Resource Monday 014- Instagram cash, wordpress protection , traffic, etc

It’s another Monday. Incidentally it’s
also my birthday.


As you know, I usually send updates
on cool offers and products
in the IM space most Mondays.

That’s what this email is about.

Now the updates…

1. Cash With Instagram

It’s now possible to quickly build a rabid
list of followers on Instagram
with the help of this new tool.

This tool also generates sales from your

2. Protect Your Websites

If you own a wordpress website
you are under attack.

You may not know it, but it’s

Hackers now use all kinds of new
tools and strategies to hack websites.

You may be infected already.

But this tool protects and keeps
you save.

3. Instant Traffic JAcker

Is it possible to generate income using an
Untapped Free Traffic Goldmine that Puts An
Extra $100+ Into Your Pocket Every Single Day –

On Complete AutoPilot?

See all the details here.

4. $300 from CPA daily

This reveals how to tap into an underground
free secret traffic source in a specific way
to exploit and earn affiliate or CPA commissions.

Details here.

5. Pay It Forward Method

This method helps you generate income
from what you already know online.

just imagine Landing $650 Clients Like Clockwork.

Implement this Bulletproof Strategy And Start
Landing High Paying Clients Of Your Own No
Matter What You Sell…


Mk Akan

New Instagram Software Generates Autopilot Traffic, Leads & Sales

Do you know you can generate profitable free
traffic and sales using Instagram?


Because Instagram is one of the most fast growing websites

with highly engaged users and traffic.
And this new software automates the process

for you.

It’s called InstaEasy.

InstaEasy drives you free, organic traffic
by engaging with your target market 24/7.

Watch the automatic reciprocation
of engagements come back to you daily
as your accounts go viral.

Imagine YOUR instagram account
liking thousands of photos a day of
users in your niche automatically.

Imagine your account following hundreds
of new users a day in your niche automatically.

Imagine having new followers, likes & traffic to
your sites in just 1 day.

More Importantly, imagine sending these new,
organic, engaged followers to your target site
& watch it generate sales and cash daily…

This tool does all these for you.


Mk Akan

Here’s A Proven Affiliate Marketing System

This case study reveals how a
Super SIMPLE Method made $336.92 In 48 Hours.

I explained why I liked it yesterday.

Here’s what I said in case you missed it.


Any time I see a product that claims
to teach people how to make income online,
I ALWAYS check for a few things.

1. Does it build a TRUE business?

2. Does it build an asset that can
generate income over and over?

And this offer answers “yes” to these
2 questions.
Apart from generating income with
affiliate sales, this training
reveals how to build a LIST.

Just go check it out here.


Mk Akan

PS- In a few days, I’ll launch a
new product that helps newbies
who are scared of failure to finally
take action and succeed online.

See you in a few days.

New Tool Helps You Generate FREE Traffic

The cheapest way to generate traffic
is FREE traffic.

It does not cost you a thing.(just time)

Now , just imagine Google (and other
search engines) sending you natural
traffic to your website.

SEO works.That is , If you know
how to do it.

The first step to succeeding in SEO

is to quickly get your content indexed.

And with this tool, it is NOW super FAST.

This tool SPEEDS up the indexing
of your wordpress posts or pages.

So that your articles can easily get found
in the search engines.

And that is what will start sending you free


Just see how it works in this video.


Mk Akan

Million Dollar “Online Business” Question

Answer this question right and you’ll be on your

way to making your first dollar or $100 or

 1 million dolls online.

And the question is…

What are you selling?

Simple eh.


So what’s your answer?

If your answer is NOTHING…then that’s why you
still haven’t made a dime online.

All those who generate legit income
and have REAL businesses online
SELL something.
I wish there’s another way. Unfortunately

this is how it is done.

So what can you sell?

1. Affiliate offers

2. Your own products

3. Your services

4. Advertisement (for high traffic blog and websites)

If you are not actively selling any of these 4
things, you are doing the wrong thing online.

In the year 2017, you have to make up your
mind to start actively selling SOMETHING.

There’s no other way around it.

Go do it.


Mk Akan

PS- One of the quickest thing to create and

sell is an info product.
Discover how to generate a valuable and
simple info products without doing the
HARD work.
PPS- Would you want me to help
create a product for YOU?
I offer that as a premium service?
Reply this email for details.

You Made it Into 2017 ;). Here’s A Rap Verse For You

In the year 2017
Stop acting like you’re 17

Set Goals , take Action
Be Bold with a passion

Put spiritual things first
And the physical will follow

Be wise , get knowledge
Read books , get an edge

Be positive , forget the past
Look forward to the future

And you’l get ahead FAST
Pray always , take a fast

And in December 2017
You’ll smile and realize

This was your best year ever


May 2017 be your best
year ever.

I wish you success in your
online business and all
round success in all your endeavours.

Have a great day and year..


Mk Akan

PS- These were some  of the best
offers I promoted in 2016.

  1. Make 4.97 Over & Over & Over —–>
  2. Flipp Me—————->

  3. How to Build a List That Buys From You  —–>

8 Ready Made Products For You [ plus Special Bonus]

The quickest shortcut for creating your product
is buying ready made products(PLR).

Now, what can you do with 8 ready made products
of your own? 8 PLR products of your own.

You can sell it and generate cash.

Build a sales funnel with them.

And here, everything is already done for YOU.

Research done.products all done for YOU.

Download them here.

This package comes with sales pages
all written for you.

Plus download pages and graphics.

But it get’s better 😉

Here’s my bonus to YOU

The PLR package is tight.No doubt.

You can learn from these trainings
before even selling to other people.

I noticed it has a list building
training and email training.

All good.

But you will need to write emails to sell
these trainings via email marketing .

Some people find that HARD.

So to make that easy for you and to
make this offer even better…

…I  am adding 8 prewritten emails
as a bonus.

It’s all yours when you order
using thiss link.

Each email is written to sell each one of
the PLR offer.

Get everything here.

That’s my last bonus offer
for the year.

Get these products (and special bonus)
and prepare for 2017 .

Do it now.

I don’t know when this offer goes off,
so get it now.


Mk Akan

Software Uncovers Profitable niches for YOU

The number decision you must make
when you start an online business
is your niche.

NEVER make a mistake here.

If you pick the wrong niche
you will build your business on a wrong

This software solves that problem.

This is what the software does for YOU.

+Explode your profits by targeting
only buyers in trending niche markets

+Build powerful lists, dominate
affiliate competitions and skyrocket
your eCom sales

+Stay way ahead of the competition
and OWN any niche you choose

+Earn passive monthly revenues with
hands free niche blogs, sites & FB pages

It also…

+ Finds AND qualifies keywords in hot trending
niches that ANYONE could exploit for
practically unlimited profit

+Completely analyze the competition for SEO
factors, giving you a “quick reference”
visual ranking index score

+Show availability of keyword domains
for total niche domination

If you struggle with niche selection
then this is something you should


Mk Akan

PS- Start 2017 by building your business
on a SOLID foundation.

Start with selecting the right niches.

Merry Christmas (Bring Your Boxing Gloves) LOL

This is coming 24 hours late, but it’s
still okay to say it.

A Merry christmas to you and your family.
Happy New year in advance.

Today is boxing day.

Now here’s a funny bit.

When I was much younger I felt boxing day
was a day people fought with their fist.

Imagine how shocked I was when I discovered
it was a day people opened their gifts.

So happy boxing day to you too. 😉

Send my drinks and delicious food over
via this email. LOL

Have a GREAT week ahead.


Mk Akan

PS- If you want to learn how to
build instant profitable funnels,
then check this out.

ALL Online Business Millionaires know and DO THIS

If you study the most profitable online business
owners you’ll discover they all have few
important skills. These skills are assets.

And they all use a simple system.

That system is…

… build a list and send emails.

With this little formula they can make
$100-$1000 daily.Or even more.

Their simple formula is build a list and send emails.

Guess what?

It works.

That’s why I am doing it.

That’s why you should do it too.

So would you want to learn how yo build your own list?

Then go here.

A pro marketer just released a program that reveals
how newbies can build their list from scratch.

You’ll discover the following…

how to pick a good niche for list building.

The top 4 niche markets
to profit from with email marketing.

How to choose the right autoresponder
service for your needs.

The top lead magnets to create that
builds you a list fast.

The tools for creating squeeze pages that convert.

The top 4 traffic sources that will bring fresh
new leads daily into your business.

The top 5 relationship building strategies so your
subscribers look forward to getting your emails.

The 6 promotional tactics that can turn you into
a super affiliate so you can fill up your
PayPal account with every email you send.

But you have to hurry because this offer will off the
market in 2 days.


Mk Akan