Resource Mondays 013- Free Traffic Download,PLR , Product creation etc

Another Monday is here. It’s another time
for resource Mondays.

Resource Monday is a special day where I mail out
the latest or best products, services and
deals that will help one generate more
income online.

I have some real goodies today.

1. 10 Free traffic sources

Traffic is needed to generate sales
in your omline business.

Here a video that reveal 10 ways
to generate traffic.

2. Where To Buy Solo ads

The other day I decided to start buying 100 clicks
weekly to to build my list every week.

One proven place to buy solo ads is
3. Product Creation SHORTCUT

1 of the quickest ways to generate
an information product is to BUY ready made products.

The link below gives you access to 7
ready made products [complete with
sales pages].
It’s like buying an Info Product Business In a Box

All you do is download , upload the salespage
and generate sales.

Go here to download these proven products.

4. 1 Million PLR articles

What can you do with 1 million articles
on different topics?

Generate unlimited emails with ease.
Generate unlimited ebooks and reports with ease.

See it here.

5. Real Life Case Study:

How To Make $176 Per Day With Just 20
Minutes And 100% FREE Traffic

You’ll discover the exact steps to take
to make $100+ per day with just 20 minutes
of simple “work” each day…
(work is the wrong word here…

If you can click your mouse and follow
along, that’s it!)

This method will work for ANYONE that
follows the step-by-step video training.

MK Akan

How to get $1000 coaching for less than $4

There’s 1 quick way to accelerate your
success online.And it is…get a coach.

A coach is a shortcut. A guide
that helps you avoid mistakes.

With a coach you can achieve
in 1 month, what you would have
done in 1 year.

It’s highly recommended.

But it can be expensive.

Some online business coaches
charge up to $1000 for coaching.

Some charge different amounts for

But you can get various online
business owners to coach and help
your business for less than $4.

See details here.


Mk Akan

How To Eliminate Procrastination In Your Business

Here’s a FACT anyone who
wants to generate income online MUST

“You can get all the
knowledge in the world from
as many experts as you like…

…but until you take action
nothing can be made.”

In summary… ACTION generates income
NOT just having knowledge.

So even if you buy all the different
courses and products in the world
about a topic…and don’t take action…
…You’ll generate nothing.

So what you need is ACTION…not just
more knowledge.

Truth if is you start taking action on
what you already know, you’ll see results.

But you procrastinate. You doubt yourself.

What you need is something that KILLS

Over the years I have discovered different ways
to kill procrastination and double
my productivity.

In an earlier email I revealed 1 trick
for getting things done.

You’ll find more tricks and strategies for
killing procrastination here.

Download it and see yourself take action

and generate income in your business.


Mk Akan

PS- Don’t end this year without sorting

this procrastination thing OUT.
Don’t let it repeat itself next month
and year.
Get the cure here.

How to Double Your Productivity With This Simple TRICK

Have you ever planned an activity
and before you know it, you keep
delaying and procrastinating?

You make plans but see yourself
never working the plans.

Before you know it , days run into
weeks , weeks run into months.

And in a year almost nothing gets done.

Did you experience THIS this year?

Do you wonder how other people
get stuff done, while you waver?

Well, these productivity secrets
ends this nonsense.

I reveal these secrets here.

Here is TRICK you can use right away.

—KILL the INTERNET when you work—

See , as online entrepreneurs we work
with the internet.

But do you know the internet is our
NUMBER source of distraction?

From chatting on FB to reading blogs
to watching funny videos on FB and Youtube etc.

If you want to be more productive, just
try this trick for a few days.

KILL the internet on your laptop or device
when you work.

Just try it and you’ll see yourself
work like a madman 😉


It’s simple but POWERFUL.

There are many more simple productivity secrets

I personally use them.

See ya.


Mk Akan

PS- 2017 is around the corner. It’s good
to start applying these secrets NOW…
so that your new year starts well.

Go here to download.

How a $20 domain name sold for $2.6 million

In 1994 , Chris bought a domain for $20.
After maintaining that domain
for 20 years,he finally sold it for $2.6 million.
That domain was pizza dot com.

That was a huge payday. And worth
the 20 years of investment.

And this is not an isolated case.

Some other people have bought domains
for different amounts and sold them for
huge paydays.

This business model still works today.

With new events and new domain extensions
in the market, you too can generate
huge paydays with simple domains names like this.

What you need is knowledge of what to
do and how to dig up cheap domains names
you can sell later on.

And that knowledge is found here.

Mk AKan

PS- In a few years we will hear another
story about someone who bought a domain
for $12 in 2016 and later sold it for
millions or thousands.

Will that be you?

You know, even if you sell a domain
for just $1000 after buying it for $10,
that’s a huge profit.

Learn the secrets to doing it here.

By the way, here’s the full story of the guy who sold a domain for $2.6 million.


Software Gets YOU to Page 1 of Google… in 10 Minutes

I just saw this wonderful SEO software this morning
and decided to share it with you.

Now this is crazy.

This software gets you on the first

page of google.
All you need to know about this tool

is explained here in video.

You know what page 1 on google
can do for you right?


When you are on page 1 of Google
you have NOn-stop SEO traffic.

This cool thing is …

…this software is NOT black hat.

…it won’t get your site penalized

See all the details here.


Mk Akan

Resource Monday 012- Free Audio Training , Penny Clicks, Facebook Traffic, Black Friday

resource-monday-012Today is another Monday. Like you
know , on most Mondays you get emails
filled with links to 5 helpful resources.

These resources consists of free downloads
and recommended offers.

Each offer helps you make more sales
and income in your business.

Here they are:

1. $0.002 Clicks [Penny Clicks]

Have you ever wondered how to
generates the cheapest clicks
using facebook.

Well , it is possible.

These guys reveals how to generate
quality clicks for as low as 2-5 cents.

Imagine how much traffic this can generate
to your offers and squeeze pages.

See details here.

2. Youtube Traffic

If you’re not using YouTube in your marketing –
today is your wake up call.

YouTube it arguably the largest relatively ‘
untapped source’ of free traffic, leads
and customers on the planet.

And if you do it right – you can get
10,000’s of views, leads and sales per day for free.

This software makes it super easy.

3. Launch Jacker

Would you like to generate
income leveraging on the launch of
other people’s offers?

If yes, then check this out.

4. Kindle Samurai

Are into Kindle publishing? Then
you need to read this.

This softwares helps you generate
1000s of sales of your kindle books.

See details of the tool here.

5. Free Training with Expert Copywriter

I found this cool training by 2
expert marketers/copywriters.

You’ll discover the truth about

writing copy and making sales.
Mk AkanPS- Black Friday is here already.

This year people will spend over $68 Billion.
You can channel some of that cash into

your pocket using the secrets found here.

Happy new week.

[Story] Do you know the MOST profitable Affiliate program?

A few years ago a 50 something year old
woman wanted to earn a living online
so she started her search for the best methods.

After a few trials and failures ,one day
she saw the legendary internet marketer…

…Frank Kern

She got encouraged by his success. And kept


Another time she met another internet marketer …
Matt Macak.

She was encouraged by the successes of these guys.

And kept pressing forward.

One day she discovered a affiliate marketing company
that pays big affiliate commissions in the dog niche.

The cool things about this company are:

1. They do the follow-ups for you!
2. You don’t have to mess with autoresponders
3.You don’t have to write any emails.

(they do it all for you)

4.Every email they send contains your affiliate link…

5.They offer different HOT products, and even
monthly membership to their paid newsletter.

She has now revealed how she generates

an evergreen income using this affiliate program.

She reveals her traffic source, and all
her tricks.

I think you should check it out.


Mk Akan

PS- By the way here’s another great way
to benefit from this coming Black Friday.

Go here for details.

How To Uncover Unlimited Information Products Ideas in any Niche

Have you ever struggled to get product
ideas or wondered what info products
you can create in your niche?

Well, there’s an easy way to
uncover unlimited ideas here.

Here’s how it’s done.

Go to a marketplace (like W+, clickbank, Amazon)
and search for info products titles already sold in
your niche.

This reveals what people are already
spending money on.

Which means you can create your version or a
better version of whats already selling.

This ensures you create what people are already

Meaning you won’t do guess work. or

waste time on an unfruitful project.

Wanna see exactly how this simple method works?Go here.


Mk Akan

Free Training And Resource Monday

Every Monday (or most Mondays) , I complile
a list of awesome free and paid resources
to help your online business.

Today you’re in for a treat.

1. FREE Training – Finding a Niche &
Creating A Winning Product

I just saw this and decided to share
with you.

You’ll discover how the experts
find profitable niches and then how to
create winning products for those niches.

2. Relaxed Affiliate

NOW…this is AWESOME.

You can make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
Without Signing up for Affiliate Programs or
Worrying About Affiliate Links!

I know this may sound like a HUGE joke,
but see details here…


This reveals how to LEGALLY steal
other people’s traffic and make cash
without ding anything else.

Sounds too good to be TRUE right?

But the page has loads of testimonials
from happy buyers who have tried and
confirm that it WORKS.

Go See it here.


Black Friday is coming. Are you prepared
to make some of the HUGE profits projected
to be generated that week?

Do you want to know the strategies that
work on that day?

See it all here.

5. List Building Breakthrough

This reveals the exact steps to building a massive
list of subscribers faster than you ever thought
possible and you won’t have to spend any
out of pocket money.

You’ll discover the best ways to build
a MASSIVE mailing list without spending
a single penny on customer acquisition.

Details here

That’s all for this week. 😉


Mk Akan

PS- I have lots of goodies lined up
for you this week so stay tuned.

Have a great week.