Resource Mondays 001- Resources You Should Read or Download

Hi, what up?

This morning I had a bright idea.I have decided to send you quality resources every Monday.

I call it Resource Mondays.

resource monday1

These resources will be either paid products recommended for you, tools you can use , articles etc.

This will be sent every Monday.

Today I start with lots of resources and products you should get.


  1. CPA Profit Stacks 

CPA stands for Cost Per action. It is a way to generate income by getting people to do simple things like filling a form, entering an email or doing other simple activities.

This resource reveals how to generate CPA income using FREE traffic.

See it here.

  1. 250 Cash Magnet

Imagine being able to generate monthly income using proven affiliate strategies. Well, Glynn reveals his method for generating these affiliate sales easily.

See his methods and secrets here.

  1. Video Ads Hacked

A few people are secretly generating a flood of traffic using video. They use YouTube.

Most people don’t know they can generate cheap traffic using YOUTUBE.

If you are struggling to generate traffic, this is something you should check out.


  1. PLR to 100 autoresponder emails

A quick way to overcome challenges in your business is to use ready-made products and services.

For example if you struggle with creating emails, try prewritten emails.

This offer gives you 100 autoresponder emails.

Not only do have access to 100 autoresponder emails,(which means you save time and money),but you also have rights to do whatever you like with these emails.

And the price is SUPER cheap.

See it here.


  1. 17 Income Email Hacks

What would happen if you kidnapped an email marketing expert and a millionaire who makes money using email marketing?

And you forced them to REVEAL all their secrets before they can be released.

Well, you’ll get POWERFUL email marketing secrets and money generators.

And that’s what you get here.

  1. How to create SMART goals

Goals are important. Without goals you may never achieve your dreams.

But the best goals are smart GOALS.

What are SMART goals? How can you set Smart GOALS?

See it all here


Mk Akan


3 REASONS to use Prewritten emails

Wondering if prewritten emails are any GOOD?
These 3 reasons will help you decide.
1.  It saves time
Do you know how long it takes to write a HIGH value email?
Depending on the email type, it takes 30 minutes – 1 hour.
Some people even take a longer time to write emails.
So imagine how much time you’ll save when you just open and email, edit it , add links and press SEND.
In 5 minutes , you can send a QUALITY email by just using a prewritten email.
2. It saves you from stress
I ain’t gonna lie to YOU.
Writing emails can sometimes become a boring , annoying task.
 Some days I have to FIGHT myself to write them.
Now imagine how it would feel for a newbie or someone who knows nothing about a niche to write emails.
It would like eating stones for breakfast.
Prewritten emails saves you from the stress.
These emails are SHORTCUTS that saves you from the stress.
3. It is FAST
Any one who uses prewritten emails will ,send emails 2-5 times faster than everyone else.
When other people spend 1 hour to write an email, you’ll just spend 5- 10 minutes to send a email.
This saves you 20- 40 hours a month.
 Do you see HOW super fast this is?
Mk Akan

You … a VIP

I reread a very valuable book today titled 80- 20 Marketing and Sales by Perry Marshall.

It reveals various ways to uncover leverage points in business. It reveals how to work little but double or triple your results.
The main idea is this.
20% of your efforts pull in 80% of your sales, profit, traffic etc. So you are to find and focus on this 20%.
He also revealed more POWERFUL insights that will accelerate your business.
For example, reveals that …
…20% of your subscribers are VIP subscribers who can become VIP clients.
Yes. I mean YOU are VIP.
Let me explain.
You see, on every list, there are a set of people who want VIP services. Stuff like done for you services, mentoring and higher priced offers.
These VIP clients get VIP treatment and are granted access to VIP help and support.
This helps them get result fast. Or overcome challenges in their business.
So my question is…
Do you want mentoring, coaching or done for your services?
Is this something you would pay for?
If yes, then you are one of my VIP clients.
You are a VIP.
This email is for YOU.
Now, here’s what to do.
To get information about my services for VIP clients like you, please reply and say “send me details”.
You can also mention what you would love done for your services, mentoring etc for.
Mk Akan
PS- I hope to hear from you. So please reply so I can get back to you.

Is There REALLY A Guaranteed Way To Make Money Online?

Yesterday I got an email from a subscriber asking me to “point him to a 100% GUARANTEED way to make money online”.
I wanted to send him a personal reply…but the answer can also be helpful to YOU.
So I am sending this to YOU too.
Here’s my answer.
Many times you read a salespage, and it says “this is a guaranteed WAY to make $100 online”.
Or another of such claims.
See the thing.
They are not wrong or lying to YOU.
But the fact of the matter is…some people will use that same method and will not make a dime.
And this is not because the method does not work.
It may WORK for many people.
But they could be other things stopping YOU.
For example your skill level. Your knowledge. or your mindset etc. or even the ability to follow instructions. (by the way, that’s why mentors and coaching is GOOD.)
So what’s my POINT?

Nothing is REALLY EVER 100% guaranteed.
I know this may not sound RIGHT.
And it’s not a very good thing to say considering the fact that I sell info products.
But it’s the truth.
I have a product called LAMM (Lazy affiliate marketing method).
It is (as far as I know), one of the laziest ways to build a list and generate money using affiliate marketing.
But i can say with all sincerity some people will
BUY it and not make 1 cent.
Because some people will buy it and don’t follow it.
Or they don’t follow it well. Or they just buy it and do nothing about it.
Some give up after a few tries.
My point again.
Even if a method is PROVEN to work, some people will NEVER get results. And it’s not the product’s FAULT.
It’s like going to school.
Having admission into school is never a guaranteed of having a 1st CLASS result.

Some people drop out. Some people fail. Some people have average grades.
That’s life.
So if you want an ALMOST guaranteed thing.
Here’s my advice to you .
1. Pick an online business that’s proven to work and start a REAL business (forget about schemes and one-hit wonders)
2. Get a mentor and keep working (even if things don’t work out immediately), because surely, you’ll see results.
Mk Akan
PS- Here’s another example.
Many people have profitable blogs. Many more also own blogs that generates nothing.
Does that make blogging a bad business?
I don’t think so.
The problem is not the method…it’s YOU.
Are you willing to do the work?
Are you ready to make the investment needed?
Can you commit to your success?
Have a great day

How to handle the most difficult TASKS in your business (A List of Tested And Trusted Freelancers)

A few days ago Is sent you an email about why many people FAIL online.
Do you remember it?
Do you remember I said most people fail because they try to DO everything in their business.
You see, most people know what to do , but don’t know how to do it.
So because of that they get stuck.
But that’s a MISTAKE.
Because the secret to handling difficult things in your business is to OUTSOURCE.
Get other people to do stuff for YOU.
For example…
If you can’t write emails, get someone else to do it.
If you suck at graphic work ,hire a graphic expert.
If you can’t write, get a freelance writer.
Guess what?
There’s nothing you can’t OUTSOURCE.
And outsourcing becomes EASIER when you know the exact (and BEST ) persons to hire.
And that’s what this guy has created.
An Outsourcing Rolodex…with a massive list of tested and trusted freelancers for all kinds of jobs.
Go here for details.
Mk Akan

Happy Easter and ANGRY BIRDS

I just want to wish you a Happy Easter (if you celebrate it).
Have a great week.
Mk Akan
PS- On the side , I just want to inspire YOU and share a small story with you.
Most people don’t know this.
Here’s the thing, success is not an event.It is a  process.
Successful people in the world do not stumble on success. They kept going and going and going.
You might hear that someone just stumbled on an idea that made him millions. What you never hear is
the failures he or she may have had.
The struggles and mistakes.
People don’t usually hear that. But that success comes after a process …usually after some struggles , failures and trials .
Here’s a good example.
Do you know Angry Birds?
The popular app made the owners millions.
It has been merchandised and used to sell all kinds of things.
I even heard a movie was planned for the app.
 Here’s the thing.
They owners of this app had created over 50 apps that failed before creating this winning app.
 Whats my point?
Never say never.
Don’t throw in the towel.
KEEP pushing.
​​​​​​​You’ll make it at the END.
PPS- LAMM is still on sale. If you are looking for something that really works , try it.

Why I HATE the OLD Affiliate marketing and List building methods

The old way to build a list and the old way people are taught affiliate marketing is long, boring and difficult.

First you need to pick a niche, then create a lead magnet, then build a squeeze page, then connect to email marketing software, then send emails, then make money.

As you can see, these’re boring, annoying steps to take before making money.

This is why people struggle.

Many people struggle with step 1 , 2 or 3 of these steps , and because of that , they get stuck and give up.

Fortunately, there’s a new method that cuts away most of these steps.

All you need is the basic tools.

You don’t need a lead magnet.

You don’t need to wait to send emails.

No waiting for the MONEY.

With this new method, you generate cash from day 1. As subscribers sign up, you generate cash.

Many people have seen it and tried it.

See what people say about this new method here.

The question is…

Do you prefer to continue struggling with the OLD methods, or do you want to use this NEW method that works?

Do you prefer to struggle to build your list or struggle to generate affiliate sales or do you want to do it easily, quickly and effectively.

If your answer is yes, then you’ll love this Lazy Affiliate Marketing Method-(LAMM)

See the details about it here.


Mk Akan

PS- I am thinking of increasing the price of this training,so if you order now, you’ll beat the price increase.

Do it NOW.

A secret way to uncover “unlimited” product ideas in any niche.

The other day I read a scary stat about business and start-ups.

According to the article 79% of businesses fail because of 4 top reasons.

The scariest and the 1 number reason people fail in business is…

  Creating products and services people don’t want.

Frankly, I don’t know if that stat is true. But whatever the case, it is likely not far from the truth.

And if it is so…It means some people just wake up one day, pick up a random idea then spend lots of time, Energy and cash on a project, without confirming if people want it.

I read about it all the time.

One has an idea and without doing any kind of research, they sink in the life savings into it.

It happens offline and online.


Business is a risk. But you’re to take calculated risk.

No one should start a business that drains money without producing returns.

It makes no business sense to create products and services no one wants. Even the best marketers and copywriters will struggle to sell products and services people don’t want.

But an average writer selling an average product in HIGH demand will outsell everyone else. So no matter what you sell, whether online or offline, make sure you sell what people want to BUY.

The question is…how do you know what people want to BUY?

How do you know with 100% certainty that someone will buy a certain product you create?

You know, I asked this same question when I started creating info products.

I remember how frustrated the first time I tried to create my first product. I went around in circles.I didn’t know jack about what to create.

I was so confused. I kept wondering how the other guys did it. How they created product after product.

But everything changed when I discover this little secret.It’s a way to generate product idea by just visiting FREE websites.

Now I can enter any niche and uncover 100s of product ideas in an hour.

You’ll do same ones you know the trick.

It’s very EASY though.

Once you see how it’s done, you’ll never struggle to find products ideas in your niche again.

I am sure you’ll be shocked by the simplicity of this method.You may even find it hard to believe, but you’ll see for yourself  when the method is revealed to you.

See what one buyer said about it.

test 2


Go Here.


Mk Akan

PS- There’s nothing as frustrating and annoying as spending time, energy and money on a project only to realize 3- 6 months after that no one wants it.

It’s like pushing money down a rabbit hole.

The frustration can be heart breaking.

And you can avoid all this pain with this simple secret..

That secret is found here.

click HERE

This SOFTWARE can help you make MONEY with Domain Names

A domain name that cost just $10 … can later be sold for millions of dollars.

Here are some LIVE examples. was sold for $35 million – $30.18 million – $11 million – $5m $5.1

Read the full list here.

All these domains were bought cheap by other people and later sold for millions.

I don’t know the full story for each domain name and how much was the initial investment was, but I can bet you it was something close to this.

Man searches for domain name daily and one day stumbles on a domain he thinks will one day be in high demand.

He keeps the domain name for a few months or years…and next thing you know, someone or a company offers to PAY thousands or millions for the domain.

The bottom line is THIS.

You can make BIG money from a $10 domain if  you are willing to find them ,invest in them and wait for your BIG pay day.

And there’re new PREMIUM domain name popping up in various niches daily.
Only that it’s difficult to track these domains names.
The success secret in this domain name business is to  BUY premium domains before other people do.
That’s the SECRET.
You just have to know how to find them before anyone else.
And there’s a new software that can do this for you.
Meet Jamie Lewis…

Jamie Lewis has made mad money selling domain names.

He has done this for years.

He even created a POWERFUL software that automatically LOCATES premium domain names you can buy for cheap.

He is giving full ACCESS to these resources.

You can download the software and his domain business secrets here.


Mk AKan




How to create an information product with your MOBILE PHONE

Many people think they need expensive equipment and hardware to create a quality info product.

So they buy a sophisticated computer or laptop.

And still nothing gets done

Nothing wrong with that.

Only that…they are walking around with an info product creation machine in their pockets and purses…and they don’t even know it.

Get this… you can create a quality info product with your mobile device.

I mean your tab, Iphone or your android device. Or anything that can record audio.

All you need is a pen , paper , a quiet place to record and your mobile device.

This is what to do.

Get to a quiet place …the beach, a field , your room …or any place you can record stuff.

Write down step by step what you want to teach people. (A how- to info)

Then use the secret ideas and system found here. … to generate your next info product.

So in 1 hour or 2 hours, you’ll have a quality product you can sell.

Even if you think your voice is not great, or you have an accent, you can still do this.

Yes… you can do it.

If you have never done this before it will seem impossible.

I get that.

I thought the same way too…until I tried it and got addicted.

If you are struggling to create an ebook or you hate writing or just want to create info products …SUPER FAST…, then check this out.


Mk Akan