Surprise Black Friday Discount Deals From Me To YOU 2014


Black Friday is upon us. It’s a special week for getting premium products and services for discount prices.

Fortunately, I have some cool deals for YOU-My special subscriber.

Here’s The Deal.

From today, the 25th of November to the 5th of December 2014, you can order any of my training or product for 50% off.

So go to this page. , look at 1 , 2 or more products , add up their prices and divide it by 2 then make you order.

So if you want to order the Cheap Traffic Course which is currently N3500. Just divide it by 2 and make the order for just 3500/2 = N1725.

NOBFC is currently N4000. But for the limited time deal, you can get it for just N2000 (50% off).

If you want to order 2 of them…just add N1725 + N2000 = N3725 and then make your order. Then send a text to 080 9 444 1001 with details of what and what you’re paying for.

Do this for 1, 2 or more products, and then make your order.

This discount deal is for all my products listed here.

Go take a look and take advantage of this deal before the time runs out.

It’s just a few days.


NOTE: To make payment, just send it to the bank account listed on any of the sales pages. (It’s all the same)

Mk Akan

PS- The first 10 orders will get a bonus 20 minute consultation from me….where you can ask me anything and get 1on1 help on any part of your business.

PSS- The last time I did this was 1 year ago. If you miss this opportunity, you will have to wait for another year. Don’t wait. Act NOW.

Go here and pick your products, slash the price by 50% …then make your order.

if you have a question, reply this email or call 0809 444 1001.

PSSS- I had to shelf the coaching program till after this promo. So watch out.

This Software Helps You Create High Quality Videos Even If You Have Never Created Videos Before

Yesterday i sent an email about this awesome tool in the link below.

It’s perfect for creating banners and logos.

You can use it to create banners for yourself or use it as a freelancer to create stunning looking banners for other people…and get paid handsomely in the process.

This is one tool Fiverr guys use.

It’s a little investment…and you just need a paypal account to make payment.

YOU have a payment account right?

The naija version.


Anyway, today , i found another cool tool.

This one is for creating videos easily and quickly.

Now, just in case you don’t know…video is BIG…and is in HUGE demand.

If you spend a few minutes on Fiverr…you’ll see it is one of the high demand services.

People pay for video services.

And by the way…graphic work is HUGE TOO…on fiverr.

So if you have these 2 tools as a freelancer….you have 2 assets that can bring in cash.

And you can personally use them in your biz…and even offline.

Imagine how much you can make if you create videos for businesses who want to run adverts on TV.

So YOU can use these tools offline and online.

Go check it out and see it in action here.

Mk Akan

PS- and if think spending some coins on these tools is too much…then you have the wrong mindset about this online biz thing.

You can’t succeed online without tools and assets.

PPS- My mentorship and coaching program launches soon. If you have questions about it..please reply and ask me.


Website And Traffic Conversion – The Neglected Important Element of Online Success (And How To Get Started)

Yesterday I talked about traffic and conversion. You saw the importance of traffic and how to get started.

I also recommended you get this course ( so you can be good with driving traffic.

But after driving traffic … you need to know how to convert the people to buyers or clickers…or subscribers…(or to do whatever you want them to do ).

That’s conversion.

Conversion is where MOST people fail.

When people say…

“I am driving traffic buy no one is buying”

It’s usually a conversion problem.


Conversion is so damn important. Tattoo that on your arm.

You can have all the traffic in the world…but if it does not convert, you LOSE.

And again …you need conversion …no matter your online business model.


So how do you make your stuff convert more?


If I told you will you take my advice?

Here goes.

  1. Research your market first
  2. Copywritng

Let’s talk about number 1.

Some people just jump into a niche or market without doing any research.

I know some people are scared of the word “research”…but trust me …research here is not about reading 100s of books …or camping out in the library.


Research here is all about knowing what people in your niche really want.

Knowing what they search for.

The real problems they have.


Why do you even need all of this?


You can’t sell people what they don’t want.

You can’t write articles people don’t want to read and expect traffic.

You can’t just create anything and think people will jump on it.


You need to understand the people you are targeting.

Your market and niche have needs and wants…do you know them?

If I asked you some questions about the people you are targeting …do you have any idea?

Well, I never used to take research seriously…now I do.

My business and sales and conversion have improved because of research.

I now know what people really want…and I provide it.

So how do you do research.

I do it in many ways.

In this course…I reveal up to 5 easy ways.

Lemme reveal 1 simple and easy way.

1 Way To Research Your Niche.

Ask your readers (list, Facebook fans, audience) directly what they want or the problems they have.

It’s easy. It’s effective.

I do it all the time. If you don’t have a list or audience, there are other easy ways. All found in the course.

In fact lemme do it NOW.

Am planning to start a done for YOU service and program, where you can hire me to build stuff for YOU. What would you want me to offer as a service?

Done for you traffic?

Sales pages, squeeze pages?

What? Please reply let’s talk.

Recommended links- I still have over 75 courses for the price of 1 here.


Mk Akan

PS- I have discussed traffic and conversion. Copywriting is also very essential for having good conversions.

Copywriting has helps me in writing emails like this. It also helps in creating sales pages and all kinds of marketing materials.

I’ll talk about it again soon.

NOW…go do some research.





2 Of The Most Important Things Needed To Make Cash Online

This will sound strange to some people…but for those who know already…it will be a serious reminder.
You see, there are 2 important things needed to make money online.
Traffic and conversion.

Think about it.
No matter your online business model, these 2 things are necessary.
Here are some examples.

Freelancers need traffic (people who need their services)…and need to know how to convert these people to customers.
A blogger needs traffic (people to land on their sites)…then get these people to click ads (convert).
Bloggers who sell direct adverts on their blog needs to drive traffic of people who want to buy adverts …then convert them to customers. (Most bloggers don’t even do this. They just wait for customers to appear. Big mistake)

Information marketers need this even more.
You need traffic of people interested in your offer…and then you need to be able to convert this traffic to buyers of your products or services.

All the big sites making pepper do so because they have TRAFFIC…and also have people able to convert that traffic to customers. (Advertisers)
No online business model can without traffic and conversion.

So always remember these 2 words…Traffic and Conversion.
Now let’s talk about traffic.
It’s the first important one because without traffic…you can’t have conversions.
So there’s no shortcut. YOU need traffic and you need to know how to generate it…and drive it to your sites.
Your dream of making “pepper” online depends on it.

So do you know how to drive paid traffic?
Do you know how to get the right people to land on your website or blog?
There are many ways to do it.
What I do is buy banner adverts.

It is cheap and effective.
And you can use drive cheap traffic to your website or offers …using banner ads.

All you do is look for high traffic websites in your niche and buy cheap traffic.

The process is easy and profitable if you know what you are doing.
If you love to get the step-by-step secrets of driving cheap traffic to your website or blog…then go her and check this out.
Mk Akan








Best Advice For This Week

My friend,
if i could give you the best advice today , it would be just 2 words.

Just Start.

You see, many times we are scared of starting something new.

We get scared of making mistakes or losing time and money.

I remember when i started building a list.
That was 3-4 years ago.

like anyone..i was scared of starting.

i didn’t know what to do or how to do it.

so i bought course and got started.
Ones i started …i continued and got used to it.

It’s funny.

We humans are a funny bunch.

we delay and procrastinate….but when we finally do something , we realize it wasn’t difficult.

Same thing happened when i started building website with wordpress, buying domain names and web hosting.

Everything seems difficult till you start.
But until you start , nothing happens.

I still go through the same challenges when starting new things.

For example , recently i entered 2 new niches (i took me a while to move in).

I am about to launch a continuity program (You’ll hear about this soon).

You may be going through this in your business or life .

Again …here’s my advice-Just start don’t delay . Don’t wait.

Get enough information ,then start.

It’s the best advice i can give you today.

Go yea into the world and start.

Mk Akan
PS-Many people want to drive cheap traffic to their websites but are afraid of taking action.

Perhaps they are scared of making mistakes with buying banner adverts etc.


You can’t succeed online with that kind of mindset.

Do this instead.

Get the information and coaching for buying cheap traffic. here…

Then go out and take action FAST.


One Reason Why Some Bloggers And Information Marketers Fail To Make Money Online…And What To Do About It.

There are many reasons why many people who try to make money online fail.
First, it starts with having the wrong mind-set.
For example, if you don’t know the basics of making money online …and think just starting a blog or owning a website will make you money.
Or thinking that there is money just lying about online for you to just go out and pick.
Or perhaps you have a no-work-but I’ll make money mentality.
If you have gotten a copy of NOBFC…these common knowledge and the basics of making money online won’t be an issue.
But after knowing the basics and taking action…most people still fail.
The take the step of perhaps …building a site…or getting into information marketing.
But as they try and hustle…they still struggle.
Most times it is because of what you’re about to discover.
How big is the niche you are in?
How many people are interested in what you are blogging about or selling?
Is it a mass market …or a tiny niche?
Can you even reach people easily?
Is there a place you can advertise and get traffic with ease?
All these questions are important…so think about them.
If you are in a niche, that’s too small…you will have problems with traffic and making sales.
Which of these niches is bigger and has more people in them?
The “how to get a job “niche or “how to make money online” niche.
The “how to get married” niche or “how to date online” niche?
“How to make money with Fiverr” niche or “how to make money with the internet” niche?
Now I am in no saying one is better than the other…but you need to know  the amount of people who are interested so you don’t struggle in vain for traffic.

Here are a few ways to do it.

1. Check Google to see number of searches (using the Google keyword tool)

2.  How many people watch videos on the topic on Youtube

3. How many magazines do you have on the topic

4. How many products and services are created around the topic

5. How many other blogs and websites are created on the topic


The idea is to gauge of people are even interested in what you have to offer…before spending time to create it.

Finally, ask yourself.
Is my blog topic is in demand…then you can easily BUILD TRAFFIC of interested people.
That’s where IMSB can help you.
Go here and learn how to attract a flood of traffic to your website or blogs or sales page.


5 Proven Ways To Drive Cheap Traffic To Your Website, Blog or Salepage

Without Traffic …no one can make money online. it does not matter if you own a blog , forum or any kind of website. It does not matter if you are an information marketer or you provide a service.

We all need traffic (cheap traffic , paid or free)… to make money online.

And to help you learn more about traffic…I have recorded a 12 minute audio revealing how to drive cheap and free traffic to any of your pages online.

I give some details about 5 PROVEN ways to drive traffic to any web site YOU want.

Go here to download the FREE audio revealing how to drive traffic.

Click Here To Download



What Can Fela Teach YOU About Influence And Copywriting

felaYesterday when I walked into the box to watch the documentary – Finding Fela …at the cinema at Tropicana in Uyo …

…I found myself alone in the cold dark space.

I was the only one who sat down to learn about a man who was known all over the world.

Respected and praised for his exploits in music and for using music to fight injustice in Nigeria.

Fela wasn’t perfect…but in him …was a man true to himself.

True to his beliefs and what he stood for.

As I watched, my eyes were opened to things I never knew about him before like…

The truth about…

• What really influenced his music
• Why he married the 27 wives
• How he turned his music into a weapon for change and justice
• The books he read (in America)…that transformed his music and life forever.

That really shocked me…BOOKS (knowledge) influenced his music and fueled his African and Neo-african pursuits.

The knowledge from the books introduced to him by a young girl he met while in America…opened his eyes and transformed his music into a Weapon Of Influence.

…and it ties perfectly with the MOST profitable writing skill in the World that I have talked about for some days now.
Do you know copywriting is a WEAPON OF INFLUENCE?

You can wield it to influence people to pull out their wallets and buy stuff.

You can use it to sway public opinion.
People have used it to win elections.

It’s a weapon that generates “kudi” in any business…because it’s the basis for creating high pulling advertisement.

…but you have to learn it and KNOW it before you can wield this influence.

That’s why I recommended you get this yesterday.

Do so if you have not done so yet.

Mk Akan

PS-I cried when he talked about his mother’s murder and as his daughter,

…Feni, narrated in tears, the stories of his many confrontations and near death experiences with the police and the army.

PSS-I am MAD that men who want to be successful and make a mark in the world could not see the need to WATCH and learn from the life of an AFRICAN LEGEND.

I can excuse women …who for prejudice about his stance about women as exemplified by his marriage to 27 wives…

…don’t like FELA and may not want to learn from him.

…but MEN?

When you have the chance, watch FINDING FELA and garb this weapon of influence

1 Highly Profitable Skill Needed to Make Money Online

Yesterday I ended my special offer .

Did you see it?
If you missed it…lemme know.
Anyway…today,i’ll reveal a highly profitable skill needed to succeed online.
You can use it yourself or to get paid as a freelancer.
…and that skill is WRITING.
ya , writing.
You need Writing Skills for many things… one is Communication.
Almost 60% of the internet (or more) is filled with write ups.
But that’s not even enough.
Websites are starving for writers.
Even your websites…needs articles for it to be useful.
Writing is HUGE.
People want writers.
People pay and hire writers.
Freelance writers are paid HUGE sums to write articles, books , do research and write stories.
Improving your writing skills is HUGE too.
With great writing skills , you have a profitable skill.
So how can you profit from writing?
First, you need to improve your writing skills.
How can one do that?
2 things.
Read a lot …and write a lot.
I had a C in English in my WAEC many years a go….but i’ve improved my writing skills by just reading and writing.
I read and write everyday.
I read other writers. I read books about writiing.
Then i write daily.
At least 500 words a day….either by hand or typing on my laptop.
You need to have this kind of goal and discipline to improve your writing skills.
It’s so valuable.
You can start by reading daily and writing 100 words daily.
It’s not that hard .
Just decide then start.
Start a blog on blogspot …just for the sake of writing 100 words a day…if you like.
Just go start it.
…But there’s a SUPER …1000 times…more profitable kind of writing.
The kind of writing ,people get $50 000 for.
On Monday, i’ll reveal the most profitable kind of writing to YOU.
Alright see ya.
Mk Akan
PS-By the way…would you love to any premium training to help you write better?
Reply lemme know.
Have a great weekend.