be instantly sent to your email box. No delay.

You Can Still Order With Other Ways Apart From Direct Bank Deposits.

You can physically go to your bank and make a transfer to my account directly.

You can make an online transfer using internet banking (it is safe)

You can make a transfer using your ATM card using an ATM machine.

You can use mobile banking.

You can even order online using your ATM card (Visa or MasterCard) …and it is totally safe by the way.

All these methods can be used to order this course.

So if you hate direct deposits…use any of these alternative methods.

They do work…and are safe.


Don’t Forget …You Are Covered By A “No Risk” 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Order this course today, digest it and try it, if you are not satisfied in any way …please just send a text to 080 9444 1001 …and I will refund your money immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can Nigerians Really Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?


2.  How Will I Receive Money In Nigeria?

There are many ways to do this. 1 way is via checks. Other ways are revealed in the training.

3.  How Do I Find Affiliate Programs That Accept Nigerians?

There are many of them …and I have showed how you can easily find them 7 minutes in any niche you like.

4.  I Don’t Have A PayPal Or ClickBank Account; Can This Still Work For Me?

Yes, it can work with you.

There are many affiliate programs that don’t require paypal.

If you have any questions about this offer, just called 080 9444 1001, I will answer you directly.


Mk Akan


PS-Remember you are getting a comprehensive course in PDF e-book files that reveals how any Nigerian with no PayPal or ClickBank account …with a blog, website, and forum or without a blog…can earn money as an affiliate …and get paid right here in Nigeria.

It is likely the first ever affiliate marketing course that is made by a Nigerian for a Nigerians.

PPS-This course is sold at a discount right now. If you don’t order now at this price…you will lose out.




Copyright (c) 2015 . Mk Akan