Please Don’t Make This Idiotic List Building Mistake

The other day I got an email from a dude I didn’t subscribe to.

Apparently, he had grabbed my email address and added it to his list.

He is not the only one doing this criminal activity. Some other marketers do it too.

So what’s wrong with this?


First, this is idiotic.

Very idiotic.

You’ll see so in a minute.

Now just imagine this scenario.

Say you have a cold bottle of water for sale.

But instead of targeting and selling the water to people who want to buy it (like footballers sweating it out on a pitch), you decide to target other cold water sellers, would that make sense or sales?

I think NOT.

But that’s what some people do.

Instead of building a targeted list of prospects, they just go about harvesting or hand picking emails of people they assume are interested in their offer.

They even target marketers like them with wrong offers.

This is financially stupid too because you will incur autoresponder bills for emails that don’t convert.

Secondly, this is 100% spam.

It’s a crime to send marketing emails to people without their permission.

It can get your arse in trouble.

The autoresponder company can shut you down.

My advice?

Do the right thing instead.

What’s the right way to build a list?

  1. Create a free offer specially targeting your real target market
  2. Get people to sign up on their own ( very crucial)

Then build a relationship and make sales using email marketing.

If this sounds like Greek to you, then the next sentence below should be read carefully.

If you love to discover a revolutionary way to BUILD a high quality, high responsive email list in any niche …even in niches you know nothing about, then List Building Messiah is the answer.

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Mk Akan

PS- there are other effective ways to build a list. Check out this quick list building strategy below.

  1. How to build a list with solo ads

Whatever the case, don’t target the people who don’t want your offers and don’t send people unsolicited emails.

Thanks you.

Online Business lessons From Buhari’s Victory?

What Can We All Learn From Buhari’s Victory?

Naija made history yesterday when PDP lost to the opposition party. Buhari also made history by becoming the first Nigerian president to run for the position multiple times before winning.

Whether you hate him or like him, here are a few things you can learn from his victory. And how it can be applied to your online business.

  1. Perseverance

It is sometimes hard to keep pushing when things don’t come our way.

It’s hard to keep doing the same thing when you don’t see results immediately.

But it is exactly what Buhari did. Many people are already calling him the Abraham Lincoln of Nigeria.

And for good reason.

He fought and fought and persevered until victory was his.

In any endeavour, you need this character strait.

You see, I didn’t know all I know now overnight.

I did not see my success overnight.

I did not start making money online overnight.

And guess what?

You likely won’t.

Some things will not go your way.

You may not get everything right even in the first year.

But don’t give up.

You may have struggled to make cash online. Or have spent lots of cash but really have nothing to show.

Again, don’t give up.

Success may be just around the corner.

Keep pushing. Keep focusing on the basics.

Talking of basics, here’s something I have noticed.

From my personal experience most people fail online because they ignore the basics.

What are the basics of success online?

I reveal them all here.

Secondly, people fail because the focus on the wrong things.

Did you notice APC focused their campaign on what they people wanted?

They marketed CHANGE while PDP was busy fighting BUHARI and marketing the wrong thing.

Lesson here is …

Sell what they people want.

To know what people want you need to study the market. You need to know your market so you can create products and services they want.

If you love to create products people want to buy, go here 

Finally, I wish Buhari the best and pray naija moves forward in his government.

Thank you and keep keeping on.


Mk Akan

PS- incidentally, it’s a new month so happy new month.

PPS- I am working on an email marketing training that reveals exactly how to generate an unlimited number of winning emails you can send to your list.

Is this something you are interested in?

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Stupid Idea Made This Guy A 6 Figure Income And Can Make You Rich


The other day I stumbled on an interesting article about a guy who transformed a stupid idea into a 6 figure business.

(You will see a link to the article as you read down this email)

His story is not an isolated one.

Throughout history people have made fortunes from products and services that were considered   stupid.

Remember Pet Rock in the 70s?

Even online, people have created wealth by offering products and services considered by many as stupid and absurd.

Heck even Facebook might have started as a stupid idea.

Who knows?

But the truth is, you don’t really need to come up with a stupid product or service to create wealth.

All you need is a solution to a single problem or pain people have.

A simple eBook or an audio recording with information that solves a single problem can do the magic.

But you need to know how to create these products right.

And These 3 trainings will help you do it right.

  1. Quick Audio Products

This audio training reveals how to transform your mobile device into a product creation machine.

You’ll discover how to create a high value audio product in 2 hours or less using nothing but your phone.

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  1. Quick Information Product

This product should be called Product Creation Shortcut because it’s likely the quickest way to create products without doing the hard work.

You’ll discover how to create any info product in any niche, even if you have no knowledge in the niche.

Not long ago, I used this same strategy to OWN a product in the Paleo niche. Funny because the only thing I know about Paleo is how to spell it. ;)

But I was able to create this product without doing the hard work.

Go see how to do it here,

Finally, do you constantly struggle with product ideas?

If yes, this next one will help YOU.

Click here to discover how to generate an unending stream of product ideas in any niche by just visiting free websites.



Mk Akan

PS- here’s the link to the stupid idea that made this guy a 6 figure income.

Niche Selection : These 3 Common Online Mistakes That Kills Online Income

I got an email from a subscriber yesterday.

In the email, He told me how frustrated he was with internet marketing and was throwing in the towel.

He has been online for 3 years with nothing to really show for it.

He had tried almost everything. Blogging, info marketing and the rest of them.

His email had links to some websites, so I clicked, landed on the website and noticed he was building a list.


At least he was doing the right thing. Perhaps he was not doing it well.

I noticed he was making a few common mistakes most people make.

Here are the mistakes and my advice to him.

  1. Wrong Niche

Every online success starts with being in the right niche. You need a hungry market. A niche where people spend money. He was in a niche where people didn’t really spend money or care much about.

So I told him. “Get into a profitable niche”. Stop wasting time in niches people don’t spend money or don’t have  passion for.

Fortunately I have a training that helps with this, if you are still struggling with making cash, you may be in the wrong niche.

Download a list of 101 profitable niches online here.

  1. You Don’t Know How To Sell

This is the biggest one. Most people who want to sell products and services online DON’T know how to sell.

I was in this shoe a few years ago when I started.

But I studied the masters of direct marketing and copywriting. My skills have improved.

But guess what?

I still study this subject daily.

The ability to persuade people to BUY via sales letters and emails or with any kind of advertisement is one of the most valuable skills to have online or offline.

So I asked him to study the subject.

Fortunately, I have just launched a new product titled – How To Sell Anything Online. It reveals in 3 steps, how to target the right people and sell your products to them.

You also get as bonus of audio consults people paid me up to N20 000 for , In the audio you’ll discover how I to sell products online and even offline.

The price of this training will increase any day.

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  1. You Are Not Marketing And Building Up Your List

I was happy when I noticed he was building a list. But When I asked him how many people he had on his list he said …just 100.

I must really commend him for taking action…and making mistakes …because  people like him will eventually succeed.

He now has skills. All he needs now is to perfect his skills and do the work properly.

So anyway, I told him to start marketing and building his list.

“Get the right people on your LIST.” I said.

Buy traffic on the right websites and blogs.

The more people you have on your list, the more money you can make.

By the way, it’s not just about buying traffic. You need to know YOUR exact TARGET market.

I reveal how to do this in my Info Marketing Sales Booster Course.

That course is all about buying high quality, laser targeted, and cheap traffic.

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Buhari Or Jonathan? Who Will Win? My 100% Accurate Prediction

Buhari And Jonathan.

The naija 2015 elections now rule the air waves. 

Newspapers, electronic media and social media is flooded with comments and commentaries on the elections.

Friends insult friends on Facebook.
 People argue and fight each other over the elections.

It’s funny because this same scenario played out in 2007 and 2011.
 It will still happen in 2019.

But people never learn from history.

In any case, I’ll reveal who will win the elections and the consequence in a bit. 
Before that, you need to hear this.

Whether Jona or Buhari wins, does not really matter.

You know why?

Because none of them will come to your house and put food on your table.

No doubt.

The president /government can touch your life indirectly and directly.

They can make things happen…BUT…
It is you who will take care of yourself.

You are responsible for YOU life …not the government.

The government can’t do everything for YOU.

So how do you take care of yourself?

There’s a way.

That ways is…

Create wealth for yourself.

START a your business. 

FOCUS on your biz.

Start something offline or online.

How do you start?

Get started with NOBFC. 

It also reveals what to avoid. 
What to do and what to focus on.

Most people who get it say it’s one of the best courses they have read for anyone starting online in Nigeria. 

See the video testimonials on this this page.

Picture this…

You set out for a journey and have no idea what routes to take.

But as you move, Sign posts appear from nowhere and direct YOU. 
They Point you to the right direction. Helping you avoid accidents, mistakes , waste of time and energy.

And you get safely to your destination.
That’s exactly what NOBFC does.

It prevents you from making mistakes and helps you finally start making income online.

See what people say about it here.


Mk Akan

PS- lest I forget, here’s my prediction for the 2015 elections.

1. 1 person and 1 party will win.

2. The other party will be aggrieved 

That’s 100% accurate.

Jokes apart.

Am not saying don’t vote or don’t support your party.

All I am saying is …FOCUS on getting your business or something up to bring in “pepper”.

Focus on making your life better…because no one else will.

No government will.

If you have already gotten NOBFC, go here and get something o help your 

FREE Seminar Slides – How To Attract Customers And Double Sales Using The Internet And Social Media

So yesterday , the 14th of March 2015 , I spoke at a seminar in Uyo.
It was an awesome event .
I met some GREAT people and networked with like minds.
I spoke about ..

How To Attract Customers And Double Sales Using The Internet And Social Media

(How To Sell Anything)

Participants were blown away by the SIMPLE…yet profound gems I shared.
…Especially the basics.
…the basics.
For example you’ll discover…
  • The BEST person to market to…you you make sales almost instantly…every time
  • Why the internet is 100x more POWERFUL for selling anything
And many more.
Here’s a instant access to the slides.
Mk Akan
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Stay tuned.
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How To Earn Affiliate Income From Your Information Products

If you create info products …you can also make affiliate income from your efforts.

It’s simple.

Place affiliate links in the products you create.

But it must be done strategically.

Here’s an example.

In my list building course-List building messiah- found here.

I have links to GetResponse Because I recommended their service as a natural part of list building course.

I also recommended and have links to other list building tools.

Do the same in your products.

If you have a product, freely recommend and have links to other products and services naturally related to your product.

But this only works if you have products.

You don’t have an info product?


This will help.

In Quick Info products you will discover a product creation shortcut you can use to own a product in any niche…without doing the hard work.

It involves (LEGALLY) using other people’s time, energy and knowledge to own info products.

See it here.


Mk Akan


The real meaning of Online Business


So yesterday I got an email from a subscriber on Facebook.
He asked…
” please share with me any good online biz that you do”
And my reply was …
Information marketing and affiliate marketing.
But he kept asking me to share what i was doing. 
Like he did not believe me or something.
Or perhaps I did not reveal everything to him.
In any case, if you are asking a similar question, then listen up and read this.
The real meaning of online business
You see the phrase online business is composed of 2 words.
Online and business.
So lets look at each words 1 by 1.
The word business means…the selling of products and services in exchange of  cash.
The words online means….done via the internet.
So online business means…the selling of products and services in exchange of cash, done via the internet.
So if you are doing something else that does in involve selling a product or service, then you don’t have a business.
Think about that for a minute.
It’s important.
These are some of the small but important things revealed in NOBFC.   
If you still similar questions , go get NOBFC.
The important thing to remember is this..get a real business that involves selling a product or service.
MK Akan
PS- I believe it is better to give you a list of different real businesses online. So here goes…
1. Fiverr Freelancing – click here
2. Affiliate Marketing – click here
3. Mini importation- click here
4. Information marketing – click here
If you have any question, ask me.
Thank you.


the worse product creation mistake ever

So around 1 am today while enjoying my insomnia and browsing Facebook, I saw the 3d cover of an e book.

A friend in the UK posted it on her facebook wall.

She had earlier told me she wanted to do what I do -sell stuff online.

So I was excited to see the image.

It read…

“50 easy ways to serve your mail .Naija cuisines.”

Something along those lines.

Clearly she was making a mistake…so I contacted her on whatsapp and offered to help.

I asked her some basic marketing questions like.

“Whats the book about?”

“Just pictures” she replied.

“Who are you targeting or selling to?”

“To anyone interested in naija food.”

So I told her the sad truth.

“This is not what people in this market want.”

(I knew because I had researched ones sold something in this market.)

“They want how to guides showing step by step how to Cook naija foods.”

“most buyers are foreign women married to naija men.” I added.

And told her to – take note of this-

Sell what people want to buy.

Not the other way round.

I gave her an idea.

“simply record yourself cooking a delicacy and explaining the process of cooking a particular meal.”

People would value that more.

“That’s hard work” She replied.

I smiled.

Hard work?


If you have a similar mindset then success may elude you for a long time.


1. you can’t force people to buy things they don’t want.

2.Making pepper online or offline requires some work.


That’s the truth.

I won’t sugar coat Nada.

But there’s a shortcut to product creation.

The quickest way to create products fast… Without doing all the hard work is with the product creation shortcut found below.

First you’ll discover the simple formula for creating exactly what the market wants.

Then you’ll discover how to get people to do all the hard work of creating the product for you cheaply.

That’s the only way to avoid the hard work.

I may sound biased because its my product… But its the truth.

With this product creation shortcut
you will own a fast selling product using other people’s effort… Even in niches you know nothing about.

Buy most importantly…

You will own a product people will line up to buy.

A product they are diengg to buy.

This method eliminates the hard work and gives you a valuable product to sell.

If you love to discover how to use this product creation secret then download this training.

The bad news is …You have just 2 days before the price rises .

So its better to order now.

Do it online or…via ATM transfer or bank deposit.

Do it fast though. Do it Today while you remember.


Mk akan

Ps- big lesson here is… Always create and sell what people want to buy.

Not the other way round.

And You’ll discover how to do it in this training. Step by step.

You even get a rare bonus showing how I used it to create a product in the paleo market.

All details revealed…

This Helped A 14 Year Old Girl Make More Sales…And Will Help You Explode Your Sales Online

The next year…she did the same thing and broke her last year record.
What record did she break?
She sold over 200 boxes of cookies / chocolate last year and doubled the number the next year.
Do you know how she did it ?
She set up her own shop by a legal weed shop.
So people who bought marijuana  bought her cookies.
And they bought loads of it.
 It was not the weed that did the magic…but something else that made it work.
She knew people who smoked weed are usually hungry after the exercise.
Some smokers eat stuff like that to kill the smell.
So she targeted the right PEOPLE.
The lesson is this.
know your market , then target them only.
That’s exactly what she did.
That’s what you need to do .
That’s how to break sales records and make huge profits in any business.
Whether you are selling info products , courses or anything online…this is how to guarantee success.
And you can do targeting online even faster.
You can do it when buying traffic or driving traffic for list building.
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