3 Reasons You Should Start A BLOG

blogLike I revealed in my last few emails, blogs do work. It can generate income for you.

Today let’s talk about why blogs work so well.

  1. Passive income

You see, every article or post you make on a blog can make you income. Yes. That article is like a product on its own. Each article can stand alone to bring in traffic and cash.

And this single page can keep bringing in cash for years. Yes one post can attract daily traffic and income for years.

And the cool thing about blogs is you can publish 100 of blog posts. you can publish up to 100 articles a day.

So each article now becomes a money maker.

  1. Multiple ways to generate cash

When you have a blog , you can use it to generate cash in so many ways.

  1. You can use third party advertising platforms like Google Adsense etc
  2. Sell direct ads
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Banner advertising
  5. Sponsored posts


You can sell your products and services. And even build your list.

  1. It builds your Authority

A simple blog can make you popular. It can increase your influence. People can start inviting you to give TALKS on stage because of your blog.

And you can use this as leverage to do so many things.

Having a blog is POWERFUL.

So do you want to start your own blog?

Are you worried about the technical work involved?

If yes, then that’s why I am offering this special service.

Blog Setup Service

If you want me to set up a blog setup for you just call 0809 444 1001 for details. (or send me an email)

Want to buy a ready-made blog?

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Finally, do you want to build your blog by yourself?

Get this resource to help you out.


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