Affiliate Marketing For Nigerians- Affiliate Program That Pay Cheques

One of the most memorable day in my online business journey was the day I got an Amazon cheque.

It was not a large sum…but it proved to me making cash online and affiliate marketing was REAL.

That was a few years ago.

You can see the cheque here.

You see, some years ago affiliate marketing did not work for naija people.


It was difficult to get paid commissions since we did not have access to PayPal accounts.

Now we do…but still, we are not allowed to receive any form of payment with Paypal.

It’s still difficult to join ClickBank…although I now use legit back door to so it.

But it’s still a big issue.

There’s solution though.

You can still make affiliate commissions.


Just in case you don’t know…there are many affiliate programs that pay physical cheques to naija people.

The first one I ever got was the Amazon cheque i just mentioned.

There are many other affiliate program that pay Cheques.

You just need to know exactly how to find them.

I reveal all those steps here…


Mk Akan

PS- Registering with an affiliate network is not the answer to affiliate marketing success…it’s how you market products.
It’s how you match the right people to the right offers.

It’s knowing exactly how to promote products and services.

If you love to know exactly how to do affiliate marketing right, go here and see every tiny detail.

It’s created specially for the naija situation.

3 Proven Ways To Drive Traffic To Any Webpage

In the last 3 days, I have talked about the basics of traffic generation.

Most people just want to know how to drive traffic fast.

Well, if you ignore the basics of traffic generation, that’s your loss.

…because…generating traffic without knowing and using the basics will end in waste of time and cash .

But that’s your choice.

My advice: know your market, drive targeted traffic and build your list.

After knowing the basics, this is how to now drive traffic. It’s what I do.

1. Solo ads

These are list owners with subscribers in various niches, who sell access to their email list.

You usually pay for clicks to your squeeze page.

I use this to grow my list.

In the IM space you can buy solo ads from places like Udimi dot com.

2. Banner/text ads

There’re blogs, websites and forums where your target market hangs out.

Buy a banner/text display advert on these sites that directs people to your website or page.

Just search for the popular blogs and websites in your market/niche then contact the owners for advert placement.

3. SEO (search Engine Traffic)

If you own a blog or website with content, you’ll likely get some traffic from Google (and other search engines).

So make sure you publish content your target market wants to read, then have various ways to capture emails and build your list.

There are many more ways to drive targeted traffic, I’ll discuss more soon.

If you love to discover deeper details and traffic secrets on how to know your market so you can drive (low cost) targeted traffic to your blog websites or page, go here.

I reveal more details in that course.

Mk Akan

PS-Next week I’ll be talking about affiliate marketing for Naija .

You can get started here

PPS- I am working on a product that reveals how to create products in any niche even if you have no knowledge in the niche.

More details soon.

Traffic Generation Basics – 8 Important Things You Need To Know About web Traffic

Without traffic you can’t make a dime online.
It’s important.
It’s the reason sites like Facebook and big blogs make buckets of cash.
But like everything …to be able to generate traffic…that you can convert to cash….you need to know the basics.
The simple old basics.
Most people just jump into things …me… I start by understanding the basics.
So before you go blow you money on FB ads or struggle with SEO…or wherever traffic generation ideas you have…master the basics.

So what are the basics about generating traffic?

1. Traffic = People

Simple but many people don’t get it.
Traffic is not a number. Its human beings like you and me.
Yes. Human beings with laptops and phones visiting your blog, website or page.
These people have needs, wants, desires and goals like you. When you start understanding what people want, you’ll understand conversion and how to really profit from your traffic.

2. Traffic Is Nothing Without Conversion

What’s conversion?
Simply the action you want people to take when they land on your blog, website or page.
If you send traffic to a squeeze page , conversion is people who sign up.
When you send to a blog with adverts, the conversion is number of people who click the ads.
When you send to a sales page, conversion is number of people who buy.
So if you send untargeted traffic, even if it is 1 million people, and it can’t convert…you are sitting on the long thing.
So focus on conversions.

3. High Traffic Is  Not profitable if it does not Convert

Especially if it does not convert.
Now, depending on your business model, high traffic can be very profitable.
For bloggers, you can sell adverts to people so they can convert.
That’s cool.
And that’s why Linda Ikeji makes bank. That’s why most people with high traffic blogs have pepper.
For that business model, high traffic is ok.
But if you send 1 million men to a page selling designer bags for ladies…you will convert as low as 0.00 something.
That’s a waste of traffic, cash and time.
You don’t want to waste cash. Right?
Then Focus on targeted traffic.

4. Focus On Targeted Traffic

Targeted traffic is traffic of people interested in what you have to offer. For example, if you have a forex blog…sending traffic from a dating Facebook group…won’t do anything for you.
That’s why I laugh at people who spam Facebook groups.
Always drive targeted traffic to your site.
Send people who are interested in your offer or topic.
One of the best kinds of targeted traffic is SEO…because these people search for something and land on your blog or page.
PPC ads via search also works…because these people are very interested in what you have to offer.
They will remain and read (and perhaps take action) if your page have what they want.
No matter the methods you use…make sure you are driving targeted traffic.

5. Focus On Demand And What Your Traffic Wants

And one way to focus on demand is to create content people want or want to read.
If you want traffic of “women who are 30 and above and want to get married”…write or create content around what those women will want.
This boils down to knowing your target market well.
Know your audience.
Know what your traffic wants.
Know their needs and desires…and fulfill it.
Information marketers take note.

6. It Does Not Appear From Heaven

Unfortunately just having the best blog or website does not guarantee traffic. Traffic will not just appear from heaven.
You need to take it there.
Even free traffic comes from Google.
You site has to be index and rank high in the search engines for this to happen.
That’s SEO.
Google traffic (search traffic) works…but can be unreliable too.
You have to build traffic…either you get it free (via SEO and other free means) or your buy it.
So don’t sit and wait for traffic, so go get it.
How do you do this?

7. Know Where Your Target Traffic Hang Out …Then Go Drag Them To Your Site

But you can’t bully people to come to your site.
You need to have something that interests them.
Have content they want to read.
If they hang out on FB…go buy traffic there.
If they hang out on a blog, go buy banner ads there.
If the hang out on a forum, go buy the ads there.
You can buy PPC ads from different networks.
Don’t forget when they come to your site…get them to convert. And the best conversion is to…

8. Own Your Traffic By Building A List

No doubt.
My ultimate goal for the blog is to get subscribers.
That’s my own traffic source.
I can send emails and send clicks to any place I want.
That’s the whole noise about list building…it’s owning your traffic.
Don’t joke with it. I even have a course on that here.

When you understand these basics…you can now go buy or get free traffic that converts to cash.
If you love to know different ways to drive traffic, go here.
This comprehensive course explains how to drive cheap and high converting traffic to your site, blog or sales page…
Click here to check it out –

The Secret To Creating Products People Want To BUY By The Greatest Copywriter That Walked The Earth

Last year I read a book written by the greatest copywriter to ever walk the earth- (IMO) the great Gary Halbert.

The book is titled The Boron Letters.

It’s a series of letters he wrote his son while he (Gary) was in prison.

In those letters he taught his son the never changing principles of marketing, mail order business, copywriting and product creation.

It’s a book anyone serious about selling, copywriting and business MUST read.

There’s a line in the book I’ll never forget- something I now use daily.

He asked his son to, more than anything else…


What does that mean?

He asked his son (Bond Halbert) to study what people BUY. Study what people already spend money on.

Not what people want to BUY.

Not what people say they want to BUY.

…but products and services they already BUY.

This is the secret to creating products people BUY.

It’s that simple.

You see, if you create a better version…or another version (with a unique twist)…of something people already BUY…you’ll likely get sales.


Much faster than creating something totally NEW.

I know this might sound stupid because many people are scared and say…

“I don’t want competition”

“I want to create something new, so I can have the whole market to myself”

Well, take the advice of the late Great Gary Halbert.

Sell what people BUY already.

Create a better version …or another version with a unique twist.

Of course you can create something new and find a market for it…but you will only waste time, resources and be disappointed.

The choice is yours.

So How Do You Know Exactly What People Are Buying?

Well, again I have come to the rescue.

1 of my WSOs reveals …

“How To Uncover 100s Of Products Ideas In Any Niche…By Visiting Free Websites”

With this training, you can enter any niche, and in 1 hour, uncover the exact products to create in the niche.

No kidding.

It doesn’t matter if you are newbie or have no knowledge in the niche.

It’s fast, simple and proven to work.

See it here.

Click Here

But I have a better deal for YOU.

As part of my birthday deal, you can have this WSO training and 3 other trainings for the price of 1.

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This deal ends on 11:59 Pm 23rd January 2015.

On that date, that page will vanish like a hungry man devouring a plate of eba. ;)

So act quickly. Don’t delay.

Go here and see details.


Mk Akan

PS-I will likely answer some of questions people sent in a weeks ago and release it as an audio on my birthday. Dunno yet.

So if you have specific questions you want me to answer, reply this email so I can answer them in that report.(or audio).

PPS- As part of the birthday deal, NOBFC is sold for just N1500.

I may increase the price again after my BDay. If you plan to own a copy, NOW is the best time.

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Grab Your Plate And Enjoy the Internet Buffet (Aka Mind-set Of Online Success)

Just imagine you were invited to a buffet. When you arrive at the venue, the door to the hall was thrown wide open.


No cops.

No one asking for ID.

People just stepped in at will.

Many people hung around the door.

People from all races are all over the place.

White, black, yellow, red or green. You name it, you find it.

As you step in, you notice more people from different races.

You see whites, blacks, Hispanic, red Indians, American and Africans. Everyone.

They sit around all over the place.

Some people are on their feet.

The hall is filled to the brim like a molue bus…but more people come in and go out at will.

You look around and notice people eating food.

No one served them. They just walked towards a direction and came back with food.

So you move in that direction…and right in the middle of the room, you see a GIANT table. As big as a football field.

You see all kinds of food on the table.

All kinds of drinks. Exotic wines and all.

As you move close, you see a huge sign high above the table.

It reads…

Come And Eat As You Like.

The rule was simple.

Eat your fill.

No one was standing by to wait on you. No one was around to serve you.

All you needed to do was step up and fill your plate.


As You Try To Make Your Move …Crazy Ideas Jump Into Your Head.

You start asking yourself stupid questions.

“What if my clothes is rumple and people are watching me”

“What if someone is watching me walk to the table?”

“What if I stumble?”

“What if I can’t scoop enough?”

“What if I scoop too much?

What if I scoop only chicken will people get angry?

What if the plate is dirty?

What if the food is not sweet?

What if they don’t have pounded yam?

Won’t the other guys laugh at me when I eat Garri and soup?

You Generate 100s Of Reasons Why Heading To The Table Will End In Disaster …So You Stop Halfway.

You look around and notice other guys also stopping halfway. Most of them also have the same fears you have.

They have 100s of reasons why stepping to the table will end badly.

BUT …as you watch …you see some people confidently walk to the table and scoop up food.

Funny thing is they don’t look smart.

One fat guy looked like the devil just pushed him out of his ass.

But …the guy no send…him just de move go scoop him food the wack. While you de dia de contemplate.

Ok, Mk, What Does This Have To Do With Online Business And Making Money Online?

Let me explain.

You see, life, business and entrepreneurship (and making money online or doing anything) is exactly like the buffet hall.

No one gives a shit about how you look, where you came from or anything.

No one is going to serve you. No one is going to do boy boy for YOU.

Either you go in and scoop food and eat…or you stay hungry and die.

Either You Go Online And Provide Value …Then Get Paid For It…Or You Stay Broke And Hungry.

No one cares if you are black or white. Everyone cares what you can do for him or her.


Success is not a racist.

It does not give a shit who you are or what you are.

So either you step up and scoop the food or you starve.

Either you create something that will bring value to others…or you stay there.

Either you become a producer or you continue consuming.


I am not saying this to brag or prove that am better.

But the truth is…success favours the BOLD.

The Person Who Decides To Start Stuff Without Fear Of Failure…Will Fail Many Times And Will Also Succeed Many Times.

The wise guy who is scared of everything …will not fail…and will not succeed either.

Success and failure goes together…like the 2 sides of a coin.

You can’t have one side only.

The Guy Who Does Not Give A Shit About What People Say…Will Succeed And Also Have Some Failure.

What’s the word that defines all this plenty talk?



Confidence even in the face of failure.

Confidence to do stuff.

Confidence to take action …even if you know you may fail.

I Must Confess, I Sometimes Fight With Confidence Issues Too.

Case in point.

I have lots of products here

But for some reason…I was scared of selling WSOs and even selling my IM products to foreigners.

You know, sometimes we black folks have stupid inferiority complex.

Perhaps you are struggling with this too.

Anyways…I finally overcame it.


So in December 2014, I decided to launch 1 product a week in 2015.

That’s when I finally started launching WSOs.

By the way here are my WSOs…for those who want to buy it.

  1. 100 products ideas
  2. 101 profitable niches
  3. IM productivity Accelerator
  4. List Building Messiah

I got more coming ;)

(If you love to order any and you have no PayPal account, contact me to order offline.)

So I broke through that crappy inferiority complex.

Like I keep saying…I am not perfect.

I learn every day. I try to move forward as fast as I can.

Do the same in your life and in your quest to make money online.

We all have fears.

But if you worry about other people…you won’t make shit.

What Are You Scared Of Doing Now.

  1. List building ( are you scared of what to mail people)
  2. Products creation (are you scared of making mistakes)
  3. Copywriting (you don’t know what to do)
  4. Traffic generation
  5. Online advertising
  6. Blog creation
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. Freelancing on Fiverr

Say to yourself …I can do this.

Don’t let what people say bother you much. Add value to others…listen sometime…but don’t let it put you down.

Here’s an example.

If you hate the fact that I am cursing…well…


Get off my blog. :)

If I need to curse to get this point across …then so be it.


Where were we?

Ok… Confidence.

Have an I-don’t-care-altitude.

Cultivate confidence.

Take action.

Do shit that will bring value to people …the get paid for it.


Am not saying you cheat or have no respect for people. I am not saying go curse and swear at people.

Or be disrespectful to your clients. (I treat my customers like gold ;)).

All I am saying is this…grow BALLS.

Do shit you are scared of.

Don’t let self-doubt kill your success.

Go for it.

Kick ASS.

There’s a flip side though.

Remember the basic always.

  1. Start with foundation knowledge (confidently doing the wrong things can help a’ll waste time and money). Get NOBFC…and save yourself time and money.
  2. Stick to one thing (don’t go doing all the business models at once, you will fail woefully)
  3. Commit to it. Get a coach or a comprehensive product on the model and digest it. Don’t deviate till you succeed.

Buy remember in anything you do online…


Go into the inter webs…and kick ass.

Mk Akan

Signing off.

Omo …this one long o. ;)

A Sure Way To Make Online in 3 Months or Less?

So the other day, I asked subscribers to suggest what I should do for my BDay.

A subscriber sent this email …

“Show me Something that will give me result within 3 months…”of a SURETY”

Meaning he wants something that will SURELY make money in 3 months?

First , I want to thank him for the question.

I sent him a reply.

It’s not something he may like.

But it’s the honest truth.

See what I sent him below.

My reply.

Many online businesses do work.

Many models work.

For example.

People make cash with Fiverr while some still struggle.

Many make it with info marketing …some don’t.

Some use affiliate marketing. Some who try it fail woefully.


Many reasons…but the main one is people not having the right Information and taking action.

Most people don’t have the right information and some don’t take action enough.

My point?

Most models work. It’s we who don’t follow through.


People are different.

Some can persevere some can’t

And frankly, there are risks involved.

All Businesses have risk.

Online biz is no different.

Finally my advice.

Pick what works and follow it up. Get a coach if you must.

That’s how to get something that will succeed 99% of the time .

Hope this helps.

And by the way, the first knowledge you need is FOUNDATION Knowledge.

That’s what I reveal in NOBFC.

You see, most people jump from model to model because they don’t know what works.

They have no idea what to focus on.

When you gain access to NOBFC, you will overcome this HUGE hurdle.

Secondly, In my last email i talked about skills needed to succeed online.

I mentioned traffic.

You see, nothing can work without it.

If you are struggling with traffic, this will help YOU.




Five Valuable Skills People Pay Money For Online

Over the years I have developed some skills that I use in my online business ….and i can use as a freelancer.

People pay cash for these skills because they are valuable.

1. Writing

The web is filled with all kinds of information and most of it is text.

If you develop your writing skills, you have something valuable.

You can use it on your own websites or get paid by people as a freelancer.

Get good at writing and content creation.

2. Copywriting/Sales

For me my most valuable skill is copywriting.

It’s the ability to craft a message that gets people to buy what I sell.

It’s not about hype or being a good writer.

It’s about understanding people and what they want .

This skill helps you create products and services people want.

It also helps you know exactly what to say to make people buy.

Top copywriters earn up to $10 000 to $50 000 per job.

The skill is super profitable.

3. Graphic Skills

Lots of people don’t have graphic skills.

So people pay for this. Stuff like ebook covers, and any kind of graphic work.

I pay for this too.

If you can get good with graphics you can get paid for it.

4. Technical Skills

This has to do with setting up sites and the different parts of an online business.

Stuff like coding and building softwares etc.

This skill is very valuable too.

5. Traffic Generation

This is very valuable skill to have.

That’s why sites with lots of traffic make a lot of money.

Think Facebook and high traffic blogs.
These skills can be learnt.

Finally …

Start with the one you can and get good.
You don’t need to know all.

In fact, get very good with one.

My strength now is writing and copywriting.

Mk Akan

PS- NOBFC is now N1500. You can order your copy here.

If you use a Visa card to order, you need to first activate your IPIN before you can make a transaction online.

You can use other payment methods to make your order.

Consumer Or Producer: What Are You?


There are two kinds of people in the world.

Consumers and producers.

In the most basic meaning, Consumers are people who consume and producers are people who produce.

These 2 groups have existed long ago, even in the days of old.

But here is the funny thing; we all are consumers and producers. As long as you are alive, you will be both. But even with this, you will fall more into one group.

You must be more of one that the other.

But here are a few things you should know too.

  • Consumers spend money and time to consume.
  • Producers spend money and time to produce.
  • Consumers give their cash to producers

So invariably, the more you produce value, the more money you can make.

Producers, Consumers and the Internet

The internet has helped producers and consumers in so many ways.

With the help of the internet it is now easier to produce and distribute electronic products. Likewise; it has helped producers and consumer connects easily.

Most people consume and don’t produce.

Think about it.

All the websites and services we are enjoying online were created by people like us.

All the emails and courses you buy and read are created by people.

Anything you can do to help another people can bring it ‘pepper”

Here’s my question to YOU…

What are you producing?

What are you creating for others to consume?

If you only consume…you will never make a dime?

So become a producer.

Mk Akan.

PS- there are many ways to produce stuff. The internet makes it easy.

Here are ways to become a producer.

  1. Start a profitable blog. Click here for details on starting profitable blogs.
  2. Build a list, send emails to subscribers and make “pepper” as an affiliate. Go here for details –
  3. Start a bulk sms business and serve customers –



“How can I become an online business millionaire?”

I recently got that an email with that exact question in my email box.

“How can I become an online business millionaire?”


I want to thank the guy for replying and asking this question.

It’s a chance to explain something important to him ….and to YOU.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with being an internet millionaire.

The problem with that kind of statement shows the wrong mindset people have.

Here’s the thing.

Millionaires offline who have made cash legally…do so in many ways.

But 1 popular way is running a real business.

A business that offers products and services to people.

They create valuable products and services people pay for.

Now online things even gets better.

It’s easy to get started.

The cost is minimal….but the important thing is this.


You have to provide products and services.

You either do so as a vendor or an affiliate.

I will keep singing this like a drunk parrot to YOU get it.

You should be thinking of what value you can create for others.

That’s the right mindset to have.

All dreams of making kudi online will not come true till you get this right.

Get the basics right. Then commit to it.

Mk Akan

PS- If you are into importation biz , you are in the right direction. You are doing a real biz.

Here are 250 products you can import to Naija.

PPS-NOBFC has all the basic tips and knowledge that builds you for online success . Get it.

PPPS- Selling adverts on blogs also works well. It’s a business model used by bloggers.

If this is what you want to do in 2015,
Go here and get this.

The Power Of The 1 1 1 Formula That Brings Online Wealth

Yesterday I got a call from a lady in the US. She saw my WSOs and got in touch with me.
She needed coaching from me.
Funny… US person de find Naija person coaching ….lol
Anyway, she be naija person wey de US. sha
When she called we got talking and she revealed he has tried for so long to make something online.
She has tried for 5 years without success.
I asked her a few questions and realized… like when I started … (and like many people)…she got some things wrong.
I have discussed these things in NOBFC.
For example.

Fact one

You make kudi by selling something. PERIOD.
Either you sell a product (or something valuable) or you sell your time as a freelancer.
If you’re not doing either, you are sitting on the long thing.

Fact Two.

Doing too many things at the same time will lead nowhere.
When I started, I was jumping from pillar to post like a monkey on crack.
I was doing blogging, info marketing and anything that came my way etc.
That led me nowhere.

Here’s my advice?

Learn the basics then stick to 1 thing.
Stick to 1 niche, 1 business model. And focus on it.
That’s the 1 1 1 formula.
1 thing at a time.
It forces you to focus till you succeed.
So take a look at what you’re doing now.
Are you all over the place?
Are you chasing to many online business models?
Do you even know the basics?
The basics of IM are just 2 things.
Build an audience then make them offers.
Build a list and sell stuff.
Get your shit right.
Talk soon.
Mk Akan
PS- to learn the basics and get good at it.
Get NOBFC here-
To learn list building get this –

To discover products you can create – go here-
To find profitable niches go here-
PPS- if you have questions, ask me.