3 Skills you MUST DEVELOP to succeed in 2017

2016 will be over in less than 3 weeks.

The last month of this year is the best
time to prepare for 2017.

To succeed in 2017 , you’ll need to
start doing new things.

You need to develop new skills too.

Generally , to succeed online you need to

develop skills.
In this email , you’ll discover 3 important

skills you should develop to succeed in 2017.

1. List Building Skill

You see , a few years ago, I was scared of building
my list .Because of this I delayed for a few years.

But It was after I started building
my list that I began to see success.

List building helped me generate sales.

It became my own personal traffic source.

There are many ways to build a list and

From my experience I created a list building

shortcut that made the process EASY.
If you want to learn this skill and succeed

in 2017, get this


2. Copywriting

Everything in business depends on SALES.

Sales happen when someone sends you cash,
(or an alternative) in exchange for a product
or service.

Someone signing up on your list,or responding
to your request , or joining your program etc…

…ALL depends on how you can PERSUADE.

And PERSUASION is done with copywriting.

Yep 😉

Whatever you write to persuade or sell a thing


And you can’t just wing it.

 It’s a skill to develop.
So you need this for email writing,
sales letters , squeeze pages and any kind of
writing for the purpose of making sales in
your business.
That’s why people pay HUGE sums to hire great
I have personally invested so much time
and money to develop this skill.

It has PAID up HUGELY. 😉

If you want success in 2017, spend time learning
how to write persuasively.

You can get started here.


3. Product creation

No cash is made online unless something
is sold.

You can sell a product or a service.

And there are many kinds of products
you can sell online.

A quick one is an info product.

Sometimes you don’t even need to
know jack about the topic before
you can create a product for sale.

yes. It’s possible.

In fact , using a cool trick I was able to
create a product in a niche I knew
nothing about.

You can find all the details here.


Finally, 2017 will be successful

if you make plans to learn all or
any of these skills.



Mk Akan

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