CASE STUDY Reveals Little known traffic source

If you have been online for a while
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Facebook ads
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YouTube Traffic
SEO or Ranking Websites
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2 pros reveal the traffic source
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A Complete Newbie” Case Study.

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According to them , this traffic doesn’t
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Mk Akan

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How To Start Online (A Simple Step By Step Answer)

I am supposed to continue my
“how to fail online” series today.

But I like to first share 1 more
important email before I do.

You see, yesterday I got an
email asking a question I have
heard over and over again.

That question is…

“How do I start online?”

In today’s email, you’ll
discover a step by step answer to
this question.

Here we go.

1 step 1 – Learn the basics of online business.

You see no matter what you want to do
online , there are fundamental things you
MUST first know.

Part of these secrets are shared in
my “how to FAIL online” series.

But to Learn more online business basics
and secrets , go  here

2. Step 2 – Pick an online business model (focus on it)

3. Step 3- Learn all you can about the business model

(buy products , study or get a coach)

4. Step 4 – TAKE Action ( nothing else works)

5. Step 5- Keep improving 

I may have to create another mini series
explaining these 5 steps to you.

So prepare for that later.

Now , my next email goes back to
my “how to FAIL online” mini series.

Hope this helps.


Mk Akan

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Got more questions?
Ask me here.

New Software CAPTURES TRAFFIC With Ease

Watch this video to discover how the
new update by most web browsers may be
killing your sales and traffic …
…and how this new software solves
the problem.

Here’s 1 thing this tool can do.

Just imagine this.

A visitor lands on your blog or website.
Just as he or she is about to click the close
button, an affiliate offer appears…just
as the right moment.

And that visitor clicks a link and buys.

That’s not all.

You can make any page appear.
Whether your offer or an affiliate offer.

And much more.

See it yourself here.



How to FAIL online (emails 5 of 10)

Here’s the 5th email in the
series titled” how to FAIL online”.

The purpose of the series is help
you discover mistakes to avoid,
so you eventually succeed online.

First , check this out.
Discover the 5 Minute: Copy ‘n’ Paste Trick
That Makes it Super – Easy for Anyone to Make
Money Online by this time tomorrow.


If you have not read the last 4
articles (emails) of this series,
please go check them here.

First , second, third , fourth article.

It will help you.

Now number 5.

Reason 5 – Forget Perfection

This is also a very HUGE
mistake made by many people.

All they want or plan to do online
MUST be perfect.

They want perfect products.

Perfect emails.

Perfect everything.
And because of this, THEY delay.

They get scared of trying things out.
They get scared of making mistakes.

And this leads to INACTION and failure.

So are you trying to be perfect?

Are you delaying because you want
everything to be perfect?


When you start out, many things will not be perfect.

In fact, nothing is ever PERFECT. That’s why we have updates and upgrades.

It does not have to be perfect.
Start or create whatever you plan to do and push it
out there.

Then improve as you go.

Don’t wait for PERFECTION.

Get started.  Take Action.


Mk Akan

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online business secrets and mistakes to

Go here

How to FAIL online (email 4 of 10)

Hope you are enjoying this mini-series.

Here’s article 1 , article 2 and article 3.  (6 more to come)

And taking action on the things I have shared with You.
Today here’s another thing to avoid.

Before that , check this out…

Shiny Object Lemonade

A unique way to generate income with any
product you bought in the past or buy in future.

Check it out.
Now here’s the fourth one.

Mistake 4- Thinking You Must Do Everything By Yourself

This is another serious error.

You see, most people think to
run a successful online business
they MUST handle all the activities

For example, if they want to start
a blog, they want to set up the blog
themselves, create content and promote it…

…ALL by themselves.

And that’s why many people get stuck.

Because they want to KNOW everything and do
everything by themselves.

And this is almost IMPOSSIBLE.

Many delay and never get started

because of this.

Are you making this mistake?

Are you struggling to handle everything.

Are you struggling to create a product or
write a sales page?

Is there something you are not good at
but you still struggle to do it yourself?

Here’s the thing.

Successful guys online OUTSOURCE a lot.

They handle only what they can do and
outsource the rest.

They have traffic people.
They have graphic people.

They have coders and different people
handling different things.

Now you don’t have to go out and
outsource everything.

Just start with the most difficult task.Then move on.

Instead of delaying, hoping
and waiting to know everything, outsource it.

Go out and get someone to do that
difficult stuff for you.

It always pays.


Mk Akan

PS- If you want to own a blog
and don’t know how to get started,
then contact me. I offer blog setup services.

PPS- I also create high quality products
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Contact me if you want something done for you.

PPPS- Shiny Object Lemonade

A unique way to generate income with any
product you bought in the past or buy in future.

How To FAIL online (email 2 of 10)

Yesterday I started a little mini-series
that will be revealing why people fail online
and what to do to overcome failure.

Again , each point revealed in this series
is to show you what NOT to do.

So as you discover each mistake , note
them and avoid them.

Yesterday I talked about point 1.

Today is the next point.

2. Don’t TAKE ACTION , just BUY Stuff

There are many people who want to
generate income online.

They buy every product. Jump from
idea to idea…but they don’t do anything.

They don’t take action.

Some times they see opportunities and
just refuse to take adavantage of it .

And because of this same inability to
take action.

They procrastinate and delay.
All they do is buy and buy.
Most of them KNOW what to do.

They have read a lot of things.
They know things.

They can even teach other people.
But they don’t take action on
what they know.

They are scared of taking action.
Scared of faiure perhaps.

They always want more information.
Always looking for a missing

Guess what?

If you keep doing this, you’ll never
make progress.
I know this may be a tough thing to say
to you.

But the best thing I can do for you
is to to tell you the truth.

KNOWLEDGE does not just bring success.
Products don’t bring success.

It’s only when you take action on
your knowledge that success comes.


I am not saying don’t BUY products
or services.

Of course you should because
to succeed in this business
you need to make some investments.

I make investement in products
and services every day.

But only buy what you need
and when you buy anything ,
study and TAKE ACTION.

That last part is IMPORTANT.
So make up your mind to start
taking action from today.


Mk Akan
PS- Now , here’s another time to take action.

Like you know , I offer a new
service where I do the following.

1. Build blogs for clients

2. Create products and sales pages for client
I even have a ready-made blog for sale.

If you have been delaying taking action
because you had no technical skills, this
is your chance.

Contact me so we can take action on
your online business.


Hoping and wishing will not change a

Call or send me an email today,so we
can take ACTION together.

See ya.

PPS- Next email reveals another mistake
people make.

Don’t miss it.

How To FAIL online (email 1 of 10)

Today I want to start a funny mini-series
revealing “how to fail online”.

Well, the title of the email series may seem funny
but this series will reveal what to avoid

doing so you don’t fail online.

So as you read the series , take note of

 these mistakes then avoid them.
Let’s get started.

1. Ignore The Proven Online Business TRUTHS

You know what the Bibles says about the TRUTH.

“The truth shall set you free”

And there’s are TRUTHS you must KNOW

to obtain online business success.

If you ignore these TRUTHS and run around
doing anything else you may end in failure.

What’re these truths?

Here are some of them.

a. You need to sell something to
make an income online. (A product or service)
Yours or as an affiliate.

b. You need to create value and be paid for it

c. Income only comes from people and organizations
who pay you for products and services

d. A blog /website giving out information
is rendering a service to people. And can
generate cash by offering advert services to poeple.

There are many other truths.
But take note of these 4 .

So if you are don’t know these 4 truths
or you are ignoring them…then you are
making a GRAVE mistake.

KNOW these TRUTHS and focus on them.

Anything else leads to failure.

That’s it for today.

Look out for my next email revealing another
“way to FAIL online” .


Mk Akan

PS- If you like to discover all the proven
truths about online business success, go here.

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Click here for email 2 ,

Resource Monday – email marketing , list building, PLR , content writing

Every Monday I share the best resources that
improves your online business and income.

Today, you get 5 of these resources .
Here we go

1. From Garbage to Emails

The first thing I want to share with you
today is a podcast that reveals
how to generate emails (or content)
from garbage.

You see, most people struggle with writing content.
This podcast reveals a way to overcome this.
It’s about email …but can be adapted
for any kind of content.Even blogs.

How to turn garbage into profitable emails

2. List Building With Survey Software

Imagine being able to build your list
by channeling traffic from TOP blogs
and websites like CNN etc without paying a dime.

Not possible eh?

Well, it is . And this software makes it possible.

3. Arbitrage SugarDaddy

Don’t let the name turn you off 😉

This has nothing to do with having a
sugar daddy.

But it just reveals a proven way to
generate income by LEGALLY using other people’s
skill and knowledge.

Yep 😉

People do the work and you get paid.

It works for newbie too.

4. 1 Million PLR articles

Have you ever struggled with content for emails
your blog or for an info product?

What if you had access to 1 million quality PLR
articles on almost all the popular topics
on earth?

So that you can send unlimited emails to your list.
And do whatever you like with them.

See details here.

5. Email Writing Secrets

Would you like to discover the secret technique
to writing affiliate email SUPER fast? (2 minutes flat)

Watch how a 1 time internet marketer
of the year does it.

The simplicity will shock you.

Mk Akan

This is 1 Lucky Client (Wanna Be Like HIM?)

So the other day I sent you an email
offering a special service.

I said ” I’ll create a product and sales page
for you for a fee”.

Many people contacted me, but only 1
smart business owner took action.

I am now working on his sales page and product.

Part of what I did was to interview him
and fine tune his idea for the product.

Well, guess what?

I discovered he owns a blog. And has quite
a number of daily visitors.

So I took a look at the blog and shared some
ideas with him.

So he’s not only getting a product created,
he’ also enjoying some kind of free consultation
for his blog and business in general.

I am excited about his product and
can see it making him lots of cash in the

The investment he made was not cheap. but affordable.

A wise one too.


Because after selling just 10 units of his product
he’s get his money back and start enjoying
PURE profits.(for months and years to come)

So if he sells 500 units in a year
(that’s like 40 units a month) at N3k.

He makes 1 500 000 a year for years to come.

I am just being conservative here.

But even if he makes 30k , 50k or 100k a month from
the sales of this product…that’s something

that will put food on his table and meet his needs.

So why am I telling you all these?

Well, if you are sitting on the fence or

contemplating about working with me.
then you are doing yourself a disservice.If you also want to start a blog
(or buy mine at
and you are delaying, you are also
doing yourself a disfavour.

Because money loves action takers.

You delay , you lose.

So Quit procrastinating.Take action NOW.

If you need a product and salespage,
contact me with 080 9444 1001 so we can
discuss it.

If you want a blog created for you
(or want to buy a ready made one)
contact me too.

Don’t delay.

Do it.


Mk Akan

How to FAIL online (email 3 of 10)

This is the 3rd email from
this mini-series revealing
reasons why people fail online…

…and how you can avoid them.

I revealed 2 reasons in the last 2 emails. here and here 

Today here’s another 1.

Mistake 3 – Trying To Make Money Using Too many online Business Models ALL at the same time.

Now, this is a BIGGIE.

If I take a wild guess, I
may be almost 100% right to say
that you receive 20- 50 emails daily.

Some people receive even more.


Because you are subscribed to 10, 30 or 50
email lists.

Perhaps you downloaded a free ebook from these
guys and now…they started blasting your
email box with emails daily.

The BIG problem with this is you will
receive too many emails with ideas

that distract you.

These guys send 100s of emails

recommending different online businesses

to you.

And as you buy and try these different methods,

you end up trying 5- 10 business models at a time.

This eventually leads to CONFUSION and frustration.

If you want to succeed online
you have to focus on 1 THING at a time.

Or at most a 2-3 online business model
at a time.

If you try many online business
models, you will get confused
and likely FAIL.

Please avoid this mistake

Pick one business model and stick to it.

Best regards

Mk Akan

PS- There are many online business
models you can focus on.

But there’s 1 activity all business models

need to succeed.

That activity is list building.

See how to build your list here.

or you can apply my unique
list building method here.

Or use this lazy method to build
your list while generating affiliate
sales at the same time.