How Gurus Magically Create 300 hours in a DAY

Have you ever wondered how gurus manage to launch product after product…and still have time to party and holiday?

They seem to have 300 hours in a day.
Because they manage to get a lot done.

Well, here’s their secret.


They outsource so many things so their
business grows without their physical effort.

They have people who handle graphic, sales copy, traffic, websites etc.

Now how would you like to uncover the best freelancer workers you can outsource any difficult task to?

Here it is.

The outsourcer’s Bible reveals a list of quality workers that will help you do anything.

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This Is The BIGGEST Lie Ever Told About Business Ideas (And How To Generate A Business Idea In 1 Minute)

ideasIf you have ever wanted to start a business and you delayed or got frustrated because you never found a good idea…then my friend, you have been sold the BIGGEST lie ever.

And I am going to prove it to YOU. And I’ll also show how to generate a business idea in 1 minute.

First, have you ever heard business people make this statement?
“All you need to succeed or build a business is 1 GREAT IDEA.”

Sounds true and right eh?
Guess what?

It’s complete HOGWASH.
Again I’ll prove it.

You see, what you need is not a GOOD idea. In fact, you don’t need any IDEA.

Yes, you don’t need ideas….
All you need is to solve a problem. Or serve a need.

I’ll explain why in a minute.

The Problem With “Business Ideas”.

If you are fixated on getting “genius business ideas”, you may wait a lifetime and never start any business.

You don’t need GENIUS business ideas to start a business. You just need to solve a problem or serve a need.

Many people think they have to dream up another Uber, AirBnB, Alibaba, etc (the so called shared economy business models), before they can start a biz.

Many people have fallen for this “good idea thing”, and have half their lives waiting for a GENIUS idea to strike them like thunder.

They think they can become another Zurkerberg.

Or another inventor with a great invention.
Or a celebrated genius.

Well, guess what?

You won’t have a bright “Einstein idea”.

Not gonna happen. (It’s possible but unlikely).

It might be much easier for lightning to strike you thrice at the same location, on the same spot on your body, at the same hour daily (for 3 consecutive days) than for you to have a bright (NEW) original idea.

Not saying you can’t but the probability for that to happen is about…

(Let me see)…say 1 in 1 Trillion.


If you can start serving simple and immediate needs, you could one day have a bright idea from God. (Or from any source)
So for Now, what do you do instead?

Start a business to Solve problems- common problems around you.

Or even better SERVE the needs of people.

You see, when you think of a business as “problem solving” and “needs serving”, it becomes much easier to wrap your head around it.

Coming up with a business idea becomes easier when you think of businesses that way.

So How Do You Know What People Want?

There are many ways to uncover these needs…but the easiest, fastest and guaranteed way to do it is…so SIMPLE…an UNBORN baby could do it…

(Ok, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit. But it’s that simple.)

Just LOOK at what people are ALREADY buying.


Just that.
I know it may be hard to believe, so I’ll show some examples.
1 online and 1 offline.

First offline.

What are the businesses that you personally patronize?
Like me, I got a haircut today at a barber shop.

That’s a simple business that serves a need for men.
Men barb their hair at least one time a month.

It’s not a GENUIS idea. Anyone could actually start it… but since you are searching for BIG (special shiny idea), you may ignore this business idea.

What about other services and products you use daily? Can you start a business around it?

Or do you still want a GENUIS original business idea?

Another example online.

Many people want to start generating income online but don’t want to start a business that sells products and services?

The ones who finally KNOW that’s the secret to generating online DELAY because they think they need to come up with a brand new, NEVER created product.

A product no one else has created.

This is a MISTAKE.

Just the same way many people think they need a bright shiny new business idea offline, many make the same mistake online.

Again if you want to uncover the best products and services to sell as a business, then locate what they are buying already.

That’s a business idea you can also start.

Finally, hope this has kicked you positively to go out and start that business you wanted to start.

If you want to uncover the best products ideas for the online space, I have created a product that reveals what to do , step by step.

It is called Quick Product Idea Generator. 

Thank you.

Go here

How to generate free traffic with hashtags And More (Resource Monday 007)

Welcome , here’s another week and another set of goodies for you .

Let’s start today with a high quality traffic course.

1. Free training on generating traffic with #hashtags

Have you ever seen tweets and posts on facebook with hashtags?
Those clickable words with this symbol (#) in front of it?
Do you know you can generate massive traffic using
these hashtags?
I just enrolled for a course revealing (step by step)
how to generate traffic with hashtags.
And guess what? It cost zero dollars.
See it here.

2.  How to generate cash from other people’s efforts

This might sound impossible, but , I tell you, it
is possible to generate income from other people’s efforts.
Using something called arbitrage.
You find a vendor who charges $10 for a service.
You get a client who wants to pay $100 for the same service,
then you connect them both.
Then keep $90. SWEET eh?
Well, this training reveals all you need to know.

3. Push Button Video Maker

Videos are the rave now. With Youtube
and many other video websites , video is now mainstream.
The only problem is the technical knowledge and
stress associated with creating videos.
But this new tool smashes that problem to death.
You can now generate “YouTube ready” videos in
See it here.

4. How To Get More Emails Opened

If you have an email list you need to read this.
You see, before anyone can buy whatever you sell (or promote),
they need to open and read your email.
And for that to happen, you need to know
the secret to writing POWERFUL subject lines.
You can learn that here.

5. How to generate FREE traffic from other sources

Here’s another resource that reveals more ways
to generate “free traffic”.
Go here.
Mk Akan

Resource Monday 006- articles, tools and goodies

Another Monday, another list of quality information, tools and resources that will help you generate income online.

This week’s edition is filled with goodies 😉

Lets go.

  1. Famous comedian reveal the 1 simple secret to becoming a better copywriter (or a better anything in the world).

If you are wondering what to do daily, to help improve any skill need to generate income online, then you need to read this NOW.

Go here

  1. How The SECRETS Of An American Prisoner Helped Me Build A Successful Information Business

A few years ago, I stumbled on a website owned by a famous American “ex-prisoner”. His secret and information marketing experiences help grow my info marketing business.

I later reveals these secrets, and many secrets that helped my information business.

Its all found here.

3. Making Cash With BLOGS

Last 2 months I made a discovery about blogs that will blow you mind and get you super excited about blogs.

Do you know that 90% of the top websites owned by naija people are blogs? Not just blogs – news blogs?

Do you also know that a lot of people fail at blogging because they don’t know the secrets to generating income with blogs?

Blogs work, but you need to know what to do and the secrets to making it work.

In my upcoming emails, I’ll be discussing blogs . but for now here’s a resource that will help you build a profitable blog

4. The Secret To Getting Anything Difficult Task Done In Your Business

Have you wondered how the Gurus do it? How they come out with products after products and never seem to get tired?

Do they have 3 heads or what?

Here’s something you’ll likely never hear.

Most gurus don’t know JACK.

What they do know is how to get people to do most of their work.


They outsource most of the time.

Most gurus don’t know graphic work, they outsource it.

Some don’t know copywriting, they outsource it.

Most don’t know a thing about coding so they outsource all their software apps.

Most gurus concentrate on a few things, and outsource the rest.

They have teams.

They have a traffic guy, a graphic guy and so on.

If you want to success in this biz, you need to learn how to outsource stuff.

And that’s why you need this Outsource Bible.

Here’s you’ll find a list of tested and trusted freelancers you can hire at dirt cheap rates.

Go here.

Now You Can Have Your Product , Your Sales Page And Generate Your Own Money


The other day I sent you an email offering something that will finally help you generate income online.

I offered to help you create an information product and a sales page.

Did you see that email?

Many people replied and were interested in the offer.

That’s why I am giving more details about this special limited offer.Capture

First Let Me Explain A Few Things

  1. Until you finally create a product or a service for sale (or just sell something online), you will not make a dime online.

It’s a fact. And you know it.

  1. To sell anything online, you need a sales page. And that requires copywriting skills

Unfortunately, many people don’t have 1 or both skills. And frankly it can take a lot of practice, effort, time and money to develop these skills.

You see, it took me a couple of years to develop them, so I know what I am saying.

(I now have over 20 info products and have spent years and huge sums of money learning and writing sales letters for my products and services)

And even if you hone these skills, you need a level of confidence to still get work done. You may still be scared of doing things yourself.

And that’s where I come in.

That’s Why This Special Offer Makes Everything Easy for YOU.

So I will create an information product and also generate a kick ass sales letter for you.

All you do is pick a niche, then relax as I do all the research, create the product and then write the sales letter for you.

This limited (first come, first serve offer) is just for a few lucky people. I aim for only 3 people this month.


I can’t handle more than 3 projects at a time.

So you need to hurry.

If you are interested, just send an email to or call 080 9444 1001.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Niches Do You Work In?

I can create an info product for you in any niche. But I would prefer the IM/MMO (because that’s my own niche). But I can still create one for you in any other niche.

Just contact me for details.

  1. How Long Will This Take?

It will take 2 weeks to 1 month to create your product and sales page, depending on the niche and scope. You will be told exactly how long when we talk and discuss.

  1. What If I Don’t Like The Product?

I will do my best to create a high quality information product that sells.

We will work together in picking the niche, the topic and then I’ll do the rest.  Your product will be quality and what people want to BUY.

  1. How Big Will The Product Be?

What you’ll get is an information product that solves a problem for your readers. So it’s not a huge 200 page book or something of sort.  It will be as long as it should be to solve any need or problem for the reader.

  1. Can You Guarantee Me That This Will Generate Money?

You will get a product and sale letter created. You have to use it to generate sales. If you do nothing with the product or sales letter, you won’t make sales.

If you put it up online, and drive targeted traffic to it, you will generate sales.

(You’ll be shown how to generate traffic)

  1. Any Other Bonuses?

This offer comes with 2 free bonuses.

A training on how to generate targeted internet traffic and also email marketing. You’ll need these 2 products after your product is created.

  1. Any Support?


I won’t leave you hanging. You’ll get access to me for 6 months FREE. Meaning for 6 months, you can ask me any question via email about anything related to your product, sales letter and how to sell it.

I’ll be there to make sure everything works out RIGHT.

This kind of support alone should cost over $200 a month, but you’ll get it FREE for 6 months.

  1. Any Money Back Guarantee?

Unfortunately NO.

This is a premium, time consuming service. It will not be fair to refund after I have spent 2 weeks to 1 month on your project.

But I guarantee you’ll get a quality products and sales page that generates sales.

How can I be so sure?

Well, for the last 4- 5 years, I have created over 20 products for myself in the IM/MMO and in other niches. With my experience and knowledge you’ll get the best quality service.

  1. How Much Does This Cost?

Before I answer that you need to understand a few things.


You are getting 2 premium services wrapped up as one offer. You are getting (1) a sales letter and (2) a product created for you.

If I were to charge you separately for each service, you would pay.

  1. Copywriting/salesletter – $300- $2000
  2. Product Creation – $100- $$300

So this offer should normally go for $400- $2300.

But what I’ll charge for this OFFER (today) is way LOWER and much affordable.

The premium offer is not CHEAP, but I am not charging that HIGH.

I am making the price much lower because it’s a new offer. And because after I get some happy testimonials from the 3 first clients, I’ll increase the price. 😉

So when you contact me , I’ll reveal the price to YOU.

Send an email to or call 080 9444 1001 for the exact figure.

(Don’t worry even if you just want to make inquiries, just send the email. I won’t bite 😉


This Offer Is No For Everyone. It’s Only For People Who Want To Become My VIP Clients. And People Who Are SERIOUS About Generating Income Online

So please if you are not a serious person. Or you don’t like any kind of effort or work, please don’t bother contacting me.

But if you want to finally own a product (or offer) that generates sales, then this is for YOU.

Remember, since this is time consuming and I can only work with just 3 people first.

After these 3 people, I’ll likely increase the price.

So if you are interested, quickly contact me NOW. Before the 3 spots are taken.

Send an email to or call 0809 444 1001.


I want you to imagine having your own website, with a sales page that has your smiling face.  Imagine the sales page selling your own product.

And the money goes straight into your pocket.

Finally, you make your first dollar, then $7 then $10 then $100 and it keep climbing.

Imagine the warm smile on your face because of the joy of finally “making money online”.

You see, when you make your first $1, you’ll be so happy and fired up to make more cash. (I know. It happened to me ;))

And This Offer Will Make This A Reality.

So either your read this page, ignore it, and then go back to stressing, struggling and being frustration with this online business thing.

Go back to wasting time and money on other people’s products.

Or you make this investment and take ACTION on this offer. And then finally start generating your own MONEY.

The choice is yours.

But Lemme Ask You A Simple Question.

How long have you struggled to make money online?

A year, 2 years, 4 years, 7 years?

Aren’t you tired of running from pillar to post and trying things that don’t work? Aren’t you tired of wasting time and money on things that don’t work?

Do you want to waste another year with nothing to SHOW?

Wouldn’t you want to finally end the frustration? And finally start making a REAL income?

If you want this to happen. If you want to finally makes sales and money, then take ACTION now.

Contact me  NOW.

It’s first come, first serve.

Sent an email to or call 080 9444 1001.


Mk Akan

PS- if you have any other question, send an email or call me.

If you want me to handle any other thing for you, contact me also.

Talk soon.

Don’t DELAY , take action NOW.

Here’s How I create a product for YOU…And Make You Money


You already know this…to generate income online you need 2 things.

You need a product for sale.
You need a sales page to sell it.

Well, most people don’t know how to do any of these things?

Do you have this same challenge?

If yes, then here’s my offer to you.

Would you want me to work with you and create a product and sales page for you?

Now, Of course, this offer will not be cheap.

But it will be affordable.

So here’s the thing.

If you are interested in this, send an email to . Or call 0809 444 1001.

So I can share more details with you.

Remember, this .

It is first come first serve.

And I cannot handle many people at the same time.

So send the email if you are interested.So you don’t lose out.



Mk Akan

Here’s What to Quickly Sell Online To Generate Steady Income

A few days ago I revealed one of the  most simple and most POWERFUL truths about generating income online.

You can read it all here.

This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

The bottom line in that article is…

SELL something.

In the other article I revealed something you can sell. I mentioned PLR products.

But that’s just 1 thing you can sell.

There are many other products and services you can sell to generate income online.

In this article, I’ll reveal more ideas and things you can sell, and how you can sell them.


3 Products You Can Sell Online

  1. Information Products

Information products refers to any kind of information packages and sold in the form or physical books, ebooks, audio recordings, DvDs , CDs and other kinds of formats.

You can see a list of information products here.

These are all examples.

Most PLR products are information products.

To learn how to generate information products with ease and speed, check out these 3 resources.

  1. How to generate unlimited information product ideas – click here
  2. How to generate quick audio products – click here
  3. How to generate info products in niches you know nothing about- click here
  1. Templates

A template is a ready-made material that helps people work faster or easier.

For example , let’s say you want to write a speech, and you don’t know what to do , or you want to save time, you can just pull out a template and fill in the blank space and …VIOLA…you have a speech.

There are many kinds of templates for different activities.

There are writing templates, drawing templates, sales letter templates and many more.

You can create templates for sale.

Just think about your knowledge and see how you can create a template for sale.

You can see examples of templates for sales here.-7 Quick Email Writing Emails And Formula

  1. Software And Apps

A software is a simple tool that makes any task easier and faster to execute.  You impute data and click a few buttons and …in seconds or just minutes , a task is done.

Here are some examples.

It is possible to uncover profitable niches online using a series of steps. It is also possible to do the same thing in a few seconds with a simple tool.

It is possible to create 3d covers in a few hours using the “hard to use and hard to learn” tool called PhotoShop.

Or you can use a few clicks to create e-covers in seconds using a tool like _link

Here are a list of other tools and apps that people love to buy.

  1. Video Creation Tool –
  2. Aliexpress Affiliate App –
  3. Squeeze page creator-

Now many people may think they need to know how to code, create apps and softwares before they can sell softwares.

Truth is, you can outsource the whole process to coders and people for cheap.

There are many other things you can sell. I may talk about them in other articles.

For now, just pick one of these things and decide to follow up.


Mk Akan





Resource Monday 005- Niches , How To Sell, Email Marketing etc

Today is another Monday. Another day to discover powerful resources guaranteed to help you make money online.

Today’s article reveals free resources and paid resources.

  1. Niches for Cash

Everything profitable business online and offline starts with selecting the right profitable niche. You can’t make a dime online if you spend time in the wrong niche.

There are many resources online that reveal profitable niches.

But here’s a free website revealing the most profitable niches online, with a complete breakdown and ideas of what to do.

Go here. 

If you want a ready made list of 101 profitable niches online, then go here.


2.How To Profit From Email Marketing

If you have an email list , or plan to start building one, then you need to read this.

You see , to success online you need a list. And to succeed with your list, you need to know how to write and send mails that generates sales.

So one thing you MUST do well , is to send emails that people will OPEN.

I mean your email “open rates”. They more people open and read your emails, the money you can make.

So what do you do to double your open rates?

How do you get more people to open and read your emails?

1 way is to craft “curiosity based subject lines”.

But there’s more. You’ll find the answers here.

3. How To Put Your Products and Website Online So You Can Start Making Sales Quickly and Easily!

If you have read my other articles, by now you’ll know that to succeed online you need to sell products or services.

And I mean Products and services that solve problems for people.

And to do that well, you need to know how to put your products and websites online.

The best person to learn these secrets from ,is someone who has many products and websites online.

A good mentor and teacher for this is this man here.

He has so many high selling products online. Today he reveals exactly what to do to get your own products online.

See details here.

4. Profitable Blogging

Although it is possible to generate income as a blogger, I have BAD NEWS for you

A few years ago, research showed that less that 10%-20% of bloggers made only $100 throughout the life of their blogs. They rest don’t make anything.


That’s crazy.

That means with all the fad and noise about blogging only a few people really make any money from it.

Why is that so?

It’s just one thing. – most people don’t know how to make money with their blogs.

Some think it is just about getting a blog and just writing articles. No that’s just a huge mistake.

Blogging to generate income is much more than just owning a blog.

You need to know what to do and how to do it well.

And all that information is found here.

5. How To Build A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a simple page used to build an email list. On a squeeze page you’ll see a head line and place for people to drop their email list.

Before now creating a squeeze page was left for technical people. It was like building a rocket.

Over the years , new companies have developed squeeze page creation tools.

We now have tools for creating squeeze pages that don’t require you having a website or blog. It is now easy to anyone to build a squeeze page.

The one I use and recommend is found here.

Bonus – 100 (plug and play emails ) with PLR- go here

Hope you have a great day.



Mk Akan

Resource Monday 004 (products and services that helps you generate income online)

Every Monday I reveal some of the best resources that can help you generate income online. For this week , here are the 5 top resources that will help generate income online.

  1. $50+ a day affiliate system

How would you like to generate from $50 daily as an affiliate?

This guide reveals all you need to know to get started.

Click here to Get Instant Access

  1. Replace your salary

A marketer went from slaving at a monthly job to generating a steady income using the internet. And reveals all he did in this new guide.

See all the details here

  1. How to create fast -selling information products

Like you have already seen, selling products online is the secret to generating income online. There are ways to create fast selling info product. You will see exactly how to do so here.

Click to download here

  1. Internet Marketing For Beginners

If you are a newbie and want to discover the different steps and strategies for generating income online, then start here.

  1. How to write sales letters

To generate income online, you need to create products and services for sale. And to make sales, you MUST know how to SELL.

Most products and services are sold using sales letters.

Do you know how to write a high converting sales letter?

See how to do it below.

Click Here To Discover How To Craft Sales Letters



This simple online business SECRET will change your life forever

Today I like to share something super simple, yet super POWERFUL.

I like to be REAL with you.

I know some people may hate me after reading this. Some may thank me.

Some people will quit trying to make it online. Some will be gingered and propelled to succeed.

But in any case after you know this secret and start working at it, you will be miles ahead of so many people online.

This secret and many more are revealed in details here.

So what am I talking about?

First, let me tell you a little story.

There’s a guy who wanted to generate income online. He had read lot of articles about people making pepper online, so he went online.

From what he read, he felt there was a website or way or trick that helped people make money online.

So he kept searching for that trick. He kept trying idea after idea. And new method after new method.

After 5 years of trying, nothing worked.

He spent that much time and financial resources and had nothing to show.

He started calling some of the gurus liars. And felt nothing would ever work.

He almost gave up…until he started studying other people making income online.

That’s when he noticed a few things.

  1. They gurus sent him emails almost daily
  2. Each email was about something to buy

That’s when he realized this SIMPLE SECRET.

People who generate income online sell something.

This may sound very simple. But I tell you, when I discovered this, it was a POWERFUL revelation.

It means no matter the course or product you buy or no matter what you know, if you are not selling something you won’t make JACK.

And that’s how that young man began to study internet marketing. He studied lessons on how to create products and services, niches where people buy products and services and how to effectively sell products and services.

That is how that young man finally started generating income online.

I Like To Talk More About Selling Products And Services.

Some people hate the word selling. They don’t want to do anything related to selling. They hate the word marketing.

But they err.

See the thing.

The internet is only a TOOL.

It’s not the internet that generates cash.

It’s people who pay for products and services that generate cash…to the seller.

Money does not come from thin AIR. Or from a website.

People have to give money to you in exchange for something of value. (That you offer for sale)

That something of value is either a product or a service.  Or someone’s product or service you sell as an affiliate.

There’s no website that just gives out money to web surfers.

You won’t find that offline too. (Except it’s philanthropy)

In fact online, money is only made when something is sold.

Offline, employees of others are selling their time or knowledge for a monthly salary.

They are getting paid in exchange for something. Perhaps for the service they render to the employer.

The same thing happens online.

NO website will give you free money. Purge the idea from your brain.

You only make money by selling stuff.

That’s why the gurus sell products and services.

That’s why I do same.

I now have over 20 products for sale. (Here, here , here and here)

You know what?

I am that guy I talked about in this email.

I jumped from pillar to post. From idea to idea, until I discovered what I just shared with you today.

So you can either continue to search for that 1 trick or website to dash you cash (you’ll never find it) or you start learning how to create products or services for sale.


Or you can start learning how to sell other people’s products (and services) for a commission as affiliates.

The keyword is “SELL something”. Even if it’s other people’s products and services.

That’s how money is MADE.

Again…SELL something.

Learn how to SELL.

So The Question Is What Can You Sell?

The quickest way to have something to sell is to buy PLR products.

PLR means private label rights. And are ready made products created by other people that you can just slap your name on and sell as your own.

Want to see a quality PLR you can sell?

(You can see 3 places to buy quality PLR here)

What if I showed you PLR you can learn from …and later sell and get your money back?

Would you like that?

Just imagine spending X dollars to buy a set of 100 videos that teach you all you have to know about creating products, selling them and making money online.

Then after learning all these secrets, you now sell these videos and get Z dollars.

You now subtract your first X dollars (your original money invested) and still have profits let over.

So in essence, you invested X dollars, then got back your X dollars and NOW got valuable knowledge that will generate you more cash.

Would you like that?

If yes, then check this out.

These are high quality PLR video products you can buy and sell for any price. Making money and learning in the process.

Check them out here.


Mk Akan

PS-   If you want to succeed online, stop playing around. And start studying the following.

  1. Product creation
  2. List building
  3. Selling and copywriting
  4. Marketing (traffic)

Anyone who does not listen to this will likely never make money online.

Thank you.

PPS- for more secrets you need to know to make it online and all other secrets I discovered, go here.