Resource Monday – 010 – copywriting , affiliate marketing , publishing

Another Monday another day to reveal
new resources to help you generate income

Let’s go.

1.  Copywriting Tools

If you write copy or plan to write any kind of sales
related material, then you need to read this.

It’s a free article that reveals

copy related tools you can use.

2. Quick Fire Commissions

This reveals a Real Life Case Study and a
A Newbie-Friendly Method for Quickly Making $157.50
Per Day Without Selling Anything…

If you hate selling, then this is something
you should check back.

3. Commission Toolbox

This New Guide Reveals How You Can Generate $100+
Per Day Using 100% FREE Traffic & 100%
FREE Tools That Are Readily Available Online.

See details here.

4.  Tube Traffic Tornado!

Looking for a proven way to generate
traffic and build a buyer’s list?

Discover a way to build your list VERY FAST by
tapping into one of the biggest sources
of free traffic on the web… YOUTUBE

Check Out How this man was able to build a list of
Brand New BUYERS In Just 16 Days!

5.  Publishers Power Tool

Are you into kindle publishing?
Well, then this is for you.

Here are Templates you can use to publish fast.
Check it out.


Mk Akan

PS- In a few weeks, I’ll be releashing
a software that creates Information
products you can sell.

So stay tuned.

This Is For MY VIP Clients

Yesterday I sent out a complete
sales page with an info product
to a client.

This is one of my premium services
offered to VIP clients.

A spot just opened up for me to work with YOU.

Reply this and let’s talk.

So instead of struggling or delaying with your info
product (or sales page), you just get an expert to
do all the WORK for you.

As you do is download and profit.

Do you want something like this?

Reply this email , let’s talk.


MK Akan

PS- If you don’t want a premium service
you may like this.

Then check this out.

24 Hour Traffic machine-
This training reveals a Little Known
Traffic Source that Generates Top Quality
Targeted Traffic 24 hours a Day on 100% AutoPilot

This Simple Page And Secret Will Increase Your Income Online

Let me tell you story
Back in December 2014, I released my first
WSO. (WSOs are products sold on the warrior

It was a tiny $7 single product.
I made some sales but nothing major.
Until one day I stumbled upon the POWER
of upsells and funnels.

So I tried it out . I added some related products
to the back of the front end product.

And just like that (like overnight)
my sales and income exploded.


Because some people who bought the front
end also bought the upsells.

And as time went by I kept discovering
and learning other secrets of crafting
a proven sales funnels.

You know, if you are selling anything
at all online (whether products or services),
a single addition page added as an upsell,
can do wonders.

A proven sales funnel is a HUGE ASSET.

Because if you have one, all you do is send
the right traffic to it, and watch as income
comes right out of the other side.

And that’s why you should STUDY funnels.
Learn everything about it and implement it.
It pays.
Another thing is… buy a proven funnel
from someone who has tested and arranged
everything for you.

This is like buying a ready made business.

So if you have any product (service)
start thinking of an upsell and
how to craft a funnel around it.


Mk Akan

PS- If you like to learn more about funnels.
Go here
PPS- If you like to buy a proven sales funnel

Go here
PPPS- If you want a tool for building
sales funnels , then check this out

Click Here

Resource Mondays 009- Leads, Funnels , Traffic And List Building

Hi, it’s been awhile since I
sent you the lastest valuable
resources to check out.

Well, today here are a few
valuable resources covering topics
like list building , to funnels and
other resources that will help
you generate income online.

1. Get 100 Leads Daily 

If you are selling any
product or service (even
as an affiliate), you need

AKA subscribers.

This marketer reveals a method
that generates LEADS and generates
income at the same time.

It’s all here.

2.  24 Hour Traffic Machine

No income can be generated online

You need traffic to generate subscribers
and SALES.

And any time you find a reliable and
scalable traffic source, you are
in for a BIG win.

This marketer reveals just that.

Go here.

3.  47 Kindle Profit Boosters

If you are into Kindle publishing
then you need to get this.

Here are a few things this resource will do for YOU.

You will discover how to get a great

 book cover that drives sales

Discover how to Get your book on the 1st page for ANY
keyword (even “romance” or “mystery”)

1 simple sentence that will SKYROCKET
your book sales when placed in the description

How to Properly select your book’s
category (this is very important)

Powerful keyword tips that you can
implement TODAY to boost sales

The best price to sell your books
at (why it’s so powerful)

How to take advantage of the “look inside”
feature on Amazon to boost your sales

It’s all here. Done For YOU Funnel

The best thing you can BUY online
is a PROVEN FUNNEL that is
proven to generate sales.


Because the work is already done for YOU.

They owners of the proven funnel have
done all the testing and made all
the right selections for you.

They have written all the copy too etc.

All you do is just Plug and Play
system and income is generated .

All you do is plugin traffic to this
funnel and cash comes out.

Want one?

see it here.

5. This Powerful Software Will EXPLODE Your List Growth

Go here to discover How This Guy
went from 0 – 4000 subscribers,
by doing the opposite of what the
“gurus” are telling you…

…without free reports, landing pages,
paid traffic, or even a domain name!

This software does all the work for YOU.

See details here.


Mk Akan

PS- Here’s a bonus.

Have you ever tried writing a cold

Here’s a formula you can follow
for writing EFFECTIVE cold emails.

This Powerful Software Will EXPLODE Your List Growth!

One of the BIGGEST asset for generating
 income online is your AUDIENCE.
And one of the best audience
to have is your email LIST.
But building a list the traditional
way can be HARD.
In fact creating a lead magnet and doing all those technical
stuff is what stops many people from building a list.
I get it. I expeirnece it too .
But everyday new ideas and ways to build
a list FAST … is developed.
Like this one.
What the software does is cut away
the difficult parts that stops many from
building a list.
It employs a VIRAL component that forces
other people to promote and send you
It BUILDs your list while you
I know it sounds too good…but see it
here for yourself.
Mk Akan
PS- This is also perfect for NEWBIES because…
It saves time.
Saves funds
Gets results
It works.
Stop struggling to build a list, use this

1 Way To Accelerate Your Online Business Success

Would you like to accelerate
your success online?

Instead of struggling for years,
you can get results in a few months.

1 way is the use of ready-made products.


Instead of struggling to
get work done, just stand on the effort
of another.

Here’s an example.

Instead of struggling to create your
own product , you can buy and use
a quality PLRs. (like this ones)

Click Here
Instead of struggling with writing emails
you can use ready-made emails.

And many more things.


Mk Akan

How to FAIL Online (email 6 of 10) And Resource Monday

Today is Monday. So you get 2
emails in 1.

The first is the continuation of the
mini- series, the second is the weekly
Resource Monday Articles.

You have already seen 5 ways to
avoid failure online .

Here’s the 6th one.

Reason 6 – Don’t Build A LIST

You have heard it before. Every where
you turn , you see it.

“The money is in the LIST.”

Every Gurus says it.

Well, guess what?

If you want to FAIL online, don’t
build a list.

Just completely ignore building a list.

Just keep struggling to do everything
else and ignore list building.

But that’s a mistake.
You’re reading this email because
I built a list.

The benefits are HUGE.

So why is it important to build a list?

a. your list is your audience

b. Your list is your INSTANT traffic

c. You can promote offers to your list

And this is how the most successful
guys make money online.

start building your list.

Now, what if you want to build a list and you
don’t know how to start.

Go here and check out this simple method.

And that’s the first resource.

The second resource is seen below.

2. Lazy list Building Method

Imagine building your email list
and also generating affiliate income
ALL at the same time.

Imagine building a list without the
boring difficult steps involved.

This resource reveals how to do it.

3. List Building Breakthrough

A step by step guide revealing how
to build a list in any niche.

4. LAnding Page Tool

How would you like to create unlimited squeeze pages
without stress…and then host them on as server
that’s not yours.

Meaning you don’t even need a website
or webhosting.

See the tool here.

5. Webhosting DEAL

Bluehost just started a 48-hour Fall Sale .

Which means , for two days only, you can
start your website for only $2.95/mo*
(for 12, 24, or 36 months).

This deal comes ones in a while.
So grab it now.

Go here.

And that’s it folks.


Mk Akan

PS- Next email in the mini series continues.


CASE STUDY Reveals Little known traffic source

If you have been online for a while
you likely know or have tried these
different traffic sources.
Facebook ads
Solo Ads
YouTube Traffic
SEO or Ranking Websites
But this traffic source Is Like
NOTHING You’ve Seen Before…

2 pros reveal the traffic source
and how you can use it to generate income.

They reveal This Method To you in
A Complete Newbie” Case Study.

In the case study you’ll see them
get traffic flowing and making money
with just 8 MINUTES of simple “work”…

According to them , this traffic doesn’t
just start flowing…

You’ll see it CONVERT into money in your
pocket quickly and without having to do
any of the complicated marketing stuff
that you’ve seen before.

Go check it out here.

Mk Akan

PS- Over 3000 units have been sold already.
Go check it out and see if this is
something you can try out.



How To Start Online (A Simple Step By Step Answer)

I am supposed to continue my
“how to fail online” series today.

But I like to first share 1 more
important email before I do.

You see, yesterday I got an
email asking a question I have
heard over and over again.

That question is…

“How do I start online?”

In today’s email, you’ll
discover a step by step answer to
this question.

Here we go.

1 step 1 – Learn the basics of online business.

You see no matter what you want to do
online , there are fundamental things you
MUST first know.

Part of these secrets are shared in
my “how to FAIL online” series.

But to Learn more online business basics
and secrets , go  here

2. Step 2 – Pick an online business model (focus on it)

3. Step 3- Learn all you can about the business model

(buy products , study or get a coach)

4. Step 4 – TAKE Action ( nothing else works)

5. Step 5- Keep improving 

I may have to create another mini series
explaining these 5 steps to you.

So prepare for that later.

Now , my next email goes back to
my “how to FAIL online” mini series.

Hope this helps.


Mk Akan

PS- If need someone to setup your blog
or your info product, contact me .

PPS- If you need coaching , contact me too.

PPPS- If you want to know the secrets to
succeed online Don’t hesitate to
download this.

Got more questions?
Ask me here.

New Software CAPTURES TRAFFIC With Ease

Watch this video to discover how the
new update by most web browsers may be
killing your sales and traffic …
…and how this new software solves
the problem.

Here’s 1 thing this tool can do.

Just imagine this.

A visitor lands on your blog or website.
Just as he or she is about to click the close
button, an affiliate offer appears…just
as the right moment.

And that visitor clicks a link and buys.

That’s not all.

You can make any page appear.
Whether your offer or an affiliate offer.

And much more.

See it yourself here.