Coaching Programs -How successful online business owners became successful

teacher photoIf you are struggling to find success online and have given up or you want something that will finally work , then you need to read this.

First, Lemme tell you a story.

Way back in 1999 when I was in my SS3 ,

I stumbled on a math sum that proved so hard to solve.I struggled to solve the problem for over 5 days.I did all I could. Tried every trick I knew. But all to no avail.I got really frustrated.

Get this.

I was good in maths then. I was the VP Admin of JETS club( which stands for junior engineers technicians and scientist,).I had represented my school and state in state and national competitions.

So I was not a dunce or anything like that.

That’s why the whole thing got me really mad.For some reason I could not solve it.

One evening while still studying in school ,another student in SS 2 came into the classroom.He was a member of JETS club so I mention the maths sum to him…

To my utter shock, he solved it in 5 minutes.

Yep. 5 minutes.

So the sum I struggle with for 5 days was solved in 5 minutes by a student in lower class.

See shame :(

But that taught me something I’ll never forget.

Which is…

The easiest way to solve a problem is to meet someone who has solved it already.

That’s why we have teachers.

That’s why we have coaches.

And it’s the same thing online.

You know. I have studied and read lots of bibliographies of successful business owners .And the say lots of things. one thing they all agree on is… Get a mentor.

Or a coach.

That’s the best way to learn and succeed in anything….fast.Be it business, learning a skill or making money online.

Most people think it’s getting new products or buying new tools.

Well let’s get real.

Haven’t you bought products you never read?

Don’t you have hundreds of products tools and resources all over your hard drive.

I know I have.

You don’t need a new product. You need someone to help you implement what you already have or know.That’s what you need.

Frankly if you had put all the money spent on buying multiple products into a coaching program, your life would have been much better by now.

Perhaps you would have been making steady income by now.

Here’s why coaching and mentoring is great.

A challenge that may take you a month to

solve , can be solved in minutes by a mentor or coach.

Just imagine having someone who corrects and directs all you do online.Perhaps you are working on a project and next thing you know , you get stuck.

You don’t know what to do.

But instead of jumping online to wade through the loads of rubbish.

You send an email ( or make a call, or post it In a private group) … And in minutes you get a great answer.

Problem solved in minutes.

That’s what a mentor and coach can do for you.And it is the quickest way to succeed online.

so …Get a real mentor.

And that why I am mailing you.

I am open to work with 5 VIP clients to coach them to set up an information marketing

business or affiliate marketing business.

Are you interested in this?Do you want to stop buying product after product … And finally start making money?

If yes then contact me now.

I have coaching on different activities like:

1. Copywriting

2. Niche selection/ research

3. Email writing

4. Product creation

Or you can get coaching on affiliate marketing

and information marketing business.

You can only get done for you services in each of these topics.

This is what to do now.

If you want details, reply this email and say.

,”send me details “

Or call 08094441001.

All the best

Mk Akan

This is limited to just a few people, so if you are interested, make the cal NOW.

Free affiliate marketing training and community

Affiliate marketing works.

But like anything else, you need to know and use the right working strategies.

Because wrong strategies will waste your times , energy…and ultimately lead to failure.

A simple successful strategy is summarized below.

Find people who have problems , needs and desires then recommend solutions to them.

So you need to build a community of people.Your audience.

One recommended way is building an email list.

Then you send them affiliate offers via emails.

Well  like you know… implementing this properly ,( with all the tiny details) is what brings cash.

You need to learn from a PRO. (or pros).

Most times the best way to learn all these strategies is within a community.

A mastermind.

Where successful affiliate marketers teach others to succeed and share their secrets freely.

Turns out there such a community for affiliate marketers.

Would you like to join other successful markets and learn from them?

Then go HERE.

When you join you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and the advance strategies that works… For free.


The community is free to join.

It is the largest affiliate marketing community online.

You learn from pros and new marketers In your level.

This means you’ll avoid mistakes and be guided to succeed. 

You can just check it out here.


Mk akan

Ps- you will also get access to affiliate marketing softwares tools and more. 


1 Simple But Powerful Secret To Affiliate Marketing Success

You know, one reason I love affiliate marketing is the ability to earn from other people’s efforts.
And no. It is not anything illegal.
You see, in affiliate marketing , someone else creates the product, the sales page and delivers the product to customers while all you do is refer people.
You make money by just referring people to GREAT products and services.
Cool right?
But this is where people make mistakes. They just open a blog and start linking to all sorts of affiliate products and services.
They miss 1 marketing secret.
Which is…
Promote only to people who are interested in the affiliate offer.
This statement may sound like nothing so lemme break it down for YOU.
Now check this out.
Just imagine for a second that you were a seller of female clothes …maybe … bras. ;).
And you had only 2 choices of where to sell your designer bras .
The boys hostel or girls hostel.
Where would you go to?
Am sure you would say the girl’s hostel.
Because that’s where your target market hang out.
And that means you are matching the product to the right people who would BUY it.
It makes a lot of sense to do so.
It’s common sense , right?
But online people seem to throw this common sense out of the window.
For example, you will see a blog about technology promoting relationship offers.
This is one reason people struggle to make sales.
The right thing to do is…
Promote your offers to people who are interested in it.
 Attract them , them promote to them.
It’s a simple but powerful secret.
And in AMFN, you’ll discover this secret and many other secrets.
If you have not gotten it yet, do so here.
Mk Akan
PS- You need to hurry up because the price of that course will increase in a few days.
If you order now, you wont pay more.
​PPS- The HUGE offer planned as a Christmas gift is coming soon.
See ya.


This Affiliate Marketing web Site Pays Better Than Amazon

bank-note-209104_6401 of the first ever affiliate checks I got was sent to me by

You can see it here in the middle of this page.

Click this link

One of the reasons I choose amazon then was because they paid in checks. You don’t need any PayPal account.

That was before I knew about this new website.

In fact I never knew the website I am about to reveal to you paid affiliates.

I only knew it as a site for importing goods to naija.

But guess what.

This affiliate site is bigger than Amazon and ebay combined.

They pay affiliates 50%. (Amazon pays about 16% max.)

What site is that?

Am sure you know the site but never knew they have an affiliate marketing program.

I have bought a few things from them, but never knew they pay affiliates.

Well they do and it works well.

But it gets even better.

A few smart guys have developed a software that makes earning money with this site super easy.

They created wordpress plugin  that automatically transforms your blog to a store around any category of goods on aliexpress.

This create articles for you that sells the products on AliExpress.

See It here.

Just take your time to read this.


Mk Akan

What’s to do if you are struggling to make money online

Today on Facebook i read a post from a man who revealed how frustrated he is with online business.

He has bought courses after courses and has downloaded all kinds of training on his hard drive.

Still he has nothing to show.

He is frustrated angry and disappointed.

Do you feel the same way?

Do you feel the gurus are lying to you ?

Do you feel they just sell you crap and take all your money in the process.

Well there’s a solution.

Here’s what I advised the guy to do.

“1. Stop buying

First , you need to kill your buying mindset. stop thinking you need more information. decide not to buy anything again for now.

Concentrate on what you already have.

You have all the info already. all in your hard drive.

2. Move from buyer to seller

this is the basic truth.
no one makes money without selling stuff or being of service to others.

so you need to start thinking of what you can help people with.

3. 3 steps

Pick a niche, build a list , send emails with offers.

You have probably heard that before and it’s true.

Most people who make money use these simple 3 steps.

They have squeeze pages giving out information to build a list then they send emails.

You may know part  of these steps already . if so  concentrate on knowing the others steps.

Only buy stuff that helps you get better with these steps.

Search your hard drives and read everything teaching these steps.

You might need to learn a few more things but don’t stray from this basic steps.

Best of luck.”

And To help you build your list fast check this out.

To help you pick a niche, go here.

To help you craft powerful emails that makes sales, check this out


Mk akan



One of the most memorable day in my online business journey was the day I got an Amazon cheque.

It was not a large sum…but it proved to me making cash online and affiliate marketing was REAL.

That was a few years ago.

You can see the cheque here.

You see, some years ago affiliate marketing did not work for naija people.


It was difficult to get paid commissions since we did not have access to PayPal accounts.

Now we do…but still, we are not allowed to receive any form of payment with Paypal.

It’s still difficult to join ClickBank…although I now use legit back door to so it.

But it’s still a big issue.

There’s solution though.

You can still make affiliate commissions.


Just in case you don’t know…there are many affiliate programs that pay physical cheques to naija people.

The first one I ever got was the Amazon cheque i just mentioned.

There are many other affiliate program that pay Cheques.

You just need to know exactly how to find them.

I reveal all those steps here…


Mk Akan

PS- Registering with an affiliate network is not the answer to affiliate marketing success…it’s how you market products.
It’s how you match the right people to the right offers.

It’s knowing exactly how to promote products and services.

If you love to know exactly how to do affiliate marketing right, go here and see every tiny detail.

It’s created specially for the naija situation.



19 resourcesThere are many tools and resource that I use to run my online business and make cash online.

On this page I will reveal them to you and will recommend you get them. If you decide to buy using the links here, I will get some form of monetary commissions.


Here we go.

1. Buy Domain Names With Speed (Namecheap)

This is the service I use it buy all my domain names. It is easy to use and works with normal ATM cards. It is cheap and easy to use.

Click to check them out.

2. Cheap Web hosting (Bluehost)

This is the web hosting company I use to host all my websites. One account can host lots of domain names.

They have a great and affordable service.

Click here to get details.

By the way …If you want me to create a blog or website for you , contact me .


3. Best Free Web Mail Service (Gmail)

An account with Google gets you access to all the other services like YouTube,, Google analytics and many more.

In my opinion Gmail is the best email service out there.

Open a Gmail account here.

4. Store And BackUp Your Files Online (Google Drive)

This is a free resource owned by Google where you can upload all kinds of documents. Microsoft office word, PDF, notepad, excel docs.

This is a great way to back up your important docs.

You can easily access and download any of these docs anyway in the world with an internet access.

Not only that.

You can also create these documents online and stuff like simple forms.

It’s just awesome.

If you have a Gmail account already then, you will gain access to this for free.

Click here to check it out.

5. Back And Restore Your Important Stuff (

This is another backup service that can be used for many things. You can upload all kinds of files – audio, video, word docs, images, and all kinds of files.

And you can access them from anywhere online.

You can upload your audio products and video course here as a backup.

And much more.

Click here to get started

6. Create E-books Fast (OpenOffice)

Open office is a free word pressing tool like Microsoft word. It can used to make everything the normal Microsoft word package can do.

Stuff like spread sheets, slides presentation and for the creating of e-books.

It is totally free.

You can get it here.

7. Communicate , Interview And Connect Online With Ease (Skype)

This is a free tool you can use to interview, communicate, and converse with people free online.

As an online marketing you can use it for so many purposes.

Creating audio products, interview people you want to hire and networking with like minds online.

Get it free here –

8. Outsource Anything Online (ODesk)

If you are serious about your online business …you need to outsource things you can’t do. It is the secret of the gurus and is how they many projects done daily, weekly and monthly.

I use ODesk to outsource stuff.

It is easy and great to do.

Join ODesk here. (now


9. Do Keyword Research With Speed (LongTailPro)

If you are into creating Google adsense powered sites or want to discover keywords that can bring you traffic …then this is a good tool to own.

It is easy to use and very powerful.

Get it here.


10. Receive Money For Your Products/Service With Ease (Vogue pay)

Receiving payment for your products and services can be a pain in the butt….especially for Nigerians.

VoguePay has solved that problem for Nigerians.

You can now receive payment from other Nigerians with ease. To get more details read this blog

Click here to get started with VoguePay.

11.Create Squeeze Pages And Other Landing Pages Fast (FunnelKit)

Anyone one serious about online business will build an email list , build squeeze pages , landing pages , sales pages and other kinds of pages.

With FunnelKit you can build stunning looking pages that convert in as fast as 15 minutes.

It is what of the tools I use.

I recommend it.

Click here to get started.


12.Build And Manage Your Email List (GetResponse )

To build an email list you need an email marketing service where you can collect, manage and send emails daily to your subscribers.

What I use and recommend is GetResponse or Aweber.

It is affordable and you can easily import an email list from other email marketing services like MailChimp.

Click here to get started with GetResponse 


This is a paid WordPress plug-in that helps bloggers build email list subscribers fast.

It is a pop-up plug-in with many other features.

It is very versatile and can be used to place optin forms on any part of your blog.

To get started WpSubscribers , go here – 


14. Build Targeted Traffic To Your Site(Facebook Advertising)

Traffic is the life blood of any online business. And the surest way to get traffic is to buy it. One of the best places to buy traffic is FACEBOOK.

You can start with as low as $5 and you can laser target anyone you want.

Go here to get started with Facebook


15. Create E-cover Fast (3d-Pack)

To create e-covers for e-books and other 3d looking items (DVD and CD) you can use this free service found at .

You will need to have some basic graphic skills to use it though.

It is totally free to use.

16. Create Audio Files Fast (Audacity)

Have you heard of something called podcast?

What of mp3 audio downloads?

One of the easiest ways to create audio mp3 is with free software called –audacity.

All you do is record the audio then edit it in as many ways as possible. This free software has all you need to make your audio file super.

Get the free download

17.FREE Images Online (MorgueFile)

Getting good royalty free images you can use in your blog post, in your products or in any form of presentation can be very hard to find.

The best place to get royalty free images is

18. Learn Copywriting FREE (

Copywriting is the art and science of communicating and persuading people to take a desired action (buy something, optin on your squeeze page, share something or take any other required action).

It is an important skill to develop. It will help your online business grow.

This website holds free lessons by a copywriting legend AKA the prince of print.

Go here to get started

19. Free Video Tutorials (

The quickest place to find free online video tutorials on any subject matter is Just do a search …and you will likely find a resource that can help you understand any subject better.

Start your search here… 

Five VALUABLE SKILLS People PAY MONEY For Online…And Will Make You Money

Over the years I have developed some skills that I use in my online business ….and i can use as a freelancer.

People pay cash for these skills because they are valuable.

1. Writing

The web is filled with all kinds of information and most of it is text.

If you develop your writing skills, you have something valuable.

You can use it on your own websites or get paid by people as a freelancer.

Get good at writing and content creation.

2. Copywriting/Sales

For me my most valuable skill is copywriting.

It’s the ability to craft a message that gets people to buy what I sell.

It’s not about hype or being a good writer.

It’s about understanding people and what they want .

This skill helps you create products and services people want.

It also helps you know exactly what to say to make people buy.

Top copywriters earn up to $10 000 to $50 000 per job.

The skill is super profitable.

3. Graphic Skills

Lots of people don’t have graphic skills.

So people pay for this. Stuff like ebook covers, and any kind of graphic work.

I pay for this too.

If you can get good with graphics you can get paid for it.

4. Technical Skills

This has to do with setting up sites and the different parts of an online business.

Stuff like coding and building softwares etc.

This skill is very valuable too.

5. Traffic Generation

This is a very valuable skill to have.

That’s why sites with lots of traffic make a lot of money.

Think Facebook and high traffic blogs.
These skills can be learnt.

Finally …

Start with the one you can and get good.
You don’t need to know all.

In fact, get very good with one.

My strength now is writing and copywriting.

Mk Akan

PS- NOBFC is now N1500. You can order your copy here.

If you use a Visa card to order, you need to first activate your IPIN before you can make a transaction online.

You can use other payment methods to make your order.


The other day I stumbled on an interesting article about a guy who transformed a stupid idea into a 6 figure business.

(You will see a link to the article as you read down this email)

His story is not an isolated one.

Throughout history people have made fortunes from products and services that were considered   stupid.

Remember Pet Rock in the 70s?

Even online, people have created wealth by offering products and services considered by many as stupid and absurd.

Heck even Facebook might have started as a stupid idea.

Who knows?

But the truth is, you don’t really need to come up with a stupid product or service to create wealth.

All you need is a solution to a single problem or pain people have.

A simple eBook or an audio recording with information that solves a single problem can do the magic.

But you need to know how to create these products right.

And These 3 trainings will help you do it right.

  1. Quick Audio Products

This audio training reveals how to transform your mobile device into a product creation machine.

You’ll discover how to create a high value audio product in 2 hours or less using nothing but your phone.

Click here to see it.

  1. Quick Information Product

This product should be called Product Creation Shortcut because it’s likely the quickest way to create products without doing the hard work.

You’ll discover how to create any info product in any niche, even if you have no knowledge in the niche.

Not long ago, I used this same strategy to OWN a product in the Paleo niche. Funny because the only thing I know about Paleo is how to spell it. ;)

But I was able to create this product without doing the hard work.

Go see how to do it here,

Finally, do you constantly struggle with product ideas?

If yes, this next one will help YOU.

Click here to discover how to generate an unending stream of product ideas in any niche by just visiting free websites.



Mk Akan

PS- here’s the link to the stupid idea that made this guy a 6 figure income.

A Sure Way To Make Money Online In 3 MONTHS OR LESS?

So the other day, I asked subscribers to suggest what I should do for my BDay.

A subscriber sent this email …

“Show me Something that will give me result within 3 months…”of a SURETY”

Meaning he wants something that will SURELY make money in 3 months?

First , I want to thank him for the question.

I sent him a reply.

It’s not something he may like.

But it’s the honest truth.

See what I sent him below.

My reply.

Many online businesses do work.

Many models work.

For example.

People make cash with Fiverr while some still struggle.

Many make it with info marketing …some don’t.

Some use affiliate marketing. Some who try it fail woefully.


Many reasons…but the main one is people not having the right Information and taking action.

Most people don’t have the right information and some don’t take action enough.

My point?

Most models work. It’s we who don’t follow through.


People are different.

Some can persevere some can’t

And frankly, there are risks involved.

All Businesses have risk.

Online biz is no different.

Finally my advice.

Pick what works and follow it up. Get a coach if you must.

That’s how to get something that will succeed 99% of the time .

Hope this helps.

And by the way, the first knowledge you need is FOUNDATION Knowledge.

That’s what I reveal in NOBFC.

You see, most people jump from model to model because they don’t know what works.

They have no idea what to focus on.

When you gain access to NOBFC, you will overcome this HUGE hurdle.

Secondly, In my last email i talked about skills needed to succeed online.

I mentioned traffic.

You see, nothing can work without it.

If you are struggling with traffic, this will help YOU.