This Affiliate Marketing web Site Pays Better Than Amazon

bank-note-209104_6401 of the first ever affiliate checks I got was sent to me by

You can see it here in the middle of this page.

Click this link

One of the reasons I choose amazon then was because they paid in checks. You don’t need any PayPal account.

That was before I knew about this new website.

In fact I never knew the website I am about to reveal to you paid affiliates.

I only knew it as a site for importing goods to naija.

But guess what.

This affiliate site is bigger than Amazon and ebay combined.

They pay affiliates 50%. (Amazon pays about 16% max.)

What site is that?

Am sure you know the site but never knew they have an affiliate marketing program.

I have bought a few things from them, but never knew they pay affiliates.

Well they do and it works well.

But it gets even better.

A few smart guys have developed a software that makes earning money with this site super easy.

They created wordpress plugin  that automatically transforms your blog to a store around any category of goods on aliexpress.

This create articles for you that sells the products on AliExpress.

See It here.

Just take your time to read this.


Mk Akan

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