Shortcut To Articles On Your Blog :How To Know What To Publish on Your Blog

All websites are valuable for different reasons.
1 thing is what the website or blog will do for YOU.
You see, people don’t just visit blogs and websites for no reason.
People don’t just wake up and say “let me visited so and so blog today”
People visit websites because of what THEY
will get . Perhaps it’ll solve a problem they
have. Perhaps it has information about something
they are searching for.
Perhaps it’ll help them with something.
The bottom line is this…we only visit websites
and blogs because of what it can do for US.
Never forget that.
And especially for blogs, we visit them because it has
content that either helps, entertains, or helps us
solve a certain problem.
 This can be easier than done because…
First , you need to know what people WANT to read. or
what they are interested in…so you can give it to them.
(as text, audio or video content)
It is a BIG mistake to just wake up and guess
what to write on your blog.
Guessing leads to failure.
But you don’t need to stress yourself over this
because in the blog setup service that was just
launched some time ago, we’ll uncover and publish
10 valuable articles (content) that people in your niche will love.
These articles are BRAND new and search engine friendly.
But that’s not all.
You’ll get 2 bonuses to help you with content creation.
Bonus 1- 50 article ideas that people in you niche
will love and how to uncover what people in your niche want to read
Bonus 2- How to craft a 500 word article in any topic in 20 minutes to 1 hour.
And many other bonuses and services all included .
See all the details here.
This is a service no other person gives, so it is very limited.
I am limiting it to just 10 people. Just people on my list.
After these 10 people, I’ll start advertising it to outsiders
and may likely increase the price.
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Mk Akan
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is a combination of 6 services. If you prefer just 1 or 2 or
3 services out of the 6, you can get it.
if you just want articles , we can handle it. If you just want
traffic , we can handle it for YOU.
Whatever service or combination
of services you want can be handled for YOU.
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Shortcut To Having Any online Business Success (Do this to make income online)

Very few things happen overnight. Most things take some time. Usually a process.

An adult is not born as one. He or she grew from baby to toddler to teen to teenager to adult.

It spans a number of years.Same with any kind of success. No one is born an expert.

What you know now …you had to learn.

Perhaps it took you years. Perhaps from your experience.

Every skill needed to succeed online can be learnt.Or outsourced to those who know.

Funny. Even knowing how to outsource is a skill you can learn.

My point?

Success is a process. Knowing how to make money with blogging is a process.Knowing how make income online is a process.

The Good news is… There are shortcuts.

Here are 2 shortcuts.

1. Get a coach

It’s possible to learn anything by struggling on your own. I have. But it takes time and can be expensive. You’ll make mistakes.

Expensive time consuming mistakes.Mistakes a coach can help you avoid in minutes.

In 1 minute a coach can correct a mistake that can take you 1 year to discover and correct.

If you can afford a coach …get it.

2. Done for you services

This is where the coach does the work for you. Instead of just showing you what to do , he or she does it for you and even shows you what to do.

Its the ultimate short cut. It propels you to your outcome faster.

For example instead of struggling to create a product, you can get someone ( a coach) to do it for you and in the process , show you how it’s done.

It’s the same I intend to do for people who want to start blogs.

If you are interested , in owning a money making blog, then check this out.


7 Common Mistakes People Make When Creating Sales Letters [Part 1 of 7]

If you sell info products …or plan to in the future, then listen to this. In fact as long as you a blog or create any kind of content online, knowing a bit about selling with sales pages is SUPER helpful.

In any case, if you have no interest in copywriting …then you can just close this email. If you do, keep reading.

Like you know, I just launched my sales letter templates found here.

As part of the launch, I’ll share some valuable information on creating sales pages and copywriting with you. So in the next 7 days, you discover7 common mistake people make when creating sales pages.

Here the first one.

  1. Writing Without Doing Any Form Of Research

Most people think to create a sales page you just start writing. They think words magically pull people to BUY.

This is not completely true.

Some people even think making bogus and stupid claims is why people BUY. (I’ll talk about making claims in another email).

Here’s the thing though.

What you say in a sales letter is more important than how you say it. That’s a quote from my mentor…Gary Halbert. Meaning….

Knowing what to write …is more important than …what you write.

Knowing exactly what to say to persuade people to buy is more important than the words and the way you say it. And the only way to know what to write or what to say…is from researching the market or niche.

It’s from knowing your market well. It’s not about being creative. It’s from Knowing their needs, wants, desires, pains, fears and emotional state of your target market.

So the more you know who you’re selling to… the more you will know what to write.


Copywriting and sales pages is not creative writing. You’re not writing to get an award. It’s to get people to take an action. So take time to know your market.  Know who they are and what they WANT.

How can you do this?

A good way is to talk directly with your target market. Get someone on the phone and talk to the person.

There’re other simple ways to do it…and part of the training for Sales letter template, has a comprehensive training that shows how to research your market.

And …you also get the interview I did with an A List copywriter…where he reveals how to research your niche so you know exactly to write.

See all the details here.


Mk Akan

PS- my next email is about reveals another common mistake people make when writing sales letters.

PPS- you need to hurry though. The price of the template will increase on the 27th of May. If you want it…get it now so you done pay more.

See ya.

How To Know The Best Online Business For You?

I get asked this question by so many people
so I’ll answer it in this email.
Many people ask…
“Mk, what’s the best online business to start
or what’s the best online business model to follow?”
Frankly it’s a difficult question.
You know why?
Because what may work for another may not really work for you.
People are different.
You may not have the skills for 1 model and may have for another.
And so on.
But in this email, you’ll find an answer that may do justice to this question.
Here’s my answer.
  1. Know the basics
All business models starts with knowing the fundamentals.
It starts with having a good foundation on
what a real online business is.
You also need to know what models work
and the right mind-set for success.
NOBFC contains this foundation knowledge.
It contains simple secrets I dug up after struggling for YEARS.
These secrets will direct you
to the right direction for success.
Get it, study it and be grounded in the
unchanging basics of online business.
For example, People who make the most
monies online…SELL SOMETHING.
It could be a product or a service.
But there’s more you need to know. And it’s all found here.
  1. Who are you and what do you know?
Who you are, what you know and especially,
what you want to be is important for making money online.
What do I mean?
Answer these questions?
What do you know presently?
Where do you work?
What skills do you want to develop?
What do presently you do for a living?
What did you study in school?
What skills do you have from your job?
And so on.
When you answer these questions, you’ll find
something that can make you money online.
Something you can present to others in exchange
for cash.
And this leads to the most
important part of success online seen below.
3. What do people want?
No matter what you know or can do,
if people don’t want it…you won’t make jack.
This is something you MUST
consider for all business models.
Does not matter if that’s for …
  1. Fiverr freelancing
  2. Info marketing
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Blogging
Or any other business model.
The secret is…
All business models succeed because of the statement above.
That’s why you should be in profitable niches.

So to recap.

Go get the basics. Do an inventory of what you know ,

what you want to develop …then get into a business

model that caters to what people already want.

This may not be the best answer…but

it breaks down what you need to know.

This email is getting too long so I’ll continue tomorrow.


Mk Akan

PS- I am almost done with the Quick Sales Page Template.

Just one thing left. Will launch this week. SORRY for the delay.

PPS-Got a question? Ask me here.


best affiliate company and products For Nigerians? [shocking answer]

A subscriber sent an email yesterday and asked…
“What’s the best affiliate marketing network or company?”My guess is…he wanted to know the best products to promote.

I sent him an answer.I can bet it’s not what he expected.

But it’s the right answer.Before I reveal my answer to him , lemme answer another question.

What’s the best product to promote as an affiliate?


A product that’s helps the buyer the most…and gives you the most revenue.

Notice that the first thing I said is …helps the buyer.


Because every business is always about the buyer.

The customer.

Your audience.

So start there.

Target a niche and find out what they really want…or the problem they want solved then …

….find the best product or service that will solve it for them.That’s what to promote.

You’ll profit more when you start from what your market wants.Match their desires and needs to good offers.

I know , you were likely expecting me to say Amazon or clickbank or jvzoo.


Here’s what we all know .

There are people on these different networks that don’t make jack.

And on these same networks , some other people make millions.Their success secret it what I just revealed to you.

So It’s not just about the network or products…it’s about matching peoplesystematically to offers they need.That’s how to do it.

So would want some more details about how to make “pepper” with affiliate marketing ?Then go here and get your hands on this course.

You’ll see more details and learn how naija people can earn with different affiliate networks.

You’ll also discover….

  • how to automate your affiliate biz
  • How to find good offers in different niches
  • How to get paid here in naija



Mk Akan

Ps- If you need my help personally with creating assets like Blogs , sales pages and list building…

Contact me here.

How To Import Goods From China (Aliexpress) To Nigeria [With Video And Pictures]

If you want to know how to import products from Aliexpress (China) to Nigeria (or any where in the world), then this article with help you.

I recently paid for 1 item on Aliexpress. It arrived yesterday (22 April 2015).

Payment was made on the 7th of April

See pictured clipped from my email.

aliexpress nairacow payment proof

And the goods arrived on the 22nd of April 2015.

See picture proof below.


This mic is for my personal use. Especially for the creation of my products , audios and videos.


It cost me $6.36 to order 2 lapel mics (with shipping) to Nigeria.

That’s like 6.36 times 200= Less than N1400 for 2 mics.

I could sell  each one for N1500 or N2000  (or more) making a nice profit; ).

image of purchase and cost


And in got to Nigeria in 2 weeks…

See live video.

This proves 2 things.

1. You Can  Import from Aliexpress And China Cheaply

You don’t need so much money to start. You can start with N2000, N5000 or N10000.You don’t need millions of Naira.

2. You Won’t Be Scammed

Some people are scared of being scammed.Because of that they fear getting into the business.

Truth is, if you don’t know what you are doing, you may get scammed. (I have something that will stop that though. Read on)

But generally, you won’t get scammed if you follow some steps I’ll soon reveal to YOU.

So if you intend to buy stuff from Aliexpress for personal use or so you can start an import business here’s what to do.

Steps For Importing And Marketing Products From Aliexpress

 1. Sign up at Aliexpress

Go to and sign up. Update your account with your right names , address , phone number and any relevant data.

 2. Search For What You Want To Order

There are so many products on Aliexpress. One can easily get confused. You can search via categories or by name of item.

aliexpress search

Here’s are some secret Tips.

  • Make sure you look at the feedback score. Only order products with high feedback scores. Like the image below.

feedback score

  •  Make sure other people have ordered and have given good feedback about the product.
  •  Read everything about the product and only buy after you are sure of what is sold.

I even have 250 high quality products all hand-picked for you . This will save you all the stress of searching for quality products.

See it here. ===>>

3 . Place Your Order

All you need is your ATM card. If it has Visa or MasterCard on it, then you can use it to order.

Select number of items you need and confirm your order.

4. Select Shipping

You can ship your products using different means. You can choose free shipping or paid shipping.

aliexpress shipping options

Select the one you can afford.

Note– Not all items are shipped for free. Select an affordable shipping company. But remember , free shipping takes a longer time and paid shipping arrives faster.

5. Wait for Arrival Then Confirm Order

When you are done with your order, all you do is wait and monitor the movement of your goods.

You can do it via their website .They can also inform you of the progress by email too.

Depending on the shipping method you used, the product may be sent to your address .Or you will be called to come get your goods at the post office.

You may be asked to pay a token at the post office. (I think this is illegal. I paid N200 for my mics)

After you get your goods, go try the product and confirm you got what you ordered. Also confirm if it works well.

Then go online and confirm that you got your goods. This is done on the website.

If you got a bad product, you can start a dispute and get your money back.

Bottom line– you can’t lose money . This works.


What i just revealed to you is just a tip of the iceberg. There’re many other tips and ways to import the very best products …and to SELL them FAST.

Especially ….If you are buying to sell to others.

To get access to these secrets. Sign up below.

See the secrets here. 

Sign up to receive emails exclusively on importation biz and to get access to my premium resources and products.

You’ll discover…

1. Best profitable products to import on AliExpress (these products are small and can give you up to 1000% return on investment)

  1. Products that can give you more than 150% return on investments
  2. How to get started with importation business with as low as N2000 (I was shocked when I learnt this…and you will too)
  3. The exact steps needed to import anything into Nigeria from AliExpress (miss these steps and you will regret big time)
  4. The exact tools needed to order stuff on AliExpress and other sites
  5. The quickest way to lose money in the importation business …and how to avoid it with 3 simple steps
  6. The exact simple steps required to get your products shipped to Nigeria
  7. The biggest mistake you must avoid when making payment on AliExpress (If you make this mistake you can lose all you money in one day)
  8. When to use DHL or the Post office to import products (this simple tip will help you avoid painful and annoying delays)

(plus much more)

Go here to sign up  to get access to this products and secrets here. 

Want A Successful Online Business Or Want To Make Money Online ? Start Here.

For the last 2 days I have received lots of
emails from subscribers.

Remember I asked people to contact
me if they wanted to PAY me to set
anything up for them.

(Stuff like blogs, sales pages, squeeze pages etc)

If you sent an email.THANKS ;).

I enjoyed reading them and helping out.

I noticed a few things about the
emails some people sent.

And will reveal some of those things
here so other people can learn.

Here’s one thing I noticed.

A few people asked about
“how to start this online business thing.”

I assume these are newbies and
people who don’t have
experience and knowledge.

I was in this exact situation, so i know how it feels.

This has always been my advice for newbies.

1. Start from the basics.

See, no matter what you want to do online,
if you don’t get the basics right, you’ll likely fail.

What are the basics?

+Understanding how online business really works.
+Mindset issues.
+online business models that work.
+getting your priorities right

the basics gives you the right
foundation for success.

It stops you from making mistakes.

And in NOBFC, you’ll discover these basics.

So if you have not yet to grab NOBFC, do so here.

Mk Akan

PS- It took me 3 years after wasting time
and cash, to finally figure out the basics.

3 years to figure out what really works online ,
and today you can get all these secrets
in 1 -2 hours at a tiny price.
Do you want to take 3 years or 2 hours to learn the basics?

The choose is yours.
Start here ===>

List building tip from a Billionaire

Yesterday I read a book written by a millionaire
internet marketer , Matt Bacak.

His book was about lead generation and list building.

In the book he told a story about the
time he worked with Robert Kiyosaki.

You know Robert Kiyosaki right?

The guy who wrote “Rich dad Poor dad”.


So because of that he had opportunities to talk
billionaires who were friends with Robert.

In one of those meetings he
ask one Billionaire a question.

“How do you do it?”

And he got this reply.

“If you want to be rich sell products
if you want to be a billionaire own markets”.

Shocking advice from a billionaire right?

But he’s right because when you own a market
you can sell multiple things to the market.

And from the book the quickest way to own a
market is to build your list.

An audience.

You see if you have access to 40
year old men looking for dating advice you can
sell them so many dating products and offers.

So having an audience is even more
important than owning a product.

The book had lots of examples
showing how people who built their list…

…exploded their sales and profit.

So remember this.

People first.

Audience first.

List first.

When you have access to your market , you have an asset.

So my question is…

Do you have your audience?

Do you have access to your market?

Do you want to know how to build your own audience?

Then go here.

The details are all revealed in that training.

Mk Akan

PS- You also need to know how to send emails
that pulls profits from your list.

For that you need these 7 powerful emails.

How A Man Makes $4million A Year Playing Video Games On YouTube

The other day, I read a very
interesting article about a young man who
makes up to $4 million every year on YouTube.

And all he does is play video games.

(You’ll find a link to the article as you
read further down this email)

When I first saw the article, I rushed to
read it hoping to find some gems.

I did.

But before I reveal what I discovered,
here are some more highlights.

+His YouTube channels has over 28 million subscribers
+ He created the channel in 2009
+ He is now managed by a company own by Disney
+ He was recently interviewed by Wall Street Journal

He is not the only YouTube star
who rose from nowhere. I have read some
other stories like this in the past.

And I have noticed 1 common thing with them all.

I’ll reveal this success secret and how you can copy it.


Do you know the popular game flappy bird?

1 reason why that game was so popular
is because this guy created a video about it.

It was a video saying “don’t play this game”.
But that negative video got millions
of people to download the game.


He has so much influence and
power from just being a YouTube star.

How did he become so powerful?

You see, it wasn’t just about
playing video games or starting a video
channel on YouTube.

It was something undercover.

Here are they 2 important
things that quickened his success.

1.      He Gave Value

His videos are not just about the video games.
Or him talking about himself.

He entertains his viewers.

He is not the only YouTube star
showing videos of games.

But his videos are more entertaining because of his commentary.

The lesson here is this.

Whatever you do, GIVE value to people.

2.      He Built An Audience

He has over 28 million subscribers.

And this is single most important thing to
take note of.

This is the BIGGEST reason
why he makes so much money.

This is why he commands so much influence.


If he had the most entertaining videos
in the world and had no audience, he
would not make that much.

His audience is his wealth.

His audience is the $4 mil a year.

So take this lesson DOWN.

To succeed online or on YouTube,
or in info marketing or in any kind of
business, you need to BUILD AN AUDIENCE.

So how can you build a large audience,
give them value then make money?

I’ll reveal that to you in a second.

He used YouTube. Some people have
used Facebook pages and groups.

Some have used twitter.

Some people use other platforms.

Remember this.

Whatever media you decide to use,
should give you the POWER to reach your
audience easily and quickly.

With YouTube, whenever you post
a video, subscribers are notified instantly.

Facebook groups work that way too.

But most of these platforms are not
own by YOU. They can change rules and
wipe out your account or audience.

So one of the most effective ways to
build your audience. And have 100%
access and control is an email list.

Your email list is your power. Your wealth.

Would you love to know the proven way
to build your audience with an email list .

…so you can have great success?

if yes, then this training is exactly what you need.

It reveals exactly how to build
an email list in any niche …FAST.

You’ll discover, step by step,
how to attract your audience and
get them to sign up.

See all the details here.

No matter what you do. Build your audience. Build your list.


Mk Akan

PS- Here’s a link to the original article.

PPS- Remember to check out this
link and discover how to build your own audience.

PPPS- If you want to discover how to write
this kind of email to your list
then check this out.

Please Don’t Make This Idiotic List Building Mistake

The other day I got an email from a dude I didn’t subscribe to.

Apparently, he had grabbed my email address and added it to his list.

He is not the only one doing this criminal activity. Some other marketers do it too.

So what’s wrong with this?


First, this is idiotic.

Very idiotic.

You’ll see so in a minute.

Now just imagine this scenario.

Say you have a cold bottle of water for sale.

But instead of targeting and selling the water to people who want to buy it (like footballers sweating it out on a pitch), you decide to target other cold water sellers, would that make sense or sales?

I think NOT.

But that’s what some people do.

Instead of building a targeted list of prospects, they just go about harvesting or hand picking emails of people they assume are interested in their offer.

They even target marketers like them with wrong offers.

This is financially stupid too because you will incur autoresponder bills for emails that don’t convert.

Secondly, this is 100% spam.

It’s a crime to send marketing emails to people without their permission.

It can get your arse in trouble.

The autoresponder company can shut you down.

My advice?

Do the right thing instead.

What’s the right way to build a list?

  1. Create a free offer specially targeting your real target market
  2. Get people to sign up on their own ( very crucial)

Then build a relationship and make sales using email marketing.

If this sounds like Greek to you, then the next sentence below should be read carefully.

If you love to discover a revolutionary way to BUILD a high quality, high responsive email list in any niche …even in niches you know nothing about, then List Building Messiah is the answer.

Check it out here.


Mk Akan

PS- there are other effective ways to build a list. Check out this quick list building strategy below.

  1. How to build a list with solo ads

Whatever the case, don’t target the people who don’t want your offers and don’t send people unsolicited emails.

Thanks you.