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Dear friend,

You’re about to again access to some hidden information marketing secrets, guaranteed to help you make money in your information marketing business…and double the amount of money you currently make.

I first discovered these SECRETS from a great American who was imprisoned partly because of his success.

Then after using these secrets and after  investing over 5 years of my life, to creating and selling over 27 information products in different niches, I came up with 17 more information marketing secrets. 

Before I Reveal All These Secrets To You, I Want YOU To Know THIS.

If you want to finally learn all the hidden secrets used by most successful information marketers …so you can eliminate struggles and can create and sell products that pulls in daily profit…then read this page carefully.

These secret formulas will improve the income you make from your information marketing business.

Some of what you are about to discover today is totally NEW.  Most information marketers will never reveal some of them to YOU.


Because if you knew it, you could directly compete with them.

You May Find This Hard To Believe, But These 17 Secrets Are MY Success Secrets.

You might wonder who in his right mind would reveal his CORE secrets. (Read on to discover why I am doing it).

Listen, I know you are likely very sceptical. After all, you have read pages like this before. You have bought products that promised you wonderful income and tried different formulas and failed.

You have likely created an info product, likely tried creating a sales page …and nothing seems to work.

You have likely struggled with traffic and how to advertise and make sales. You have likely given up or just conclude that this information marketing business is all a scam.

But I Tell You The Truth, What You’re About To Discover Is Very Different.

What you’re about to discover is not just empty motivational stuff.

 It’s not just empty hype to spur you into empty action. What you’ll discover is the RAW undiluted truth about information marketing and how to be successful.

Most people think information marketing is just about creating products and advertising products. Frankly, it is much deeper than that.

I promise YOU.

What You’re About To Discover Will Finally Reveal Exactly What To Do To Succeed.

I know many other marketers have made similar promises to YOU and may have still failed YOU in the past. But I promise you, this is different. You can trust that I’ll honestly reveal what I know to you.

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  I Was Never A Successful Information Marketer From The Beginning

 You see, I was never a successful information marketer from day1. Like most beginners, I sucked BIG time. In fact I remember the first information product I created in 2009-2010.  It was a product that bombed big time.

Back then I didn’t know jack.

My whole dream to become an info marketer started after reading about information marketing from Success Digest Extra from people like Akin Alabi and many others.

 I bought some of their courses and studied it.

 I fell for the popular lie “information marketing is very profitable and easy to start. Just create information products and sell

Well it is true. But not the way most of them made it seem.

So I went in and failed woefully. But because whenever I decide to do something, I put in my all, I continued. I began studying everything on the subject.

I bought courses. Listened to everything on information marketing until…

One Day I Stumbled On Something Called…

 Mail Order Business.

The Mail Order Business is the grandfather of the modern day internet information marketing. Back then in the 1920s through the 1980s, these Mail Order Marketers created info products in the form of reports and sold them via snail mail (physical posted mails).

Slowly I studied these masters and studied other information marketers who were   using these old school secrets to make a killing online. In the process I stumbled on 1 millionaire marketer who was a True Master in this business.

His Secrets Blew My Mind And Popped My Eyes Wide Open

In 1984 this respected marketer, was thrown into prison for a complicated fraud case. (He was innocent by the way).  And from jail he wrote a series of 25 letters to his son.

 In these letters, he revealed secrets about life and taught his son how to succeed in the mail order business.

His Secrets Are Still POWERFUL And Is Constantly Praised By Marketers All Over The World Even To This DAY.

Without a doubt, it will constantly be relevant and applicable to the information marketing business …even in a hundred years. And that’s because his secrets were EVERGREEN.

So with these secrets I got from the TRUE  MASTER Gary Halbert, and from my different personal experiences, filled with failures and success, I slowly, over the years applied and tried what I observed and learnt.  

(Read further to discover some of them revealed on this page)

These Secrets Will Boom Your Information Marketing Business …

I now have over 30 information products in a few niches. And now help other marketers make money in their business.

See what some of my clients say about me and my products.

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How I Began Selling To Americans And The Whole World

In December 2014 , I listed my products on Warrior Forum and started selling it to people in US, Britain and all over the world.  See some of my products and what some of my customers and clients say about me.

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See Proof of My Earnings and Profits.


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So the Question is, How Did This Happen…

Here’s the truth …

I invested a lot of money, time and energy to get to where I am today.

 During my journey, I learnt from my mistakes and from observing others. Like I have said before, I studied old school masters in the Mail Order Business.

If you decide to spend 5 to 10 years practicing trial and error, you too can learn these same secrets. BUT why struggle for that long when in 1 hour or less, you can discover all these secrets and instantly use it to explode your sales and business.

You’ll Discover Secrets Around Topics Like…

·        Product creation

·        Copywriting

·        Sales copy

·        Selling

·        Traffic generation

·        How to know what people want to BUY

·        How to spy and discover what’s selling

·        How to make customers like YOU


Before I reveal the content of the course and all it will do for YOU, let me reveal…

Why I Am Revealing These Secrets To YOU.

You see, I am taking a little risk here because some of the things you’ll discover here will make you COMPETE with me if we are in the same niche.

But I am revealing these secrets because there are so many niches out there. And the likelihood of you competing with me is quite small. Even if you do, there’s still money to go round.

Secondly, I Really Want To Help YOU.

As strange as that might sound, it is COMPLETELY true.

You see, I sometimes receive emails from people who complain and are frustrated with this information marketing business because they have tried many things without success.

I am not a saint , and won’t lie that what you’re about to discover will magically spit money into your bank account, but I promise YOU…if you take my advice, take action and keep at it, you’ll find success in the information marketing business.

I Guarantee It.

Of course you will play you part by taking action, but I promise to reveal all I’ve learnt and all that will help YOU succeed in the information marketing business.

These secrets will stop you from wasting money and time on tactics and tricks that don’t work.

Lastly, I’ll also get paid for revealing this quality information. I’ll be lying if I said am not doing this for money. I am.

 For revealing this premium information to you, I’ll also get paid. And frankly, I should charge premium price for IT…but read down to see the affordable price tag of these secrets.

To prove you’ll find some crazy secrets, let me reveal some conflicting advice some marketers sell to YOU. Here’s a popular one.

Just Enter A Niche And Create Products And Sell To Make Money With Information Marketing.

But guess what…

…There’s Something You MUST Do Before You Even Think of Creating Any Information Product.

Most gurus just tell you to enter a niche then create an info product. Unfortunately, this is bad advice. A very dangerous one.

There’s something even more important than the products you create. In fact, here’s a shocker.

If You Want To Succeed In The Information Marketing Business…Don’t Just Concentrate on PRODUCTS.


I know this sounds odd considering the fact that I have over 27 products for sale. But trust me; the information marketing business is not just about creating products.

 It’s not Just about guessing products to create. Doing that is putting the cart before the horse. But this is what many people advice. And it ultimately leads to failure.

NOW…If these few statements shocked YOU, then you will be awed by other secrets and information revealed in…

17 Top Information Marketing Money Secrets



This is a comprehensive guide revealing all the secrets and ideas I have learnt from other info marketers. And secrets I have personally discovered and used to enter, create and sell multiple products in different niches.

You’ll get all these secrets in an easy-to-read PDF and audio mp3 formats. You can conveniently read or listen to the training (anytime you like) on your laptop or on your mobile devices.

 In This Short Training You’ll Discover the Following Secrets…

  • The first and most important thing to do before creating any information products (miss this step and your product may fail)
  • The 1 and most important skill that helped me sell more products and even create products people stand in line to BUY (this skill will double the sales of your products)
  • The quickest way to spy and know exactly what people want to BUY in your niche and market
  • How to make your offer so unique and enticing to your prospects that they will beg to BUY whatever you have to SELL
  • The simple 2 minutes activity I do to all my customers that makes them RESPECT , trust and want to BUY from me ALWAYS ( it’s so simple , anyone can do it…but most people don’t)
  • 1 POWERFUL tip gotten from an imprisoned millionaire marketer that will help you avoid creating products that won’t sell …but force you to know exactly what people want to BUY in 1 hour or less
  • A proven way to almost force people who  struggle to buy your N2000 products to quickly spend N40 000 or more  (1 time) without even thinking (after  you apply this secret your information marketing income will double and triple in size almost overnight)
  • The truth about traffic and how the most successful information marketers build quality traffic that generates sales …in any niche
  • The exact websites where you can BUY quality traffic to your offers (most marketers will NEVER reveal these websites to YOU)
  •   A quick way to create a high quality information product in 1 hour or less without struggling to create stressful PDF eBooks
  • How to create a high quality product in any niche (even in a niche you know nothing about) without doing any hard work
  • The incredible mind-set change that finally forced me to start selling products to people in the US and in other countries (and how you can kill the limiting mind-set that kills success in the information marketing business)
  •   How being a COPYCAT can explode the amount of money you make in your information marketing business (And I don’t mean copying people products. You’ll see what I mean in the course)
  • (And no, I am not talking about stealing people’s products, emails or sales pages. I am talking about a very simple strategy TOP guys secretly use to grow their business and income daily)
  • How to make HUGE fortunes from SELLING simple information already found freely on the internet.  (Some people think they need brand new, never revealed information before they can make money. WRONG. Sometimes free information is what people BUY. It can make you LOADS of cash. Discover how to profit from it TODAY)
  • The only way you can OWN your TRAFFIC…so you never have to struggle to drive traffic and make sales
  • The first and most important thing YOU MUST do when you generate traffic to any website
  • Simple but proven ways to spy your market and discover their innermost desires (even things they are hiding from YOU)
  • The easiest way to improve your copywriting and creation of sales pages even if you have tried everything and failed in the past
  • What to NEVER ever do in the information marketing business
  • How Facebook can help you become a successful information marketer (I am not taking about buying ads on Facebook. I mean actually browsing Facebook)
  • One simple page you can add to your sales system that can double or triples your income in 7 seconds
  • 2 master copywriters you can study to improve your copywriting skills with lightning speed
  • 3 free websites that will help you increase sales In your information marketing business (just browse and follow the instructions reveal in the course )
  • A secret website to buy Ready Made Products you can update , add your name and sell as your own
  • How to create an information product in 1 hour. (This is the quickest way to create an information product)
  •     The most powerful way to craft a high value information product in any niche…even if you don’t know a thing in the niche


 And when you start using these secrets your information marketing business will become profitable than you have ever thought possible.

You’ll start making more sales. You’ll have a clear direction and know what actions to take daily to guarantee sales and explosive income.

So Mk, How Much Will It Cost To Gain Access To All These Secrets?

Before I reveal the price for this, you need to first know the true value of what you’re about to own. You see, just 1 secret you deploy, can push your 10 steps ahead of so many other people.

It’s like standing on the shoulder of a giant.

What you’re getting can be likened to me spending 5 years to crack a safe. Then after investing time and money to crack the safe, I wrote down the right combination to the safe on a piece of paper.

And then asked you to pay a token sum to get access to combination. This means all you now do is walk to the safe, pull out the secret combination and open the safe in minutes.

These information marketing secrets will save you time and money.

If I were to coach you personally I’ll charge N30 000.  But since these secrets come in PDF and audio, you will only pay N5000.

So For Just N5000, You’ll Discover Pratical Information Marketing Secrets That Can Make You Up To N100k A Month.

You Can Order In 2 Ways...

Pay To Banks Offline

You can pay N5000 directly to any of these banks account or do online transfers or ATM transfer to…

Name: Mk Wealth Company

Bank; First Bank PLC

Account Number: 2016 784 259


Name: Mkpouto Usua

Bank: Fidelity Bank PLC

Account Number: 4020 386 196


Name: Mkpouto Usua

Bank: GTB Bank 

Account Number:  012 683 1538

After making payment of N5000 send a text to 0809 444 1001 with the following information.

1.     You name

2.     Name Of product. (17 Secrets)

3.     Email to send the product to

4.     Phone number

5.     Bank and Teller number

Here is an example …

Emeka James, 17 Secrets, emekajames@gmail.com , 0809 444 1001, First bank, 08975367


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Quick Action Bonuses

And when you order today, you’ll receive 5 special bonuses. Here are the different bonuses.

Bonus 1

Copywriting Starter Pack

Like you may already know copywriting is a SUPER skill needed to make sales and succeed with the information marketing business. In this special bonus you’ll discover how to get started with copywriting.  You’ll discover what resources and websites to read and copywriters to learn from.

You’ll see exercises to do to improve your copywriting skills. This bonus is all your after you order.

Bonus 2

Product Creation Shortcut

Information marketing is ultimately about the sales of information products. The quicker you can create high quality products for sale, the more money you can make.

This bonus training reveals step by step, 1 way to create an information product super-fast.

This product creation secret is all yours after you order.

Bonus 3  

10 Places To Buy Quality Traffic In Nigeria

Like you may know traffic is the life blood of any online business. There are hidden places some Nigerian marketers buy traffic. In this bonus training I’ll reveal 10 of them to you.

Order now and this bonus training is all yours.

Bonus 4

The Valuable 25 Letters Written By the American Millionaire In Prison In 1984

I’ll point you to the actual 25 letters written by The American Millionaire so you can read for yourself and discover more secrets.

The secrets found in these letters are over 30 years old, but it’s still relevant till today.

You’ll see how to download these letters for yourself after you order.

Bonus 5

10 Valuable Facebook Groups For Information Marketers

You can learn a lot from other people in your same business. On Facebook, there are lots of valuable groups where information marketers congregate. Here they share ideas and answer questions other people may have.

In this bonus material, you’ll discover 10 valuable groups that will help you make more money in your business.

No needs to go looking for them because links to these groups are all listed here for you. Order now to download this bonus today.

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Finally, It’s Time To Take Action

Remember this training and all the bonuses will make your information marketing business will grow and make money.

You’ll wake in the morning knowing exactly what to do and how to go about it. You’ll know what product to create and, how to create it. You’ll know the secrets about traffic and how to generate the most profitable traffic.

You’ll be able to finally make sales and profit from all your efforts.

All of these can be yours, but you need to take action.

Either you close this page and go back to struggling or download these secrets and get a new life.

Pay To Banks Offline

You can pay N5000 directly to any of these banks account or do online transfers or ATM transfer to…

Name: Mk Wealth Company

Bank; First Bank PLC

Account Number: 2016 784 259


Name: Mkpouto Usua

Bank: Fidelity Bank PLC

Account Number: 4020 386 196


Name: Mkpouto Usua

Bank: GTB Bank 

Account Number:  012 683 1538

After making payment of N5000 send a text to 0809 444 1001 with the following information.

1.     You name

2.     Name Of product. (17 Secrets)

3.     Email to send the product to

4.     Phone number

5.     Bank and Teller number

Here is an example …

Emeka James, 17 secrets, emekajames@gmail.com , 0809 444 1001, First bank, 08975367

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  Mk Akan

Mk Akan

PS-Remember You're about to discover Secrets from an a millionaire marketer who was locked in prison ...and 17 Other Top Information Marketing Money Secrets I Personally Discovered From Creating And Selling Over 27 Information Products In The Last 5 Years

PPS- You can NOW download these secrets at a discount price right .After a week the prices RISES. So hurry and take action.

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